Bird nest, crab, potato, leek

The village that gave birth to me and raised me will jump into my mind on a rainy autumn night like a rain flower between eaves..     There are always green and yellow thatched roads on the field roads, which are always tightly attached with glittering and translucent rain beads. The lush green curtains in the corn fields surround the whole mountain, and we live in the sea of corn stalks.. The village is not big and there are many people, but I can always find a place where no one can wander around..     Do you remember the big stone in the river beside Shanhou Primary School, which can hold three to five children to write on? After school, we came here carrying schoolbags, spread out the checkerboards and holding pencils to write. We lay there writing at ease, the sunset shining on our checkerboard, chasing our slow nib. Vaguely remember, there is sand adhered to our clothes.     After a long time of mixing, I like to explore around the river bank and drill through the bushes until I find a bird’s nest with a few small eggs in it.. We were excited, but we couldn’t bear to take them away, but since then we have formed the habit of drilling grass to find birds and eggs..     When he was a little older, he followed his brother and a younger brother to the river in the valley to make trouble.. Brother can climb up the big willow tree by the river very lightly, then pick out the slender leafy willow tree with a knife and throw it to us. We wound these wickers into a circle and formed willow hats, which we thought were very proud to wear on our heads..     Then he jumped into the river to fight for water, drenched with water and dried in the sun.. So summer began to cool down. Always remember to catch a few crabs under the stones to play and watch them stumble in the sand. A normal crab has a hard shell, while a drug crab’s shell is crushed by two fingers. We also ignored it and only caught normal crabs to play.     I also not only play, but also do some work for my mother. I like to pick up potatoes in the field with my mother best.. After the potatoes are harvested, they will leave some carelessly in the ground and will soon sprout seedlings again. We looked for seedlings in the field and pulled out a potato as soon as we pulled it out. Sometimes I can find the biggest one, and I’m as happy as I dug up the gold pieces..     Mother will cook the potatoes for me the next day. Big potatoes are peeled, cut into pieces, fried with oil, salted and steamed with rice, but they are delicious. My highest record was eating four white bowls at a time, and my father taught me a lesson, saying how to stay dead. All that is good is how many years I have eaten, but I still didn’t survive..     I also like to cut leeks in particular. Our leeks are planted under mulberry trees on the edge of the ground. They are thin due to lack of sunlight, but they are also fresh and tender.. The leek is a rare thing to pick up. It takes you half an hour to strip the yellow leaves and the old leaves one by one.. But I have to sit tight or I won’t be able to eat another delicious food.     In the evening, mother will make up flour, add leeks and make pancakes. The big iron pan in the house was well oiled, spread out into big pancakes, and then dried slowly. The leek leaves became finely divided jasper in the pancakes, and they had an appetite when they looked at them.. I have to eat two large sheets before I can sleep contentedly.     The village was finally submerged by deeper green, and those days suddenly occurred before they were gradually forgotten. I was always a child in that village, remembering the days when there were bird nests, crabs, potatoes and leeks..