“Those with only two or three thin threads entangled,Is a secret method。”

“More than ten lines,Has a certain degree of complexity,And the form of entanglement becomes complicated,Is a common secret!”
“More than sixty threads,Formed by thin lines‘Knot’The faintly revealing a sense of perfection belongs to the top secret!”
“And what i created【Secret of Autumn Wind】,Li Mingshou(awareness)Flick,More than 900 thin golden threads surround each other,Form a perfect,An image like a galaxy—–Extensively complex—This is the level of the ultimate secret method!”
However, in this consciousness space,Beyond【Ultimate secret】of‘Knot’Almost everywhere,Li Ming’s consciousness swept away,At least more than three hundred knots are more complex than‘Secret of Autumn Wind’。
“These complicated‘Knot’,It is equivalent to the chaos monument of our human race,It’s a secret method that points directly to the level of the universe。。。And it’s different from our human secret,Complex knots can be seen as a combination of simple secrets—And the Qi Beast clan does exactly that,All the complicated knots around,Are relatively simplified forms。”
“and。。。In this whole space,All the thin lines seem to form one‘Knot’。。。But it’s not possible,I was probably wrong,If it is so complicated‘Knot’,What kind of secret method is that??!”
Li Ming’s eyes are full of joy,The effect of this inheritance order far exceeds that tasteless treasure。
However, it is a pity,This conscious space contains the original law of gold and the degree is very small.。
But this is also normal,Based on the information collected by Li Ming,The Qi Beast clan is the best at the law of wood,Also good at water and fire,The worst is the law of gold and the law of thunder。
“There are three main ones that apply the law of gold more deeply‘Knot’!”Li Ming’s consciousness shrinks。
“One is a combination of the law of gold and the law of wood,One is the combination of the law of gold and the law of space,The last one is the fusion of the law of gold and the law of water!”
“The Qi Beast clan is best at the law of wood,The three rules that involve the law of gold are also the first‘Knot’Deepest!”
Li Ming’s heart moved,My own perception of the law of gold is extremely high,He faintly feels that unless he breaks through his realm,Otherwise, the progress in the law of gold can only find ways to comprehend by analogy。
“It’s so decided,First comprehend this‘Knot’,And then go for it,This turmoil is too much,If i go out directly,I guess I have to be besieged by a group of kings。。。Do you want to put on a new vest?,Change the metal life in the body,Then the avatar of the Demon Killer changes form,The breath is different。”
“Hiss~”Heard Li Ming’s self-talk,The immortal metal life in the body of the Demon Killer made an unhappy sound,Li Ming laughed。

I heard Li Hui Feng said this.,Qin Su Ya has some embarrassment:“That line,wait for me a while,I am going to change my clothes.,This is easy to give you face.。”

After that, Qin Su Ya put down the work in his hand directly into the house.。
Soon, I changed a simple and generous clothes.。
I hesitate to know that Li Hui is going to buy a lot of things.,Visiting the county city,Today, Qin Su Ya specially changed a pair of sports shoes.。
SnowyTShirt with simple slim jeans,A pair of sneakers,Another sports style feels in front of Li Hui。
Li Hui is also the heart that is dressed in Qin Su Ya, Peng Peng!。
Beautiful and quiet appearance with sports wind,That kind of girl feels good to explode。
This moment, Li Hui, even feeling that Qin Su Ya is better than him.。
Looking at the color of Li Hui’s eyes,Qin Su Ya is also a playful face again.。
“Let it go,stop looking,Every day,Didn’t look enough。”
“Hey-hey,how is this possible?
I won’t see enough to watch my life.。”
Be said by Li Hui,Qin Su Ya’s heart can’t help but tremble,At the same time, the words of Han Shanshan last night,It was also pressed by her.。
Li Hui riding a motorcycle with Qin Su Ya directly went to the town.,Then take the bus from the county town.。
In the bus, Li Hui, with Qin Yasu, is frequently focused by people on the bus.,The most important thing is that Qin Sui is so beautiful.,Too clean。
The cheeks that don’t apply the powder are as if the sun is illuminated.。
For these eyes, Li’s wind is not moving.,After all, he is also very realistic about Qin Su Ya’s value.,Especially after the apple transformation。
He even feels necessary to let Qin Suiya drink a little fairy spring.。
Will not be a real fairy?
Just when he wants to enter,Qin Su Ya is in touch with the slim jade hand.。
“breeze,Is my sister really so beautiful??”
Although it is not the first time you are watching,But seeing that many people look at her from time to time.,Qin Su Ya’s heart is still a bit nervous。
“Hey-hey,Definitely,More beautiful than Tianxian。”
Be said by Li Hui,Qin Su is not hurt, the head,She really didn’t expect that Li Hui is so prosperous with so many people.,Let her don’t know how to answer。
All the way,Under the guardian of Li Hui,There is no untrustworthy person to disturb the two people.。
In the county,Li Hui is directly with Qin Su Yayuen wants to sell air-conditioned stores.。
Entered the door,The clerk saw that Qin Su Ya is bright and the wind is bright.。
At this time, the customer who made her feel sick.,Because this customer is coming to buy air conditioning for several days.,But every time it is coming to her.,Or tell her some flower segments。
She is really disgusting for such a customer.,Especially the other party also said that its supermarket big boss,Once you have to order more than a dozen computers,Then there is interested in prompting her,Let her stay with drinking in the evening,This kind of thing is not a fool,Naturally, what is the idea?,Although she likes money,But it will not sell your own flesh to the money for the money.。
In the moment when I saw Li Huihe and Qin Ya,She feels that she is coming.。
Although this season sells air conditioners, it is peak season,But in this remote small county, there is really a few people to buy air conditioners.,Especially still a poor county,So a few waves can have a few waves to buy air conditioners, it is really rare.。
And like Li Huiyan Sui Yushu,Generally, it is purchased for marriage.。
“handsome guy,Beauty,Do you want to buy more powerful air conditioners??
We have a half,Have a hand,Are you in the wedding room??”
I have been asked by the other party.,Qin Su Ya’s pretty face is immediately red。
Seeing Qin Su Yaya’s beautiful face shy look,Even if it is the same as a woman, I can’t help but stand up.。

Water breathing has been completed,I will slowly practice it later.。

Sprite,Water treatment,Start the treatment of fine injuries on the body。
However, Quan Wei is also a little confused.,How to hurt so little,Is it that activation state has recovered a part of the injury?
Spring through inner view,I found that there is not much in the body’s injury.。
But he still mobilize the treatment of water therapy in Chakra started to treat these damage,This is also the benefit of inner view,Can let the spring directly view their injuries。
Open the door sound,Spring doesn’t look back,Still treating your own injury。
“Uncle Mu Village,When will we go back?”Spring。
“Where do you want to go back?”
Quan Yu can’t treat your injury.,It is turned to see people entering the room.。
“why you,Uncle Mu Village?”
Spring is surprised to watch mute。
“gone back”Silently put the tea set on the table。
“Your performance yesterday is really wonderful.,I am scared me”Silently said with a smile。
Spring,He knows that his scene is definitely not good.。
Quan Yu has just wants to say something。
Suddenly said:“follow me,The master is waiting for you.”
Square is some hesitation,But I was mute and pulled away from the room.。
“Boy,Good health”The program was quietly drunk.。
Spring is a little died:“All right”。
“Give me straight,Where did the momentum yesterday?”The program suddenly angered。
Springs’ body is stiff,Rapida。
“very good”Nodded。
Mutely stealing sneak。
“Yesterday, the operation is your homemade.”The program is interested in saying。
“good,Bring Chakra stimulates the body by breathing,Great body activation,What surprised me is that you actually convert all Chakra to water properties.,Do you know the consequences?”
The apeer said faintly。
“knowledge,I wanted to use soil properties.,But failure,For a long time”Spring is honest。
“puff”A hot tea spit。
“Silent, I didn’t listen to it.,He just said that uses soil properties”The master will take a deep breath.。
“Yes,You have not heard the wrong”Mute is also surprised,Actually didn’t die,It’s really good luck.。
“The little ghost is actually so bold,Even Chakra’s nature does not understand, actually dare to practice”The plan is shaken.。
“Not the bold,That is just an accident,Waiting for my body strength,Can you try it?”Spring is affirmed。
The program suddenly appeared behind the body,I took the back of the spring.。
Put the spring。 Enchanted female face,It has become ugly。

But she knows how the Dongchao is a person.,Can only take resentment for astore,Extrude a charming smile,“Dear,I feel that I am not bad.,Otherwise, how can you look at you?,But that woman is really good,Explain that your eyes are still very accurate.。”
Toned,She deliberately depresses low voice,“Dear,Do you want to make her?”
Dongcha Exposion,“Of course,Do you have any way??”
The enchanting girl is a gesture and laughing,“What can I do?,But in my opinion,Anywoman,Just know the identity of the East Ancient Shaoye,He will be willing to climb your bed。”
East ancient times does not have a laugh,I caught a few in the enchanting girl.,Follow-up,“Still your demon。”
Say,Look at the restaurant manager,“Which woman is that woman just now??”
Manager,Soon,“She is not in the box,Late over there。”
He points to the direction of summer,Another awareness reminds a sentence,“That is his male companion?”
I heard this,Not waiting for the ancient opening,The enchanting girl is sneer,Preemptively。
“How do you have a male companion?,Can he get to the ancient young master??Dear,What should you do??”
East ancient times,“Of course, you use money to kill him.,let’s go,In the past。”
First2190Chapter Slag male
Looking at the East ancient gardener,Following with a big ticket bodyguard,Time to the summer position。
Whether it’s a guest to eat。
Or waiter in the restaurant。
Even the manager。
Not selfless,Hearts。
Another girl is over。
This is the most real portrayal of Donggu in the city of Brunei.。
mad……He has a mad capital。
He is the only child of the special examination family。
More future heirs。
Special check family,It is the largest giants in the influence of Brunei.。

Yu Xian calmly said。

Life may be very bitter,But this is life,If you haven’t encountered it, try to avoid,have met,Conduct it calm,Because how to toss again is useless。
“I hope so.。”
Liu Zheng always feels,Jixian returned,No good fruits will be eaten。
“Zheng Gongzi,this way please,this way please,It is already under the moonlight.,Please be sure to enjoy!”
Huainan,One of Yangzhou,Local large households,Send Zheng Yuande to the door personally,Polarless。Preparing a thin wine is true,But ask Zheng Yuande to eat wine,But it is said that。
If Zheng Yuande has a little more,Will you go to the banquet?。
as predicted,Zheng Yuande is piled up with a smile,Zhou’s long archway:“Under the businessman,But also believe that there is money to earn together.,Gentlemen love fortune, in a proper way。The day to be delivered to the goods,More than a long time,Be good?”
Zheng Yuande’s meaningful。
“Something!Zheng Gong is slow,What if there is in Yangzhou?,Despite the old man。”
Zhou’s long face is also a smile,As if and Zheng Yuande have been friends。In fact,They first met today.。
After Zheng Yuande, after the left,Zhou’s long wrinkled face,Only an extremely disdainful expression。
“荥阳 郑氏,Really didn’t fall。I actually sent a sin.,I don’t want to go to the family in the family farm.,Hey,He thought that he was smarter.,Others are fools。”
Zheng Yuande today visits the Zhou Hao,Because Zheng Yuande’s father, Zheng Yu and Yeng family is old。The other party explains,The Zhou’s family will soon understand Zheng Yuande, thinking about it.。
to be honest,Isn’t it what I want to surf in Yangzhou’s futures exchange??
He thought it was smart?
Zheng Yuande is a wheat that is not harvested by his family.“borrow”come out,Then put it to the futures exchange。If food is always like this now,really,Zheng Yuande will earn!
But,Is there such a good thing in the world??
But tell the truth,Wongli and Zheng have an old,Pit Zheng Yuande is impossible,Promise the requirements of each other,Already gave a big face,certainly,The few cotton cloth given by each other“Flying money”,It is really too fragrant.!
Anyway,Food did not take it out,Zheng Yuande did not deliver cotton cloth to himself.。Everything must be cleared after harvesting,These benefits,Can fall to practice。
Empty,Everyone is not lost?,But it is a game.。
Before the actual delivery,Look at the hot scene,In fact, there is a few pieces of paper that will change a few pieces of paper.。
“Send someone to go with the house,Chen Jia,Well,Mao family said a sentence,Now Yangzhou has a fortune of Zheng Gongzi,May be on the door to talk about the business of wheat,Let them have a good life。”
The Zhou’s long-lost voice is told。
A few days later,Prostitute“Zheng Gongzi”,Already in Yangzhou City。Related people,Evaluate it“People stupid,More money,Soft,Tote”。
Almost the death of God!
This Zheng Gongzi,Dating the development of banks“Flying money”,Removal of wheat“Right to use”,It’s too much money.。What do he want to do?,In fact, everyone is almost seen.。
To know,Yangzhou Futures Exchange,Not only there is a businessman in Qi,There is also a businessman of Chen Guo,Even businessmen from the Western region。Zheng Yuande,Not just want to be hot wheat,Is it sold in a high price?!
As for how he added these wheat gap,That is also very simple。As long as Fuyang Zheng’s power,Wheat that transports the field along the canal from Fuyang.。
He is playing a good abacus!
This cute new,I don’t know the danger of the futures exchange,I really want to play this set.!He will soon understand how he does not know the sky!
Zheng Yuande’s action is very smooth,He has signed a family with Yangzhou’s good family.,Get the right to use the wheat。certainly,Just use right,Does not mean that he can get these wheat。


Advisers in the gateway and the Qin Fengxing jumped。
The reaction slowly taken Kong Xinyue followed,Captified by the nearest congratulations。
Two people。
Kong Xinyue:“What do you caught me??!”
The congratulations are more powerful than her.,After knowing, it is stigrated.:“Correct……I should jump.,Branches fall……”
He panic『chaos』anxiety『Confuse』Look at Kong Xinyue,It’s obvious.:“Then we all jump together.!”
Kong Xinyue:“……”
NS69chapter Chapter 69 is that
“You are cold。”
Seeing the clear words“The child was scared”Model, Kong Xinyue is not so excited,At the end, I have a sense of responsibility to be responsible for the entire overall situation.,“The condition always burst, But we can’t『chaos』position。”
Kong Xinyue even paired with the scene:“Jing Lou Friend, You will come back first., We discourage the current situation.。”
Discuss what?
People have fallen, there is no discussion.,Besides, he mixed『chaos』Take a few steps,How can I say it back??
“Jing Lou Friend,I know that you are sad.,But you stand it above is not a way.。”
Kong Xinyue“I understand”Expression,Sadness is tough,Advanced him, “All this is not your fault, get down,Let’s find a way。”
All this is my fault!
And I have to pass it, you can’t say it.!I can’t get it.!
The scenery took a deep breath,Almost qi and blood striped bad system, The rope under the feet swayed。
This scene is even more sad.,Standing almost shouting at the gate:“Jing Lou Friend, Don’t think of jump with you.!I and He Daoyou now a stupid., You will take the height of your heart., come back!”
Because the tone is too sad,Final sentence“come back”The middle-aged man who screamed is like a love of the love.。
Delicious morality, Crying and going to continue。
The pain in the scene is alive, but just a moment,It’s also ambiguous and full of gentleness., He has a heavy pace,Go back to the gate,Also make a sad look, self-mumbling:“How does it become like this?。”
Kong Xinyue is actually very panic.,She just recognized when he faced a congratulatory,She is not strong in the town,It’s all over.。Worry in the deep extension and sadness is also invading her thoughts,She will advise the scenery,I don’t know how to do next step.,With this energy-sensing:“And relax,Sorrow。”
The scenery is more,Accommodation:“They may still die.。”
I am the biggest scene.!
Xiao Johe and Yan Zhi have a highlight and worship of everyone.,How can I now grab the filming of others now?!
Congratulations“die”The word is stimulated.,Shed tears:“Branches die in front of me,What else is there?……I still jump together.!”
Speaking of him, really want to jump,Kong Xinyue is also brought completely stretched.,In the mouth“呜 wow”Shout,Pour in the abyss:“I don’t want to live.!”
Fall a few no problem,All fall,Only his scenery remains,This is very problematic.,It is inevitable that someone will think more。
If you have a master or head, you will not be good.。
Jing Yu has to reach out to grab these two people who want to die.,One-hand,Sign up:“Not sure they are dead,If you jump, you will have no way to save them.,Say, don’t live alive!”


Lin Wei frowning,Quirky look Shenxuan,road:“You are a zero head of my asset or a small?”
10 million is only the zero head of assets?
A handful of?
Shen Xuan just drums the courage,I am discouraged in an instant.。
“I slowly!”
Shen Xuan sat down again,The face is shocked。 “Trough,Ten million is just a zero head of family assets?”
“Really real white rich,Really burdens。”
“Xuan brown,I don’t have to struggle in the next half.。”
“You said it is easy,Will this family recognize Xuan Ge??”
“The big family is not so simple.,Xuan brother,I am afraid enough.!”
Some people in the live broadcast shocked,Part of Xuan Ge is happy,Another part is worried about Xuan Ge。
A family of such a strong,Will you find a son-in-law??
Don’t see the red fire that Xuan Ge is now broadcasting.,There may also be a 10,000 bills in one month.,These in the true big family,But it is a fart!
You can blocked Xuan Ge!
These words,Don’t say,Shen Xuan is also very clear。
He is not a fool,Usually in the novel,I will know in the TV movie.。
This is also the place where he is worried.!
In the end, the father of Lin Hao came over,Forcibly take Lin Gu,What should I do??
Really disagree,He also has no way。
“Do not worry,My dad is very good.,Don’t worry too much。”
Lin Yan comforted。
Very good?
Shen Xuan can’t believe this。
I usually speak very well on Lin Wei at home.,He believes,But the surname of him,I can’t say it.。
“there is always a solution to a problem,Uncle is coming,Then let’s entertain him.。”
Shen Xuan barely smiled,Say:“I hope that uncle should not give abandon us.!”
“He likes to climb the mountain.,By the time,Take him to the mountain to play!”
Lin Yu smiled,give suggestions。


The first water delivery team,Be bewitched!!
Song Luo’s eyes follow the scattered lights,Looking at this stone village,There are many people on the road with some slope,But there are still dead bodies in front of these people’s houses that are too late to clean up,They died miserably,Also suffered a lot during his lifetime,Those eyes still keep fear and pain……
“These mourning dragons,hateful!hateful!hateful!!”Song Luo is angry and painful,I want to kill all the dragons in this Lihuagou right away。
Zhu Minglang was also surprised!
The first water delivery team,Not killed,But was controlled by the Dragon!
Funeral Dragon tore open the door of Shitou Village by the water team,No wonder there are so few guards in front of the gate here,It was easily defeated by Nan Yusu alone……
Terrible creature!!
First272chapter Run away!
Distributed water bags to people in Shitou Village,With drinking water,These people are still shrouded in a haze of death。
Not to mention,The water will be finished soon,No streams,No old well,They still face death。
“Can you move the people from the village?,The water sources here are all polluted,Can’t survive。”Hu Bailing said。
“impossible,As soon as we leave the stockade,There will be groups of lost dragons,It’s still a dead end。”Huang Lu shook his head and said。

Yes,Li Ming played a similar plan when he devoured the starry universe。

simply put,Adopt causality、Chance and other means,To recruit some talented、Potential practitioners—Or even the practitioners are not ordinary。
Let them plunge into a different world,Give them tasks、Crisis and opportunity!
Task with goal,Crisis Momentum,Opportunity to grow!
This is not just his evil taste。
Build such a huge system,Itself is a big project。
For some practitioners,fighting、Fight,It is the most suitable means to check and sort itself。
But practice,More than just fighting!
It’s like a blacksmith builds a weapon,When he tried his best to create a magic weapon,Concentrate,When he builds success,Your forging level will naturally improve。
Like a master alchemy,Refining a furnace of elixir,Staying in front of the furnace without sleep for hundreds of years,Manipulate the flame time and space,Naturally, I will also have an understanding of Dan Dao。
This in itself is practice。
And for good at formation、Mixer、For the practitioner of alchemy,Use your own mystery to build a huge and incomparable,Involves chaos、world、Time and space、cause and effect、Deduced system。
Is the highest level of practice!

Season:“I live for half a lifetime.,Never have this condition。”

“So, I said that is a gratefulness.。”
枝『Bun』『Bun』Stand forward,The backhand will push it in Feng Xing.,The other hand took this wine glass,“The predecessors are so valued,The late generations are not happy,Never resolve。Dai Shi is unable to drink alcohol,This cup is taken by me。”
When she was standing, she pulled her finger behind her.。
枝 不动动『color』Reversely sticked his hand,Pinch the fist to indicate that he is not allowed。
Qi Father saw this situation,Be late, don’t make a star,For all,Submerged road:“Since this,Yan girl is also the same,It is the gratitude of our flying fairy city.!”
I also left my heart when I was drinking.,First, a small port first,Didn’t taste any disadvantage『Medicine』Grass flavor,Only one drink。Outdoor human eye,Self-reluctance。
“it is good,Yan girl is very cool!”
Single respect is not too much to say,Qi Father goes with other disciples。
枝 下,Zhen Fengxing is close:“The sister can be fine.?”
枝 道,“You can’t worry, I am worried that there is no poisonous in the wine.?”
裴 裴 星:“Benevolent,Seasonal senior,Never toxic。Even if it is a short, I have a bad mind.,As long as there is a sense of reason,Will not poison in this glass of wine。”
“I just worried that the wine in this world.,Be unfilled,Easy to get intoxicated。”
枝 不 看 看 他:“I will not be drunk.。”
裴 逢 星 她 她 说,I always feel a bit uncomfortable.:“Sister,You are really good?Be drunk,Or is it uncomfortable??” “I am fine.。”
Branch side,Directly look at his eyes,“Ah,A glass of wine in the area,I also want to let me drunk?”
confirmed,This is not the normal state of the teacher.。
裴 逢 星,After the disciple around the same sentence, she took a few sentences.。
There is no resistance to branches.,I was pulled by the door to the door.:“Suddenly?Have something?Did the teacher your broken soup??”
裴 星 一,Look at 枝:The sister should not talk about the soul of the soul.,But her tone is completely unfunished.,Clear condition……
Entered the house,裴 星 上 房 房。
He pays attention to the action of 枝,The limbs are coordinated.,completely fine。
“Sister,Waiting first。”
Ji Fengxing will sit down at the table,Reach your pulse。
Plenty of spiritual power,Breathing long。
no problem。
It is never in the middle。
枝 抽 手,White simply simply:“I am fine.。”
Jingshang Xi wants to try her livefrier,Dare to rapidly。
枝 盯 的,Bounce out a sentence:“Brother,You have more tears on your face.,Look well。”
裴 逢 星 一 怔。
枝 不 地 地 地 他:“This expression is still unresolved?”
I will recall these words that she said in the stars.,Suddenly there is a very ridiculous conjecture。
At this time,Take a fine movement outside the house。
The Qi Fengxing is a bird that seizes people.,Throw it on the ground。