Siege corner (2014,01,15)

Flowers in Winter and spring and summer and autumn flowers in comparison, looked surprisingly natural to more.They do not follow the crowd a potential Second discretion without trial, just go its own way from the self, called ecological all things beach-goers.Said they were spent in the crowd, of course, is not an exaggeration, that is, you see they have spent instinct, air quality Ya Fang Liz, there are lovely feminine side, while no shortage of unyielding steel Wu’s husband martyrs.As in the snow, with delicate footer fear the cold wind, pour scent blossomed enchanting corner to make the best romantic, really a lot of pretentious man to shame.Winter flowering species, the most well-known to be Tianshan snow lotus, but for decades recourse, to this day has not been the real capacity to seek, to find pieces of colorful online map, but in the end is an image, which obscure the truth.Although there is no snow lotus bloom looked rich, but received more popularity, the venue Feel free to see an aromatic product content, if after the first night of snow, the wind shaking wonderful fragrance reading, seat of your pants to be aware that certain shadow.Higurashi shine, golden eyes, fine chemicals can be integrated into one.On day three, bright and sunny, if Labyrinth hand in hand, slowly warm as possible into her arms.On several occasions in the lake leisure children, dressed in brilliant gold plum, calls for far ambiguous, and more people have the pain of Acacia.Thin Liu stepped Long Beach, has long been the wind destroyed the leaves broken, touching ice lotus, but not pretty shadow floating Yi, although from time to time swan song throat a few times, so it is hard against the new Spring Garden complex scene.Several strains of Magnolia, residual pale and miserable chu where, silent.Several old man, put a little hard to break legs on the bench, unhurried tapping, rather abruptly also dry drink a few times, this action is to estimate the exhaust gas which goes out several rows.I did not wish these, the path walked straight patch of prosperity, and for that charming beauty, fragrance and temperament for that.I had bowed his head, gently kissed them many times, the slightest breath of exchange, all the organs of the body, there is split down the bath had returned to the place a sense of cool, just before the flowers around on contracting all, wanted to live a few words of flattery: Suddenly branches to warmth, cold but vain fear evil, fragrant getting stronger low hill at more than onlookers wonder Chau River.I think people get materialized, and feeling kind of caught mostly.Love can think of, if a man relentless, taste will go to the most, be a man, of course, have to love, have not heard of it, “it is the birds, but also know not leave with partners”, not to mention they play around with the a human being?The sky was clear, autumn poem, read his party and his party less, no matter how great joy, no match for the Earth’s rotation.After a few cold, the wind is really like a knife, such as a needle, the pond becomes sluggish unhappy face.Outrageous, not to mention those about to quit the stage of life of older men and older women, even boys and girls in their prime, were all afraid of the ruthless nature, the place that may be included are wrapped tightly with a warm fabric, which is not that like to walk to avoid something, there is no cool air is so laid-back summer.Man, someone who was brought up to large are so experienced, one would have raised doubts arising.Sometimes relatively fortunate, most of our lives are in the range of temperate, documented extreme low temperature is 13 degrees below zero.Getting a place when the snowy outdoor temperature can be as low as minus forty degrees, often surprised tongue out.However, they are proud to do a person, no matter how we do, after all, I spent such a large span of plus or minus forty degrees of changes in ambient temperature.At the same time, my heart is also muttering, calling on other environmental factors have the same ability to adapt, so wanted, sewage and haze short period of time will not cause devastating harm to people’s lives.I stood tall blooms not thought about before, no matter windy cold, earth, definitely hot, otherwise, how is it spent bent on.Yesterday also feel the wind cold ass, that today there is no feeling, and certainly cold expired geothermal rebound sake.This time our distance from the sun is not changed, as long as no radiation hot air float refraction consumption, it will not change much.The flowers are already open for a few days, and also thinner than the leaves petals, nine degrees below zero, Ju Ran is not frozen, it is not imagine.That is such a species, flowers naked in the snow, unshielded, still laughing all the face of the natural give, show fearless attitude spit Fang, it is people sigh for the concept of.I do not know if this has helped, geothermal given support, or our ancestors passed to the accustomed, it is estimated will be a combination of.Why else after the cold air, the area of our activities ye have warmth, it must be out of the volatile underground heat to drive away the cold caused by cold air.We do not like the cold, not like hot, we like down to earth life, and some land close to my heart at ease.Believe it or not, loess make our lives more comfortable, such as low-cost living cave cool, such as playing out a bucket of water from the well, said to be the summer drink cold water well, winter is well to wash my face with warm water, also, listen heard, soil Ke La wipe the role of disinfection.Regardless of human civilization come now in a kind of stage, now has human civilization, it is not necessarily for life sciences.The earth’s rotation, as we turn out the spring and summer and winter, put a little turn north and south poles are unreasonable, so we proceed want these places over the past century approaching life, paid a lot, and if this quality by a little bloom It will certainly reduce a lot of costs.We like spring and autumn, because that season is not hot nor cold body feel most comfortable, so we often record the previous life metaphor do “Spring”.There is very little people pity, no fruit flowers bloom, the family line mostly by “cloning” to complete, this change in gene cloning adapt to the environment, although not by distant hybridization to achieve, but can be caused by environmental changes in the genes mutations to complete the evolution of life.Just a little, not a bee by Dielian, offering the essence of a completely dedicated to the people of art appreciation, color fragrant taste have become a form of life of people landscaping material.Recently discovered another winter flowers, loquat flower, but she seems to be squeamish than some of the bloom around as if surrounded by warm objects as plush velvet, with mink collar around the lady in the district put a white Li becomes more pleasant the.South loquat trees, a guest in the north, also bloom in winter, it is good to be true.’M sure the result will not be certain, even if wind-borne pollination can help them, male and female inevitable difficult to combine, say a male and female will not dare to see that day, how to love the results.