A Autumn Rain and a Sorrow

In winter, some people who have always been beautiful just want to look far away and dare not use it. You can only wrap yourself layer by layer with clothes to cover up your inner thriller and love and hate.!       Spring, like seed of love, Luo skirt light solution, to meet also rejected the girl. Ice and snow melt, the body is liberated from clothes, the seeds struggle out of the soil, everything recovers, the school is bright, and the fields are full of fragrance everywhere.       Summer is undoubtedly a mature woman from the whole country and absolute beauty. She can’t wear expensive clothes and clothes, and her face doesn’t need to be lightly dressed with heavy makeup. She is full, convex and concave, and enthusiastic and unrestrained..       When you’re tired of Leng Yan’s extraordinary winter, its icy heart, its plump and fat summer, and its sweet sweat, the autumn rain will plunge you into the half-wall of autumn..       Autumn in the eyes of literati, always with a hint of sadness, endless bleak.       Only Liu Yuxi’s’ since ancient times, when autumn is sad and lonely, I said autumn wins spring. On the clear sky, a crane row of clouds led poetry to Bi Xiao”, and Chairman Mao’s” Independent Cold Autumn, Xiangjiang River to the north, orange island. Look at all the mountains are red and all the forests are dyed. The river is full of water, and the river is full of water.. Eagle strikes the sky, fish flies to the bottom, and all kinds of frost are free to compete.. The feeling is sparse, ask the boundless earth, who is in charge of ups and downs? Bring hundreds of couples to have a trip and remember the past eventful years.. Just as the students were young, they were in their prime. Scholar spirit, waved at Fang Qiu. Pointing out the country, stirring up words, mucking up Wan Huhou in those days. Have you ever remembered that when you hit the water in midstream, the waves stopped the boat from flying?? ‘ let a person shine at the moment, my heart a shock.       Of all the words related to autumn, what I love most is’ hope to pass through autumn waters’ and’ autumn waters’ and of course what I like is not the meaning explained in modern Chinese.       What I like is another kind of artistic conception and reverie that these two words often bring to me.       The frosted colchicine is like a mirror, crystal clear, noble and clean. An ancient costume beauty, with deep feeling and style and attire, stands on the shore. Sometimes Yu Yu walks and looks forward to her appearance, and sometimes stops to frown and pity herself..       Desire is ashamed to say, love is pure and beautiful. In the long period of youth, there is always such a picture in young people’s mind full of love and desire that they can’t go away without calling..       I can’t remember how many love starts in autumn and ends in autumn.       I remember only one woman who wept in her arms late in the autumn night because someone was cruel and would rather make her sad at this time than regret it in the future..       I remember only one woman who wept at the bank of the rolling river in autumn because she didn’t want his fate to continue in the next generation..       Today, the rain is falling in the rain, making people think about the past and remember the sea..       A autumn rain and a sorrow, sorrow and sorrow are not free.       Shang Ruo Yuxi is alive and the chairman is reborn. I don’t know what kind of autumn poems will be written in order to astonish the earth, cry ghosts and gods and shake everything..