posed, Pei Naochun smile, do not feel uncomfortable: “No matter what the holiday, meaning trying to be difficult anyway, I see people say, and in the evening eat an apple, the next year are in peace.”He turned the camer杭州夜网a, I saw Bo and Peizheng Xiong hands of one person an apple,” Grandpa Bo and eat it.”

  Pei Zhengxiong not stare eye to his son’s face: “I had to eat fruit every day.”He does not lie blush.
  ”Yes Yes Yes.”Considerate as Pei Shaoyang, is to face his father.
  ”Shaoyang, Shi Qing, happy Christmas Eve, Merry Christmas.”Pei Naochun directed video waving, behind Pei Zhengxiong eyes glanced over, Ruoyouruowu also waved him to hold his last stubborn:” to be a nice new year in peace.”
  Bo can not help laughing, it is to join in: “I wish the young master and Ning Master happy Christmas Eve, Merry Christmas.”
  Pei Shaoyang and smile, his impulse, Apple did not wash, direct bite, I was about to say good, but subconsciously face wrinkled into a ball, his father would not really pick the fruit, the apple is too sour, right?He crumpled 深圳桑拿网to say: “Grandpa, Dad, Bo.”Cough twice before and swallowed it,” happy holidays.”
  Ningshi Qing should be laughing: “the same hi hi.”
  ”The rest, then go home again, another box you tidy up, remember to cook and eat as soon as possible.”Pei Naochun finished, immediately hung up the phone, which he recently used to doing things, talk about things finished, hang up the phone immediately.
  What is the other box?Pei Shaoyang and Ningshi Qing gaze, while two eyes move to the foam cartons, resulting in a sense of foreboding.
  Any bad feelingWill certainly occur.
  Wait until after the open that surprisingly large foam cartons, two relatively silent, very helpless.
  I saw that a simple cardboard box on top of a pile of letters brutally transparent plastic, you can see a wide variety of ice after no small cut, pushed to the rear苏州夜网419, finally able to see the following things are all large and small, various species of fish, died not long, pretty fre