(Writer election issue 10) thoughts of love (prose)

Various Artists turn back north, over Melaleuca Ridge, the thousand mountains, my thoughts whether it would be brought to your side?It brings tears breeze, trickling water, snow crystal, and whether it would be my thoughts drifted in front of you?    Around the raindrops window, the breakdown of autumn leaves, yet countless days and nights thinking of you.    When Wake up, tears pillow, it is my dream to your deep thoughts.Miss in the evening, the thoughts in Brightness, missing in the deep off the flower on the path.    Glowing night, I alone according to the window, turned over and over again looking at your photos, mind could not help thinking waves, warm years you and I remember the past, may have long warp.Now, no matter how far I go alone, but you always forget the wind shadow, exhort the rain, whisper in front of flowers, it garrulous, in sunny days enjoy falling under the moon, at sunset drunk in the evening sunset view..    Past wind, like a song.Thoughts such as wine, food for thought.The missing Rose, smell.Miss notes on my heartstrings lonely, long time actively, mildly sweet.After losing you, and eventually understand that only you can make me laugh the most true love is the deepest.    The night was dark, my strong thoughts of love, can you can feel?Refreshing cool breeze, I love this monologue, can you can hear?If the moon heart, I hope to lead me fall asleep every night, come with you!