Siege corner (2013,12,04)

Autumn, branches, leaves not much, leaves and, in some places there have been three or four up cover.Wind sometimes those leaves off, let the sun take a look at their body condense Frost.It is said that a crystalline white moisture is brought out when loess breathing, tell leaves them back in the body in order to keep out the cold, or so disgraceful figure disappearing faster.Read the epitome of seed germination process, not read the leaves become soil sadness scene.Was actually born and dead are equal, are necessary to process the ecological cycle, the students do not know why everyone is always so beautiful, always reluctant to face the bleak when.That day at the lake child, I and many people wearing winter clothes, watching with interest the wild swans aquatic life, so rich in natural scenes with elements of life, regulates the rhythm of life, through the psychological feeling happy.When I received the vision from a distance at the foot of the water red plankton – I was stunned, they look very excited, from the length of each jump are dozens of times, the number of the active area they have become the body color Chromic.Children affected range up to three meters from the lake.Not far away there are swans, ducks, cormorants, Eurasian Coot, water fowl, grebe pelican, gulls, herons, etc., most of them are busy searching for something to eat, a few in a playful way to play, very few It can be seen in the pursuit of a realm, attentive chasing proud in front of swimming, ambiguous, after the orgy, seems to have captured the behavior, but do not want to force consciousness, just waiting for that desired Wan refused.I want to render saw spectacular, but was a variety of conditions, you can only take this kind of film to show oneself.I’ve also sent a similar picture, it really can not get near because really, we can only offer vague to imagine, but this time he came, but still not ideal, this picture is after treatment, yet I I saw amazing scenes.Initially seen this phenomenon very afraid, especially this time, because the distance close look clear, they look like a long hard look, a bit like jumping show, who felt uncomfortable, imagine you wanted to run too late, then I thought, it also can not blame them, there is such a habitat, why not let people do prosper?Do we believe what nice really nice?Later I thought, I can not curse them, and perhaps they are also cleaner and clean environment for us to do the same, although they do is take advantage of favorable habitat prosperous population, the effect is for us to purify the water environment.Rumor has it that the sea plankton provide oxygen fifty percent of the Earth’s atmosphere, this lake’s plankton do, their role is much more than reducing the eutrophication substances, to fish the birds offers lush dinner, fear has a similar role in it.Speculative, can not but appeals to the imagination.Regardless of whether these organisms may release oxygen, is definitely an important member of the ecological cycle in the wetlands, wetland in the city, it also should belong to protected species, most of its code should not destroy them.Let lake impressed us most is blue-green algae and water hyacinth or pistia, after the death of the former volatile odor of rotting corpses, and not breed bacteria beneficial to human health, people can not drink, affecting people’s livelihood.The latter have no natural predators, unlimited unregulated fertility, occupies the water, the fishermen not fishing, shipping impassable normal, severely restricted the local money-making opportunities, whenever mention no one evil is not deep pass absolutely.Anyway, I like these plankton, but it is better to have at home to solve their place, otherwise, this lake is too small, so if they were all occupied, that would be a disaster, because they after all, have not people rush to gold.Also, I hope that the lake water hyacinth and occupied pistia, if the fish could not finish, you can make Swan Lake managers, putting to soak gardens made use of organic fertilizers for the city to form a more reasonable the ecological cycle, livable urban economic development services.Today is a little want to talk about their views on the “carbon” is the result of habitual practice, we must first create a new document posted a few photos, not to say that I took photos of how art, or can cause an uproar, just met I took wanted to do something description.Besides, I would have is all right in here to play, not for a few months to earn a few seven Eight, the second does not seek a large retinue of fans, they do not affect the mood of the leadership, others fear that it is difficult to tube wear.In fact, I do not need passionate self, my blog on Sina, almost ninety-nine percent of article views are super, but double-digit.On other sites than the three-digit page views, it is likely to encourage Edit.You think, it is really these articles inadvertently exudes a poisonous taste, but also can harm negligible.In fact, I do not need to encourage this kind of action is, this is a major hobby in my life.It appears to me and I wrote the article, not necessarily a bad thing red children, “blessing in disguise, blessing in disguise?”For me, life is interesting is the main.But it is not too few pictures beside the point, hehe.I will say this, in fact I wrote most of the article did not question, because I think where where written, and no central idea, how about the proposition will be beside the point, so just to write a blog from now, seven or eight one hundred Dounong the only recently I thought of a great good topic: “siege of the corner.”.I wrote on that day with a parenthesis, which it wants to fill in the day.Siege I get out of the garden, the corner is my heart, social Vientiane have experience of feeling to write out, can not write about it in terms of his will get several symbols on behalf of a.I think this stick to it until I can not write that day.This has a lot of ills, when someone asked him the true, often wrong of, hey, no way, debauchery used to, really want some fetters really can not stand.Here to give all the intentions of humanity I am sorry.If my blog was a fluke Noto lobby, with a casual situation, if you can, send me a sample issue on the line.Having said that, so much exhaled carbon dioxide, into the topic yet, now True Story.Carbon is the birthplace of colorful Earth.This paradox is listening to opera in the park, stepped on a piece of rotten realize when autumn leaves.I thought the green leaves is great, it is unparalleled love of life on Earth, you see, it uses photosynthesis to change the composition of air and soil and water, provide resources for life for the animals, creatures of nature only thus began to perform, only so many ups and downs and wonderful.So I want to do a leaf, because the autumn leaves on the trees look good in front of me still leaves added a qualifier – old Lin Qiu, as my code through the streets in the virtual world.In my abilities could never become a leaf, it is only a yearning for a better.Although it has been destroyed at that time that leaves at my feet, but can also be seen that net-shaped block structure, next to the children there are burnt to ash, dark gray Secheng.General understanding, carbon black, secluded, such as coal, it is black, after the burn, not so dark Chromic.Can not see in the dark green leaves, it is down, and also hard to find shadows, mostly by photosynthesis fixtures are not very dark, can you say where there is no carbon?Wood or wood chips can be fired charcoal is black, when the charcoal completely burned, and ash Chromic almost no difference.So after the carbon is not burning does not exist, or the wandering say to the naked eye can not see where to go, not all, there are gray-black.We can reflect on, in our perception, the carbon should be ubiquitous.Plants using carbon storage biochemical conversion from solar energy, and in different shapes and passed on the way the user, so that the effective operation of the ecological cycle begins, so that the earth in the infinite life of colorful.Animal life movement energy consumption is an example, because they exhaled carbon dioxide from the body where there are gas.Those carbon dioxide where you come from, can it be said that the biochemical energy metabolites, such as a chimney to energy conversion of the remaining platoon out, the remainder of these there is a home, it should be plant, the experts talking about rationalization of operating facilities when agriculture , mention should shed and pigsty communication, such greenhouses crops can tun, use of carbon dioxide, shaped into a variety of organic seasonal vegetables generate economic benefits.So, can we understand this, atmospheric carbon mostly because of the less exploited, can you think is less green leaves, wetlands less and less forest, less steppe caused.Beyond that say, perhaps, and green leaves are utilized less relevant, because the growing season, green leafy appropriate reduction, can trigger regeneration, and even to flourish over the former functions.So, the crux of global warming, and how much is not the function of green leaves and has a direct relationship.So, can we put the green leaf area development and function, as it outlines the social and economic development.Now unsatisfactory social environment, we have taken measures mostly feet hurt the disease, headache medicine head, such as haze came, shut down or limit line outage, sky blue, to business as usual, nobody knows where the stalk, according to Chinese saying that the rule table is not a cure.If all the factories are shut down polluting emissions, all vehicles are not open, do not have all the fossil energy (of course this is not possible, but said if), the haze will not have it, the answer is certainly not always, this is because the haze spread, and if it is not changed or will gather once again up.Radical environmental destruction, is inseparable from the efforts of people, but where to start, as if did not become clear, from the carbon cycle here how to find an entry point children, will say the way out.