This person sounds even smaller: “No, I do not know.But Miss Moody out of there with a foreign old man.”

  Foreign?The old man??
  Author has to say: I actually studied hypnosis.
  Come, you close your eyes, and I silently together: This is two more, which is two more, which is two more.
  Is not it becomes two more friends?[Face] to the point

Chapter 108
  Class performance sports car driving on the way to Bristol Court Hotel.
  Cheng double all the way to comfort myself, even if the hotel there are many things you can do, and certainly more than one kind of open house.
  Like her, occasionally meeting at the hotel.And foreign stars will be out of the hotel with the old man there is definitely down to business.
  Can process double what the stars did not come out Xiangponaodai down to business needs without telling her.
  The more reason to want to help Muslim child star excuse, the heavier twin Cheng hearts of grievances.
  She has a point which can not compare with the foreign old man?
  There are Yan, and rich, she also dead set single-minded, Is it not attracted to her old foreign?
  From the suburbs to the city center open for nearly an hour, despite the run around all day, Cheng double did not feel how tired.The closer from the hotel, but the more the spirit.
  We parked the car and drive straight to the hotel double, and tracking the stars the man in