Fox and the story of the horse and the horse [Fox]

A peasant had a diligent, hard working for his work horse, but the horse had grown old and do no more work, so farmers do not want to give anything to eat.He said to the horse: I can not need you, you go away from the barn, to you stronger than a lion, I will naturally pull you back.Then he opened the door and with that he went to make a living.The poor horse this horse is very sad, it is indiscriminate and wandering around in the forest, the wind sandwiched rain, it adds to the pain, it wants to find a little shelter from.Soon, it encounters a fox, fox and asked it: my good friend, how you?Why dejected, a lonely, champagne yet?Ma sighed and replied: hey – !Fairness and loyalty do not live together in one house.My master has forgotten me this all for many years he worked so hard are doing, because I can no longer work, and he took me out and said unless I get stronger than a lion, he will take me back.I have this ability to do?In fact, the owner know I do not have such capabilities, otherwise, he would not say so.After listening to the fox, it should not worry, just rest assured, said: I’ll help you, you lay there, the body straight, pretended to die the way, I have a way.Ma told to do a fox.Fox went to the cave lion lived side, said to the lion: The Lion King, there are small way lying dead horse, we go together, you can make a very good meal for lunch to enjoy miles.Lion listened very happy, immediately set off.Where they came to standing by the horse the fox said: here you eat it, I’ll tell you how to do: Let me put its tail firmly strapped to your body, then you will be able to be towed back to you it cave and enjoyed slowly.Lions appreciate this suggestion.So it motionless to lie down and let the fox tied it on horseback.But the fox to its legs tied together, with the greatest effort to put the Lions firmly tied a heap, the Lions could pull it loose.All cooking is completed, the fox patted the horse’s shoulder and said: Arise!Horse head, you can go!The horse jumped and caught the tail of the lion in tow away.Lions know that when the fox began to roar roared, huge roar to all the birds flew up in terror.But the horse just how it is called, just lay yourself slowly through the fields, and finally the lion dragged the owner of the house.Its owner said: Master, the lion here, I take it the food properly.When the owner saw it this old horse, he had compassion and said: You live in the stables, and I’ll be good to you.And he gave him plenty to eat something, the owner has to provide for it to die.Apeasanthadafaithfulhorsewhichhadgrownoldandcoulddonomorework, sohismasternolongerwantedtogivehimanythingtoeatandsaid, “Icancertainlymakenomoreuseofyou, butstillImeanwellbyyou, andifyouproveyourselfstillstrongenoughtobringmealionhere, Iwillmaintainyou.Butfornowgetoutofmystable.”Andwiththathechasedhimintotheopenfield.Thehorsewassad, andwenttotheforesttoseekalittleprotectiontherefromtheweather.Therethefoxmethimandsaid, “Whydoyouhangyourheadso, andgoaboutallalone?”” Oh, “repliedthehorse,” greedandloyaltydonotdwelltogetherinonehouse.MymasterhasforgottenwhatservicesIhaveperformedforhimforsomanyyears, andbecauseIcannolongerplowwell, hewillgivemenomorefood, andhasdrivenmeout.”” Withoutgivingyouachance?”Askedthefox.”Thechancewasabadone.Hesaid, ifIwerestillstrongenoughtobringhimalion, hewouldkeepme, buthewellknowsthatIcannotdothat.”Thefoxsaid,” Iwillhelpyou.Justliedown, stretchoutasifyouweredead, anddonotstir.”Thehorsedidwhatthefoxasked, andthenthefoxwenttothelion, whohadhisdennotfaroff, andsaid,” Adeadhorseislyingoutthere.Justcomewithme, andyoucanhavearichmeal.”Thelionwentwithhim, andwhentheywerebothstandingbythehorsethefoxsaid,” after all, itisnotverycomfortableforyouhere – Itellyouwhat – Iwillfastenittoyoubythetail, andthenyoucandragitintoyourcaveandeatitinpeace.”Thisadvicepleasedthelion.Hepositionedhimself, andinorderthatthefoxmighttiethehorsefasttohim, hekeptcompletelyquiet.Butthefoxtiedthelion’slegstogetherwiththehorse’stail, andtwistedandfastenedeverythingsowellandsostronglythatnoamountofstrengthcouldpullitloose.Whenhehadfinishedhiswork, hetappedthehorseontheshoulderandsaid, “Pull, white horse, pull!”Thenupsprangthehorseatonce, andpulledthelionawaywithhim.Thelionbegantoroarsothatallthebirdsintheforestflewupinterror, butthehorselethimroar, anddrewhimanddraggedhimacrossthefieldtohismaster’sdoor.Whenthemastersawthelion, hewasofabettermind, andsaidtothehorse, “Youshallstaywithmeandfarewell.”Andhegavehimplentytoeatuntilhedied.