[Efficacy of Mung Bean Rice Peanut Porridge]_What is it_What effect

[Efficacy of Mung Bean Rice Peanut Porridge]_What is it_What effect

[Efficacy of Mung Bean Rice Peanut Porridge]_What is it_What effect

The summer is hot, and people often cook some mung bean soup. Mung beans also have the effect of clearing heat and relieving heat.

When the weather is hot, people’s appetite will also drop, at this time we can cook some light porridge.

For example, mung bean rice, peanut porridge, mung bean, rice, and peanut beans are rich in nutrients. When eaten together, they can clear away heat and relieve heat, and also have the effects of nourishing the stomach and clearing the lungs.

People with a bad stomach can drink more porridge.

Mung bean rice and peanut porridge: We all know that mung beans have a good fire effect. When combined with rice, they can be eaten as a staple food. The boiled mung bean rice porridge is sweet and delicious, and there are many benefits to eating in summer, mainly the following:point.

1. In summer, the climate is hot, and many people have no appetite, but mung bean rice porridge supplements qi, strengthens the spleen and stomach, and promotes appetite. In summer, it does not prevent trying mung bean rice porridge.

2. Mung bean is important and has its own medicinal properties, and the mung bean rice porridge made by boil has the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, relieving heat and annoying, quenching thirst, strengthening stomach, and diminishing swelling.

3, it is said to drink porridge to nourish the stomach, mung bean rice porridge is no exception, often drink in summer, with spleen, stomach, and lung cleaning effects.

And can also pass through the blood, smart ears and eyesight, annoyance, thirst, and diarrhea.

4, mung bean rice and peanut porridge can also relieve the body’s stress, because mung beans contain elements to lower blood lipids and lower cholesterol, and also have anti-allergic, heat-reducing and detoxifying effects, and protect the liver.

5, mung bean rice and peanut porridge have an effect on summer heat, thirst, hot and humid diarrhea, edema and bloating, sores and rashes.

People with acne can also eat mung bean rice porridge to condition the body and prevent acne.

In addition, mung bean rice porridge has a certain effect on those who are poisoned by gold stone arsenic.

6, mung bean rice peanut porridge is very moisturizing the stomach, but also improve dry skin.

The unique moisture and minerals of mung bean supplement the skin with sufficient moisture and effectively strengthen the skin’s moisture retention ability.

Because mung bean contains natural polysaccharides, it can form a moisturizing film on the skin surface, making the skin moist and shiny.

7, polysaccharides in mung bean rice and peanut porridge can enhance the activity of serum lipoproteinase, so that triglycerides in lipoproteins can achieve the effect of lowering blood lipids, which can prevent coronary heart disease, angina and other symptoms.