Autumn, besmear dye heart clear sorrow

Autumn is getting thicker, the autumn wind is getting cooler, and a faint cloud of gloom hangs over the distant mountains and the quiet daughter river at the foot of the mountain.. The reeds and dense grass on both sides of the river have squeezed the river into a narrow place. The curved river appears bright under the gloomy sky, like a crack between heaven and earth, very conspicuous and meandering into the distance..    In this autumn season, I have a wisp of sorrow, a wisp of acacia and a piece of care. In this gloomy autumn, I gently float away in the mountains and on the banks of the river, with my heavy heart drifting away aimlessly with my thoughts..    I have been away from home for some time. Unexpectedly, I could not walk out of the traditional customs after all. The granddaughter has gone to school, and the transfer seems to be our’ obligation’. It seems that the days of’ uprooting’ do not have a clue or hope, and they have disrupted the comfortable life of the two of us..    In order to make our life in another country more comfortable, my daughter rented us a house for’ accompanying students’ for fear that I would not be used to such a life.. Every day my little granddaughter comes and goes, ” home” is full of life. But I just can’t feel the fun of sharing Tianlun. My character is really out of step with this’ tradition’?    A feeling of homesickness hangs over me all day. A heavy heart is tied with two cares: one on the home side and the other on the daughter side. Family members and friends on the other side of the family left you, but the heart suddenly gave birth to a kind of missing of parting. What’s more, my elderly mother can’t often go home to visit her. Only in sleepless nights can she look at the stars above her hometown and place her thoughts in my heart, and only in her dreams can she meet her relatives and friends.. I can’t give up my concern for my daughter here. I have the lovely smiling face of my granddaughter. I don’t trust my child to be unattended after school.. These complicated emotional tangles, coupled with the bone spurs on my feet and the pain of plantar tendinitis, have been tormenting me for a long time, and my mood has become even more melancholy.. Some friends have advised me to take root here, others have advised me to go back as soon as possible and not to be bound by my children. How could my heart not want to enjoy life freely?! Can have too many helpless, more than half a month, in addition to the treatment of foot disease, has been living in’ home’, did not go out for a walk.    Today, the weather is cool. After acupuncture and moxibustion, I really want to relieve my depression. My wife accompanied me to sit in the river center park at the girl river.. When I set foot on the long sling bridge, my heart fluttered with the sway of the long suspension bridge. This time last year, it was also here. I was alone with my granddaughter in her daughter’s home and took a walk here in my spare time.. I can’t forget the daughter river at that moment. you are like a beautiful and strange girl, breaking into my heart. in a strange city, I saw hope, a kind of emotional hope. although we first met, even I always came and went like a wild goose.. But because of my attachment to the continuous mountains and the girl river, I have entrusted an emotion to the mountains and the river. Every time I see the lush mountains and the winding daughter river, I have a feeling of kindness, which has relieved some of my homesickness and comforted my heart. I am attached to you with much tenderness, reposing in your arms, heavy heart, and washed away the dust and haze by your pure feeling..    Walking in the park on Hexin Island, the visitors were lonely, and the autumn grass in the park gradually withered and yellow, giving people a desolate feeling.. Sitting on a bench, looking at the distant mountains filled with gloom, the distant mountains were dim. Look at the breeze gently shaking willow branches, willow branches sigh; Look at the river quiet, quietly not billow. Autumn insects fly in the grass, leaving a little worry. Although my heart is quiet, it is cold and desolate, and the desolation comes with the steps of autumn..    A few water chickens in the river are strung around on the river surface, drilling into the water for a while, surfacing for a while and playing freely. A closer look shows that they are two big and two small ones.. Looking at the happy appearance, I think it must be a family of four. Adults and children are enjoying the happiness of the heavenly family. All things in the world belong to one principle. Why bother my heart?    Walking down the river bank, a farm garden attracted us and went into the garden. All kinds of vegetables were fresh and tempting our hearts.. The whole row of wall-like fences was covered with vines of balsam pear, and the balsam pear was covered with thick green’ walls’. On the other side of the fence, the unnamed bean sprouts were full of bright pink flowers, which really looked good. The tall gourd racks were full of big gourd, and they took off one after another to pack gourd dumplings. It was delicious.! Picking a few vegetables with your own hands makes you feel better and feel a little calm..    It seems that autumn brings not only sadness but also joy of harvest. The same is true of life, with helplessness and happiness. There are bitterness and sweetness. There is always a wisp of cool breeze blowing light and gloomy clouds when the sorrow and depression in other countries gather in my heart.. When it comes, it’s safe. Why not hand over your mood to autumn, with a hint of elegance and a dash of color, and paint your thoughts and sorrows about your hometown in your heart?.