Depression at work has become a common problem in the workplace

Depression at work has become a common problem in the workplace

Depression at work has become a common problem in the workplace

It stands to reason that it is understandable to find a job, have great psychological pressure and feel depressed.

However, the reality is that people who are unhappy when they cannot find a job and who are already working in the workplace are also not happy.

At present, there are various psychological problems in the workplace, which have seriously affected the mental health of office workers.

  Office workers generally have a poor mental state. According to a survey on the mental health of workers in the workplace, about 90% of workers in the mainland say they are not happy, and those who “feel good at work” cannot even reach Chengdu.

The survey showed that the initial unhappy white-collar workers turned into “confusion and no future direction”, “expenses are too low and raises are hopeless” and “cannot reflect their ability and value.”

At the same time, office workers who think “the job is painful and want to change it” account for almost half of the total number of surveys.

  In the workplace, work pressure, competition pressure, interpersonal pressure, and other pressures are all forced to work in the office, in this mentally struggling situation, if you do not relax in time, it is difficult to get mental health without problems.

  Several methods help office workers to imitate Ah Q.

The spiritual victory method proposed by Mr. Lu Xun is very effective in dealing with many disputes and pressures in the workplace. When encountering frustrations, you may wish to relax and let the depressed mood disappear.

  Embrace nature.

Let the physiology return to the embrace of Mother Nature, the fresh air, and the beautiful scenery can refresh you, completely abandon your troubles, and restore mental health.

  Yoga meditation.

With gentle and slow movements to enhance the strength of muscles, while improving physical fitness, comprehensively adjust the psychological state to achieve a peaceful and calm mental state.

  Diet conditioning.

Vitamin C supplementation can balance mental stress and maintain mental health. There are many foods that supplement vitamin C, including tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, sesame, and various fruits.

  Worry can hurt you. In a market economy with so much competitive pressure, it is difficult to choose a job that is completely satisfactory to you.

Since you can’t choose what you love, it’s better to love what you choose.

When you calm down your mind and keep your mental health at all times, you usually won’t worry much anymore.

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