Wang Youcai shook his head and said:“Ghost Marriage!She came to take the child away。You said it was done,My parents know,Still not falling out”

“What’s the trouble?This child was sentenced to Ni Xiaoli when you divorced。Now in your house,You are just raising Ni Xiaoli,The custody right is not in Ni Xiaoli。Moreover,People are bringing cattle into the city,This is a good thing,Your whole family should be happy“Song Fang said it is right,Let Wang Youcai have nothing to say。
Wang Youcai nodded and said:“At that time, my sister-in-law helped me do the ideological work of being a parent?“
“Are you asking me to come back and do this?!Wang Youcai,A lot of things in my factory,Your shit, you just need to call me,Can you still use it for me to do it myself?“Song Fang said, his face changed,Extremely unfriendly。
Wang Youcai smiled and said:“This is my personal business,Of course I dare not trouble Sister-in-law。I come to you,There is a more important thing,Must tell you face to face“
“Then say chant!Mother-in-law like a woman,This doesn’t seem to be your Wang Youcai style“Song Fang stared。A person who has been a factory manager,I still have a good way to train people。If not at home,She must scold Wang Youcai in a dog-blood spray。
Wang Youcai glanced at Ni Xiaoli, who was standing in the yard playing with cattle,Then he lowered his voice and said:“What we invest in,There are eight or nine to take a bath“
“what?Did you fail to raise money?Didn’t you ask Hu Huiru??Hundreds of thousands for her,Just a drop in the bucket。And when you speak,She will definitely agree“Song Fang asked in surprise。
Finance Minister Wang You sighed and said:“Is not,You just said the opposite。Hu Huiru wants Dongsheng Group to invest in this project,She has already talked with Xia Jian once。You said Dongsheng Group’s investment,What else is there for us?Hu Huiru must have eaten it in one bite,Never give other people any chance“
Song Fang’s expression turned down when he heard,She said coldly:“How could this be?Isn’t our company registered for nothing??“
“Not necessarily。There are many business opportunities now,We don’t have to invest in this project。Since the company already has,We might as well discuss some business。Haven’t you said it?Huafeng Electric may withdraw,Then you have to prepare in advance“Wang Youcai said,Secretly glanced outside the door,He was afraid his parents would come in suddenly。
Wang Youcai knows best,Dad’s biggest worry is that they are unemployed。Brother is inside now,If Dasao is unemployed again,,Two old people will*Heart。
Song Fang put his hands on his shoulders,Walked back and forth twice in the room。She suddenly stopped and said:If things really develop like you said,Then we really have no choice,But we can also participate in business“
Wang Youcai looked at Song Fang blankly,Asked for a while:“What can we do?“
“I heard your brother say,Does your family have another piece in Xichuan River??“Song Fang fixed his eyes on Wang Youcai,I’m afraid he will lie。
Wang Youcai’s eyes are moving,Thought for a while and said:“Seems to have,A bit close to the greenhouse,But the greenhouse is in the north of Xichuan River,This piece is just south,Not occupied at that time,Should be deserted now”
“Wherever chance comes。Pingyang Town’s establishment of an agricultural tourism and sightseeing area is a no-brainer,So let’s build the house ahead of time。When this project is completed,We just wait to collect the money”Song Fang said,Gradually a smile on his face。
Wang Youcai scratched his head,Asked a little embarrassed:“What to build a house for?I still don’t quite understand”
“Really,You’re still the boss。Build a house for farm stay,We have to go ahead of others,Otherwise, wait for the unified planning,Then we can only rent someone else’s house”Song Fang said,Triumphant smile。

“you sure,You really want to try?”

To know,These are not just casual talks。
Here after all,In fact, there is still a lot of danger。
After all, from a fundamental point of view,these questions,How to deal with it。
Actually just these,It’s definitely not as simple as imagined。
And the more so,Actually from now on,These things,On the contrary, it makes people feel,It’s quite tricky。
I just looked in front of my eyes subconsciously,The more so,Actually from now on,Such a problem,Wei Yuyan is even more eager to try。
“Of course,I heard what you said before。”
“so now,If it’s not good, try,That would suffer?”
When Wei Yuyan was talking here,Wang Teng took a look。
Ok,If so,Actually what Wei Yuyan said,Still very reasonable。
Since this is the case,Then next,Just keep going exactly as Wei Yuyan said。
After all, under the current situation,Let’s not talk about other issues。
But at least here,Actually these problems,How to solve it,Actually such a problem,It looks like a headache。
While looking at,Wang Teng is a little depressed:“Say,Drive the car like this,Really the first one。”
despite this,But soon,Wei Yuyan found the feeling。
But now,Wang Teng was a little surprised。
“It looks like,Have found the feeling,Since this is the case,Then next,I don’t need to worry so much。”

Volume Lightballs sent by Wandel,When hitting the body of the 18th,There is no huge explosion in imagination.,But it is like it is not going to the water.,All was absorbed by the body of the 18th.!

The previous 18th is not always flying,Everything else is doing anything else,Through her observation,The strength of the Wandel is strong,But there is basically not much means。
And those light balls,Through the 18th analysis,It also found that it is a pure energy similar to Qigong waves.,Within her absorbable。
Capacity,The means is to transmit a lot of light ball with destructive power.,And the 18th is capable of absorbing the power of these light balls,How can the dramatic land??
A large number of light balls are all absorbed by the 18th,And the breath on her is rising with the speed visible to the naked eye.。
Absorb the 18th No. 18, full of light balls,There is still a long time to look back and watch the Wave Emperor.,Say“thanks for treatment”Several words。
“This is impossible,How can there be such a free guy in the world?,Absorption of opponents,Turn into your own strength!
Have this kind of power,Isn’t it invincible??This is impossible.!”
Wandering, which has been maintaining a cold posture,At this time, the mentality is a bit,But this is not surprising,Because of his strongest attack,Now even become the other nutrition package,This is a fart.。
“Nothing is impossible,It is necessary to blame you to blame your own luck.,Not all energy, I can absorb,And it seems that you seem to be only this set.。
If it is my previous,Maybe it will not be your opponent,But who makes me have an excellent husband?。”
The Wandering Emperor has not reacted from a cruel blow.,But the 18th has been caught in the opportunity of the opponent’s mentality.,The body suddenly appeared after the wandering emperor。
“High-speed movement!”
At the beginning of the 18th,The strong crisis is still awake the Lang Di.,And use another ability to get new。
Looking at the wandering emperor suddenly disappearing in front of himself,The 18th is also stunned.,But then she found the position of the Wave Didna in the far away.。
And when the Wave Emperor saw that the 18th is actually seeing the high-speed movement,And the breakdown of a bad speed is chasing,It’s even busy overload driving ability.,Let you run faster。
Be right,The current wandering is already returned.,Facing this opponent,He basically only has passive beats。
Light ball attack will only make each other more stronger,High speed moves in front of the other side,It seems to be very effective。
“When did the hero association have such a horrible woman?,I know that I will listen to the guy of the black and dead sperm.,Isn’t it very good to play with a wretched stream?。”
I have already used it in line with it.“High-speed movement”NS,But looking at the No. 18th, which is constantly shortement,The Wave Emperor is really panicked。
“High-speed movement?So, is I not speeding now??If it is not a blessing of your light ball before,Let my strength become stronger,It’s really not able to catch you now.。
So you don’t have to move the stone to your own feet.?”
不得不说,十八号展现的实力,瞬间就挽回了自己人类这边丧失的自信心,Have a strong hero sitting in the town,There is no doubt that everyone in the scene has played a strong intention.。


Li Shaoxian’s look is cloudy,Suddenly give birth to a bad feeling。
But this feeling is forcibly depressed by him.,Nowadays,“In this case,That’s a try,Brother,I will let you lose my heart.。”
He is still determined。
Although he did not pay attention to the similar situation,But it can be sure,This jade is definitely true。
I am not worried about myself.。
“it is good,Li Shaojo is a happy person。”Summer clapping,Immediately said to the waiter,“Prepare a basin……Two pots,Still preparing two basins clear water。”
Waiter,Soon, two pots。
Many people come over,Everything is full of interest。 Li Shaoxian enjoy this kind of feeling that,Put the blood jade carefully put in one pot of water。
Blood jade security buckle slowly,Fall into the basin。
Silent silence,Everyone is big,I can’t stand it.。
Suddenly,Someone exclaimed。
In fact, there is no reminder,Many people who have seen people have seen。
That pot clear and transparent water……Actually slowed color。
First is red,Turndom,Then get deeper。
In the light of the light,This basin is actually reflected in a Gloss.,Extraordinary,People confused。
Li Shaoxian is laughing,“Brother,How about it?Let’s change your effort.,Ugh,I have already said.,You are too naive……”
He has can’t wait to humiliate summer.。
Just just in his voice,Summer is reaching out,Quirky road,“Lee less,The bloody jade you said……”
Li Shaoxian’s laughter is abundant,It’s just that the face is still in the face.,It looks very funny。
Then,His pair of eyes slammed,As if the next second will fall out。
“This……how is this possible!”
嗤 嗤。
Chen Bing can’t help but laugh,Tall laughing flower branches,Finally, I simply did it on the sofa.,呻 呻 吟 吟。
Even Zhang Yunfeng this guy,It is also quirky at this moment.。
As for everyone in the field,Just in Chen Bo laughing,Bombard,I am smiling all.,Can’t help but。
I feel now Li Shaoxian,Just like a man, a goddess, a goddess that is dreaming of.,It’s hard to go to bed.,Just after he turned and stripped,The goddess suddenly became a strong sense of muscle.,Then use a big stick to born his chrysanthemum。
“Cough……This should not be bloody.。”
Summer dry cough,Looking at the security buckle in the hand,Still look at Li Shaoxian with mercy。“Never call……Millennium?Red white gray is exactly three colors。”
NS248chapter gambling
At this moment。

The bastard of this dog day,I’m looking for you,But you came to the door。Wang Youcai cursed secretly,Chonglu Monkey smiled and said:“Yo!It is you!I thought you were swept in,how?You ran out?”Wang Youcai is joking on purpose,Took out the phone。

“Ouch, Mr. Wang!Listening to your tone, you seem to have misunderstood me,Actually you can’t blame me someday,If we all go in,No one tells the news outside,dont you agree”Lu Monkey smiled and walked up。
Wang ha ha smiled,Secretly cursed,Report you a big head,You don’t know where the fuck is going,Anyway, I don’t know who you reported to。Wang Youcai chatted with Lu Monkey,I dialed Wu Wu’s phone。Wu Wu can definitely hear the conversation between him and Lu Monkey。
His dark trick,Monkey Lu really doesn’t know,Just when the two of them were chatting together,A van stopped silently beside them。The door opened,Wu Wu jumped out of the car with six or seven people,Before Monkey Lu could react,Got him in the car。
Seeing Wang Youcai’s proud expression,Monkey Lu just understood,He said loudly:“President Wang!I didn’t offend you!You will make a joke if you spread it to me“
Wang Youcai drove the car door to the co-pilot,Said quietly:“Drive the car to the outskirts,If this guy is bullshit,Just let him close my mouth“
“President Wang!Wang Ge!“Monkey Lu still yells without giving up,Ke’s mouth has been stuffed with waste paper,Although he can take it off as soon as he reaches out,But he still dare not。There are so many people around him,He knows the consequences of resistance。
The van is out of town,Turned a few turns,Stopped by an abandoned village。Wang Youcai pulled the car door and jumped down,He is holding his shoulders with his very domineering hands,Two eyes looking at the blue sky,I feel like a black boss,now,He is very sober,That dizzy feeling is gone。
Wu Wu drove the three of Lu Monkey out of the car,I pulled out the waste paper stuffed in Lu Hou’s mouth,Monkey Lu looked around,Lowered his voice and said:“Wang Ge,I was really helpless the last time,The love at the time…“
“Fuck your shit,You invited our boss to play,Then we must ensure his absolute safety,But you are fine,If something happens, you run faster than you can,I don’t care about the safety of others,You are ashamed to say that you are helpless“Wu Wu said,Kicked Lu Monkey on the knee,This guy knelt on the ground with a plop。
Lu monkey who has always followed Gao Wei’s arrogance everywhere,When has been such humiliation,But what can he do。 so many people,If he resists,There is also the possibility of killing him。
“Wang Ge!I’m going to be wrong!from now on,Can’t I listen to you in this flat city??“Monkey Lu is afraid of being beaten again,I had to let go。
Wang Youcai turned around now,He asked coldly:“really?You said this,We didn’t force you“Wang Youcai said,Step by step, he came to Lu Monkey。I think when this person mingled with Gao Wei,Treat him Wang Youcai as a puppy,Train as you go,I didn’t expect him to have today,Thanks to Gao Wei’s bloody wife。
Thought of here,Wang Youcai couldn’t help but sneered:“Lu Monkey,Pingcheng City has changed,Because he Gao Wei is dead。If you want to take his class, you have to ask me,Understand?“

NS24chapter Chapter 24

This sounds like this seems to be hints.。
But it is a fact。
When 枝 is not, Yan Fengxing did not speak a word。
Since the last time I learned Qin Yuan,Where is it, no one is bullying him?,Some people come to see him chat, Was a side of the side to inquire about whether he is in the door?。
Distinguished them before they were ashamed of him.。
This abrupt emotional conversion makes the 裴 星 产生 情 情 情 情,He is not willing to talk to them;Because it is not essential、Over the years,Teachers who are teaching outside the door will not live him answer questions.。
Sincere,He doesn’t have to speak for external force,I have never been opened again.。
After listening to the branch, I was silent.,Hand down,The incredible expression is over her face,She thinks three, Test,“Are you not used to talking in front of others??that is……I don’t feel very embarrassed.,some type of?”
Not not used to,Don’t want。
Yan Fengxing knows that the branch is wrong., But did not deny,It is very troublesome to explain it.:“Um。”
“You can’t do this.。”
Yan Zhi gently sighed,“Originally because I didn’t open it for a long time.,Only for the speech, Continue to this is not good。”
Yan Fengxing looks at her, Suddenly pass:“you know?”
“Know why I know,Talk is not smooth……I didn’t tell you.。”
I have a guess in the heart of the star.,Still quite carefully, “Guess?”
阮 枝 哑 一。
Yan Fengxing looked at her obvious expression, This is a vigilance of cautious emotions., Instead, I miss my laughter., Thought:How can she say it without going down??Distinguished him has helped her to find a good reason.。
Actually, Yan Zhi is thinking,Do you want to follow other legacy vulnerabilities that have not been dedicated to handle in this matter?。
She hesitates,road:“In fact, before we met the first time.,I know you.。”
裴 逢 星 点 下,Light action,What did he think of nothing?,But I feel that I don’t respond, I’m not very good.,Johnjun from the nasal cavity:“Um。”
“so,I am still a little one or two things about you.。”
Yan Zhi said,Consciously, this is a relatively successful statement.。
She can’t say truth,And when you hide the push, it is guess.,I have to pay attention to not other vulnerabilities in the future.,Be better than this。
She knew his business earlier,More than a little more。The first encounter is not a coincidence,She is probably at that time.……Distant。
When he is most desperately dead。
The eyes of Qi Xingxing quietly bleak a bit,Sound line is soothing:“When is it from,Beginning to know?”
枝 想 想 想,Trust is not sure:“Have a long time?。It should be earlier.,However, I was very hurt at the time.,Creating a disease in bed。”
裴 裴 星 愣。
Yan Zhi did not send a lot of roller coars in the heart of the star.,I have completed the second half of my words.,“Reluctantly,It should not be too late.,Still caught up with the taught Qin Yuan guy。”
She suddenly looked at the star.,Ling line falls on his left face:“Loss, no break,Otherwise it will be big.。”
Yan Xing is silent to touch his face,The heart of the heart is sweeping。
He is used to people’s despicable,Also think that you are also a person。His thought that he had already greeted the worst result.,That’s all the warm and false icons“Premed”Link;But I don’t want to hear the affirmation of branches.,Bottom of the heart,Body cold,I only felt that I went back to the beginning of this, I found that I plan to sell him.。

Silver looking at white flowers looking at the table,Lin Lao is a bit surprised。This should not be hollowed out of the home.!

It is not easy for farm people to make money.,In order to let the child read all the books。Lin Lao Eye has some wet,It is rare to have such sincerity to let the children read the book.!
“As long as the child is willing to learn,What we will receive this harmony。You can give me your child.!”
Fubber listened to this,Very eye-catching silver。The other half is wrapped in a cloth,Put into the grandfather of Su。
“How can this?!”
to be honest,Su family is a little frightened。I haven’t done this.,How to suddenly be bundled?!
“What can this don’t work?,Receive this harmony is also to set a threshold.。I looked at your family’s very eye-catching.,You take the money,Buy some meat to your child,Buy some new clothes。”
Yealth is not,Not pickless,There is no one who can help next to it.。
“The spending of this book is still big.!Don’t spend, you can do it.!”
See the Grande of Su Su,Lin Lao is more satisfied。Not greed,Do not take a small and cheap,No wonder you can teach such a good child。
“Grandpa,I listen to others say。This rule is not bad,If others know that you have a little less than so much,Others squeeze their heads and want to squeeze in.。”
“And less silver,My brothers will lose their heads in front of their classmates.。If you really like my brother,Can you mention more in your studies.!”
“You know more about this little doll.。But here only us are in,you do not say,I will not say,No one knows!”
Lin is a realistic thing that the move is really unsuitable.,Now I have to save my mind to tease Niu Niu.,See what she can’t say。
He is discovered,This female doll,I know more than a few big men standing here.。It should be learned by others,Or the family teaches the family.!
“Heavenly knowledge,Do you know I know?,How can I only know two people?!” “it is good!it is good!What is the name of your baby??How much is it??Who teaches you??”
Lin, laughing, full of face pleats,Fortune with cabbage leaves,Also self-righteous。In Niu Niu,He is not written on the brain.“I am a big flicker.”This sentence。
NS30chapter Rice species
“My name is Niu Niu.,I am four years old this year.。”
When I finish, I will run to the grandfather behind the horse.,Never reveal the beginning。
“Niu Niu said,This silver has to take you。”
Grandpa Sui also took this opportunity,Hurrying the half of the silver pushed back。
Lin Lao also wants to ask Niu Niu some questions,Helpless she can’t come out after others,Can only make!
Ask three children in all aspects,Let Fu Bo take them out to familiarize yourself with the college environment.。
The scale of the college is not a lot,After all, in this era,There are not many people who can read the book.。Everyone is a book to take the fame.,So this gentleman is also a scarce resource.。
There are only a few cooking to cook,Taking care of the servant living,The college still has to be clean,Let your child easily calm down。
“Do you have a person??I heard that they still have a brother.,Why didn’t you send it?。”
Forest,I feel that I have said something wrong.,Looking at this family is not like the one who will be thick.。After all, even a girl also fell generous.。
This can’t be sent together,It must be reasonable,I don’t have the heart of others.?Lin is old。

The sound of the Junlin is full of anger,Sword light,Summer,More like being hard fate!The two will fight again together,Various means,Knife light flash,Sword。 They like God of War,Another kind of killing of God rushed out of the hell。
Blood,Battle to mad。
Say everything is extra,Useless。
Don’t want to think about something,Not counting the final ending。
This is a life and death.。
Knife light,Sword,Suffocating,Mature……Gather。
The sword will crash for dozens of times every moment.。
Horror and waves。
Surrounding rocks around cracked,In violent impact wave,Remnant, the leaves are floating。
The two people are blood,War is not,Leave a shadow in the scene,Like a lightning on the ground。
Summer continues to hire,Bloody,And Jun Lin also promoted the spirit of the spirit to the ultimate。
I want to kill each other.,Dialective。
Jun Lin, the first time。
With the sound of the sound,The long sword in your hand made a lightweight,Then, it is like a thrilling of the swords, it is generally pulled up.。
This sword,The air is condensed,It seems that it is fixed in the time.。
Jian Mang,As if it breaks through the sound barrier,Air bursting, a turbulent blown。
This sword,It seems to 阻,Sweeping everything。
Just arrived here, a man and three eyes,Just see this sword。
All have changed color。
Especially bald men,Face becomes dignified。
Even if this sword is not for him,But still let his heart put a layer of ripple,Continue to set off a huge waves。
So strong!The bald man is not the arbitrary,I can’t blink my eyes.。
This is a knife that is full of spiritual gods。
Can you definitely!
NS2322chapter Kill blood battle to mad
Junli this knife。
Let summer feel the dual breath of death and danger。
It seems that the shadow of death is shrouded.。
He is very clear,This is not only a full blow of fullness of spirit.。
It is also a state of human swords。
A sword is closed ten parties。
Jun Lin can become the owner of the Guardian Alliance,More known as the first master of Huaxia,Naturally, his people have experienced。
Just come over these years,At a high level,Already rarely personally。
This is also caused.,Facing the desperate summer,He doesn’t take the slightest。
Can fight to now,He put everything。
Complete his war completely。

Just like this is present in people’s mood。

Johnston faces the earth on the ground。
His neck has a torn crack,Dragonfly flowing blood,The whole person has completely lost the signs of life。
That double is full of majestic dark blue eyes,Unpopular。
Identity、status、honor、Ambient……Everything goes away with his life。
Now he has no identity,Just a dead person。
No one knows,Before he joined the jeweler,In fact, it is the people of the gods.。
And this secret,Along the history of history。
His ambition has not been fully available.,It was blocked by a knife.。
All high levels in the corners,Brain is blank。
Some of all。
Everyone is pale,Pupil is disabled。
They know that they are very strong,But I will not think of it.,Will be strong to this horror。
They looked at the slender figure of the scene.,hard to believe,Such a young man who seems to ordinary,Just, the one is like electricity,Instant spike Johnson’s person。
Be right。
Just spike。
In addition to these two words,No one can describe the scene of the electric flash thunder。
They only saw the white light,Number of unclear abuse。
It seems that I also saw a more dazzling cold light into the only world.。
Next second。
Johnston slammed out his neck.。
Then I saw it again.,Imitation of the ancient Anti-therapel,Get more and more bright,Finally, it seems that the volcanic eruption is generally risen.。
When all the dust is set,Follow the seven or eight of the Johns of Johnson,Also all violent。
Summer turn,Look up。
The rest of the high-rise face。
“Don’t be nervous。”
Summer convergence gas machine,Walking a few steps,Pulled a chair sitting in the meeting table。
“Allocate,Sitting,Let’s talk about it。”
See,Everyone is first,Rotate each other。
The original old man opposed Johnston first step,Sitting on the nearest chair。
Everyone in the body also followed,Hard scalp。

Thud!Silvester rushed to the ground,Look up,Girl,Die。

Summer,A few times,The corner of the mouth is also overflowing silk blood。
Subsequently,Slowly,Soon from the opponent’s face3DPrint mask。
The appearance after the mask,It is the true capacity of Silvester。
Summer didn’t think about the thousand days from the beginning,Dark waiting for each other,Then I will deal with myself……That’s too dangerous。
This,He is also gambling。
Fortunately, he gambled.。
I actually killed a high-level master with a minimum price.。
But there is no excitement in the summer without winners。
He is considering the consequences that will cause this matter,And what is the purpose of mysterious phone owners?。
Thoughtful,After processing the body,Big step。
He made a decision,Did nothing。
Haven’t seen Silvester,I didn’t kill him.。
Only like this,Will make people behind the scenes not dare to act rashly。
But he also knows,This is only the weight of the power,Time long,I will inevitably make people suspected。
……at the same time。
A certain court,Summer clouds and summer do not sit。
Tea on the table is cool,Atmosphere is somewhat subtle。
for a long time。
Summer cloud can’t help but ask,“Small aunt,What do you have?,See me so late.,Not to mention……”Narrate。
As if the summer is not in a certain memory,Fully return to God,Take the table with a herbal tea and drink a bite。
Put the tea cup down,She looks straight into the summer cloud,Ambient,“Xiajia’s business,You know。”
Xia Qianyun recognizes,Zhang Zhangzhu,Want to say。
Summer is not as if you have not seen,The voice sound is full of rich complexity,“Last time I imitated the handwriting of the people,Write the summer,Guide him to Xiajia‘Have a fair’”。
Toned,Also,“Xia family died, many people,But there is not enough,And the summer is ruthless and has been abused in Dantian Qihai,I thought,This is coming out in summer.,Since then,He is also two definitely with the summer.……My plan is very successful。”
Merely,She laughed,“After all, the summer is ruthless and summer invisible is my friends.,I am very selfish,I only hope that the summer is inherited.,But I didn’t expect it.,Zu Mountain,Summer is invisible and the uncle has appeared again.……At that time, I didn’t care about all stabbed.,Think about,No death in summer,I learned that after all,Will let the summer home……”Summer cloud is silent。
he knows,Summer is not so late to find yourself,Never for this matter。
After she is finished,Looked up,Directly see the summer cloud,“Summer this time to Xiajia,Not for the last thing to clear。”
“I have no idea。”
Summer cloud shakes his head,Also,“He went to Xia Jia before,I used to see me,Let me see a letter,The handwriting in the letter is a thousand words,The content in the letter did not say anything secret,Is a woman who is upcoming fate,Leave it to yourself not grow up,Take expectation to see the letter in the future。”
Summerless eyes slightly bright,“Can I specifically say the letter??”