Bloom in the winter lies the flower of love

1950 night of December 19, Fu at his desk writing, which was the coldest day of the year, the wind continued drilling from the crack in the wall, he had to write for a while huh hand.Upon seeing his wife Yu big prize, he said: go to bed earlier!He put aside his pen and said: I am Mr Tung Tso-pin to do “Continental Magazine” article she wrote it!After royalties hand want to wait, you buy a few feet coarse cloth as soon as possible, a bundle of cotton, to make me a cotton.The trousers need a husband too, from the beginning of winter still say do not trousers, may have been to the depths of winter, still wearing a pair of old trousers carrying.Fu said that much time listening to the finalization do not need, this is no longer large color Yu urged.However, she woke up, her husband still fired off letters in the.Sadly, this is the last time he drove a draft.The next day, Taiwan council held its fifth meeting, to answer questions about Fu of Taiwan University, asked him to attend the meeting.Unexpectedly, after he finished his speech Zouxia Tai, suddenly fell to the ground.While still wears the trousers, but also another cold day freeze on him again.Fu day after his death, his disciples and friends to mourn his lifetime, large color Yu said with tears: he stays up late that night, if not he that want to change royalties to buy trousers, I would not let him toil.At this time, the side of Tung Tso-pin pulled out an envelope with the money, handed Choi Yu big hands, said: This is that sum royalties, Mr. Zeng entrusted me, the money is to make you a jacket for their own.He repeatedly told me, since you married him, did not live a comfortable life, he always felt guilty sad.That day, he lied his trousers to do, in order to urge him to not let you rest.At this time, large color sobbed Yu could not help but burst into tears.A student beside her crying also took out a stack of money, he said: This is the last time before leaving Mr. royalties.He was a poor student, when he heard of his inability to pay, Fu will be funded.Fu students know not the day off because of poor students in order to have intelligence, sir always be there, so no matter how much money are unable to retain.Students would not take, Fu said: This is what I have just received the sum paid for them, do not know how tweed!Speaking of which, the student is crying.Because of love blooming flower of lies, and such flowers and open in the winter, because it is Aoshuang Ling Haner opened, she will emit long-lasting fragrance, it will always be an abundance of grace in people’s hearts