[How to cut eggplant hob]_cut hob_how to cut

[How to cut eggplant hob]_cut hob_how to cut

[How to cut eggplant hob]_cut hob_how to cut

Eggplant is a kind of ingredient that many friends like to eat, and there are many kinds of ingredients for eggplant, and the taste is very good.

When making eggplant, the hob block method is used, but many friends do not know how to do the hob block. In fact, the simple description is that the raw material moves and the knife is inclined.

First of all, we must prepare a round eggplant. Of course, when choosing eggplant, we must choose the smoother one, so that it can be cut better, and then we must prepare a kitchen knife.Knife.

After that, we will peel the eggplant. Of course, we do n’t need to go. We like it. Then we start to cut the eggplant and cut it with a knife. At this time, the knife is placed diagonally.Knife.

然后将茄子反过来,再用刀切一下,之后一直用这样的顺序切茄子,这样一个圆茄子滚刀块切法便是完成了,这样的方法是很简单的素烧茄子和‘滚刀块儿’ 材料茄子一个;葱末、姜末、蒜末各适量;鸡精;盐;淀粉;糖;酱油生抽;香菜末适量 做法1、茄子洗净切成滚刀块(后面TIP会介绍滚刀块Method); 2. Add salt and starch to the container with eggplant pieces, mix well and let stand for 10 minutes; 3. Add a little more oil than the wok, wait until the oil is cooked to three maturity, and marinateStir-fry the eggplant pieces over medium heat until the eggplants are soft and ripe. (The starch and salt of the marinated eggplants left in the container and add water and mix well for later use)Fragrant, add the adjusted starch flour and chicken essence 1 tsp sugar 2 tsp, soak the right amount, boil the juice; 5, wait for the thick sauce to add eggplant, fry the minced garlic a few times to get out of the pan; 6, Sprinkle the prepared coriander powder immediately after the pan, cook the aroma by the extra temperature, and dress up the dishes.

Tips TIP1: hob block “The method of rolling raw materials and tilting the knife is used to cut the raw materials into basically the same pieces, such as roasted eggplant.

The hob is a common knife method used in Chinese cooking, and is often used to insert raw materials in tubers.

The volume of processed raw materials is larger than that of slices, diced and shredded.

TIP2: Before leaving the pot, you can insert a little vinegar by the side of the pot to enhance the flavor of the dishes and make them more attractive.