set sail.

  [Second World assessment, examination results qualified.]
  [Qualified yet?] Pei Naochun trance, he is actually quite worried, in the world, he did not really become the general public in the concept of “useful”, a firm direction to the dude Sahuan, with no turning back.
  [Qualified.] 009 rare patiently explained, [original body said useful, from beginning to end, have nothing to do with the views of outsiders, h深圳桑拿网is pain is not able to stand up at the time of family crisis, and in the hearts of father and son, he did more than also with a drag.]
  [Pei’s no longer such a crisis, and in Peizheng Xiong Pei Shaoyang heart, and they have recognized Pei Naochun, the task has been completed.]
  Pei Naochun a little bit wistful, but also cheer up soon, in fact, is relieved after the emotional Archive: [009, into the next world, right.]

Chapter 32 after the father had been stepmother (a)?(three)
  Re-entry into the dark space, Pei Naochun claim to have some experience, but do not want to see ibid back this time can be said to be bad days to do, his soul appeared in front of the older, half-white hair, skin side black, body Although it looks quite durable thin, exposed to hand down long-sleeved clothes, are all signs of labor.
  ”Hello.”The man spoke up lead, ingratiating smile, facial features seem harsh, as long as no expression on the face of some vicious, now hung like smile, cramped,” tough you are, I hope you can help me.”
  Pei Naochun never seen such a person, the person who feels very contradictory, he nodded, listen carefully to each other about 北京夜网part of his life.
  Pei Naochun this time to enter the world, is still a common world of romantic novels, the story of a lot of conflict, causing countless hot in the year, was adapted for television, movies, and repeatedly remake.
  Care of the household novel late Liang was born in a wealthy family, the feelings of substandard parents for many years, in elementary school, when she chose to divorce, junior hi