(Writer election issue 12) Pushan grandmother

Grandma Pushan text / early Qing Shao “hope ah hope, hope the New Year; over the years, hope cent; hope Cold Food fifteen hope; hope for a Cold Food nothing to look forward, squat ass ed Pushan.”This is a song popular in the Great Lakes area of hemp, until now, there has been still in singing, however, compiled Pushan people now very little, almost no.    In the past, after the Ching Ming, the weather gradually warming, Ma Great Lakes area of women began to compile Pushan.This is also the geographical environment in which we live and have a close relationship, and there is a beautiful legend.    Formerly known as the Great Lakes Ma Mata Lake, where according to legend the Duke Alliance princes, horse riding into the lake, hence the name Mata Lake.In ancient times, here suffered a rare drought, the lake horse riding are also exposed dry bottom, in order to survive, everyone have to go out hunger.    People along this river, horse riding across the lake to the south walked, went to the center of the lake, saw a beautiful young girl, hand baskets, before fleeing people came and asked: “Where is it folks Yeah?”People have replied:” move trees die, people move to live, not live at home, and had to go to the field from hunger.”The girl smiled and said:” remark poor men, this lake on thousands of foods can be found everywhere.”Then, the girl clawed land in the lake, exposing the white snow Di Liu ring, purse chestnut, Forgan, etc., she hold in your hand, he said:” This was the lake are everywhere, so why go out hunger, say this lake reed in the ground, full of vegetables, can eat.Horse riding lake three Po, Po child, wicker, reed grass, these things can be seen everywhere, you can use reed mat weaving, knitting basket, compiled sieve; wicker basket cow can be compiled, crates, baskets of soil; this role is sub-Po greater, you can compile Pushan, straw sandals, twist futon.Here are the money everywhere, why go out hunger.”Someone asked:” girl, who you are?”The girl said:” My name is Ma, I called it Magu!”We’re experience with her words, and shortly girl missing.    We all know that the gods met to rescue the people on this side, are back home, digging wild, Di Liu ring plane, dig purse chestnut eat and Fugen.Start with a reed, Po child, wicker various utensils, to get market and sell it, we work together, we spent the famine.To commemorate the gods, built a temple in Magu lake horse riding, horse riding Lake also changed its name to the Great Lakes since then cannabis, hemp living in the Great Lakes area, everyone learned to knit.Willow, reed compiled, edited Po is very famous, especially Pu ed.    Now, the Po ed species thousands of products, exported to Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.But in the fifties and sixties, we have compiled here the Po kind, little, only sandals, Po, futon and several species of palm-leaf fan.Young women straw sandals and Bo, older women knitting and knitting futon Pushan.    Ma in the Great Lakes area, my grandmother most famous series of palm-leaf fan.He Pushan seedling series, variety, have square, circular, trapezoidal, hexagonal in particular that, at each corner of the triangle has a small hole, the top hole to fasten the red silken Department of the bells, shake it up still jingling, very beautiful!    At that time, my age is still small, five brothers and sisters, the mother is sick, three days on two of hospitalization, injections and medicine all day, eight people work points earned by the father of a labor force over the past year, not only points less than a penny Qian, also down due to the current account production team.The whole family to rely on a grandmother who compiled Pushan, fill a prescription to his mother, to maintain the incidental expenses at home.    Etc. Every morning we wake up, my grandmother has been compiled Pushan; in the evening until we fell asleep, my grandmother also compiled Pushan.    In our brothers and sisters among the most loving grandmother that I, a little taste of my grandmother would keep me, give me secretly.A time, I always sat next to her grandmother, watching my grandmother knitting Pushan.    One to seedling grandmother first dielectric up, followed by a knife blade on both sides, to a relatively wide width as seedling cleaved.This knife, my grandmother called it “maze” knife sharp tip, behind a thin handle, just like the kind of movie with darts.Then placed in a one and a half meters long, half a meter wide there are on board, grandmother sat on, he starts up compiled.    Grandma while eds Pushan, while told me the story and what the Cowherd and the Milky Way with it, the story of Dong sold themselves buried father, ah, over and over again, patiently.    One day, my grandmother gave me about the story of Vega, I smiled and said: “Grandma, you are talking about dozens of times, and can not tell me a new story.”Grandma looked at me, smiled and said: ‘Well, I will tell you a story of Ji Gong Cricket fighting’ We listen attentively story, Grandma smiled and said to us after the finish:” You know, Chi Kung hands that the palm-leaf fan, it is where they come from?”We smiled and shook his head does not know, my grandmother told us that the hands of Chi Kung palm-leaf fan, here is the Great Lakes Ma gave her an old woman, Ji Gong for the poor people to do good, the evil, good record straight, an old lady know after deliberately compiled a palm-leaf fan gave him.    We dubious, Chi Kung hands obviously the banana leaf Pushan, why Ma said that large seedling series with the Lakers Pushan.Later, I realized, my grandmother said, an expectation, an ideal, kind rewarded, as long as we do something good, people will not forget him.    Grandma finished the story, a palm-leaf fan also compiled a good.Then he or she used a thin rope wrapped around the palm fan on an end of a rope hung on the foot, the other end there is a wooden, tightly gripping in his hand, the palm fan around a circle, a pressure below the string, side turn side force, then the Department together, so wrapped up four, then the knife to cut the palm-leaf fan, like Qi, then she picked up a board of ten centimeters square, this board I do not know how many years with her grandmother, Youming and bright, grandmother call it destroyed the board, back and forth above her grandmother in Pushan destroyed several times, own a few fans, smiled and handed it to me.    I was a fan in his hand, he said at a few: “fan the wind in my hand, someone to borrow, and so in the dead of winter.”Grandma smiled and said:” The deepest winter, who fan palm-leaf fan, you do not want to lend to people it.”I said:” Yes ah, this is the grandmother knitting too, that they can not lend.”Grandma smiled and said:” Boy, this can be bad, it should be said, was to pick, to the energy in.”I tilted his head asked:” Why?”Grandma said:” give people convenience, their own convenience, do not just think of themselves, but also for others, others will get close to you, you will have a difficult time to help you.”I nodded Sidongfeidong.    In the evening, all my grandmother let me sleep with her in a summer when the weather is hot, then there is no electric fan, my grandmother always kept me violently, himself a hot sweat DC.I saw my grandmother’s face sweat and asked: “Grandma, how do you so sweaty, I did not sweat how?”Grandma smiled and said:” Your sweat ah, came to me, so my grandmother sweating.”At that time, I do not understand the meaning of words grandmother, he asked:” Why do I sweat to your body?”Grandma waving palm-leaf fan, while saying:” This is my pass Pushan.”At night, Grandma has been waving palm-leaf fan, until I fell asleep.    Pushan are programmed every five same bundle, above and below, put a good quality, called “hijab”.Grandma has never letting go hijab, inside and outside are the same, I asked my grandmother, my grandmother told me: “we can not put into good outside, to deceive people, you lied to the people, who we come here to buy, people first once fooled, fooled a second time and then it can?Man to be real.”So, Grandma series of palm-leaf fan, never got the market and sell it off, people are attracted, the price is cheap, so, Grandma Pushan in short supply.    One summer, my grandmother in Taoyuan inside my house, saw a young, hurried went to my house to see Taoyuan house, and I saw my grandmother, but also with the inside.Suddenly, an unpleasant smell got into my nose inside, we see that the young man, is lying on his back on the kang, constantly vomiting.On the ground, the kang, quilts are vomit.Many flies flying around him, her grandmother quickly picked up while driving with palm-leaf fan the flies, while violently him.    I quickly ran out of his nose, grandma end runoff gave him a drink, but the young man unconscious, even unable to speak, her grandmother quickly call someone to sent him to the hospital, all the way to grandma he kept violently Pushan.    After about half a month, he carried the gifts, Taoyuan came to my house, after seeing my grandmother, “splash” kneeling on the ground, thanks to Grandma’s saving grace.    Grandma quickly propped he said: “This is what I should do, so who see, it will not sit idly by.”Young people leaving, to my grandmother put the palm-leaf fan gave him as a souvenir, grandmother readily agreed.    Real life, all for the sake of others, patronizing Wunian by Enmo forget, this is the grandmother character, but also our people’s character Ma Great Lakes area.Although my grandmother passed away a few years, but her character but never affect our next generation.