Baby abuse talcum powder is bad

Baby abuse talcum powder is bad

Baby abuse talcum powder is bad

In summer, after a child takes a bath, most parents have the habit of talcum powder after bathing, in order to protect the baby’s skin.

In fact, the result is exactly the opposite.

  First, the main component of talcum powder is talcum powder, which contains inseparable lead. Lead cannot enter the baby’s body and cannot be excreted quickly.

When accumulated in the human body for a long time, it will harm the nerves, hematopoietic system and digestive system, and seriously affect the baby’s intelligence and physical development.

Blood lead in children ≥100μg / L is lead poisoning. Research results from Beijing Children’s Hospital have shown that for every 10μg / dL increase in blood lead, the intelligence index decreases by 2?
3 points.

  Second, talcum powder contains magnesium oxide and magnesium sulfate, which easily invades the respiratory tract.

Because the child’s respiratory tract development is not yet complete, unless the absorption is small, it cannot be ruled out by its own function.

If the amount of inhalation is large, the invasion of the bronchi will destroy the cilia movement of the trachea, which will reduce the defense force and easily cause respiratory infections.

  Third, the talcum powder is easy to absorb water, and it forms particulate matter after absorbing water, which causes the skin to become red and eroded.

If the talcum powder is applied to the baby’s buttocks, the sweat glands will become twice after the urine is wet, causing friction and redness, and even a rash.

  Fourth, the powder of talcum powder is very small, and the dust can easily enter the vagina, cervix, etc. through the vulva and attach to the surface of the ovary, stimulate the proliferation of ovarian epithelial cells, and curl to ovarian cancer.

Therefore, it is worth noting that parents should not use powder on the lower body of baby girls.

For the sake of caution, it is best not to puff lower body with adult powder.

According to relevant surveys, women’s long-term use of talcum powder increases the risk of ovarian cancer3.

88 times.

  For babies, as long as the parents keep the skin of the baby’s wrinkles clean and dry, they can prevent the occurrence of dermatitis and rash in children. They can also apply baby emollient oil or massage oil in these places.

If a cotton breathable diaper is used, frequent changes and disinfection can prevent the occurrence of red buttocks, and parents using diapers can implant acid ointment on the baby’s hips.