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First314chapter Rock is back!(One more)
《Song god》Column from the beginning,Just bet that Mr. Lu Xiaofeng would write songs for the Returning Band,Then the band will be popular。
So every time they arrange the Returning Band at the finale。
I don’t know how many people scolded this decision,But what follows is the continuous increase in ratings。
16Advance8Strong game,The Returning Band also played like this。
The audience was a little impatient,But I saw the four of them,There was an unprecedented round of applause。
The Returning Band is the whole《Song god》In the column,The most mysterious player team。
They choose with all the accompaniment because of themselves,So when rehearsing the song,There is no need for any outsiders to participate。
This is different from Mr. Zhao Changshou’s,Back then, all kinds of gossip were spreading out from time to time,Obviously leaked by insiders。
How did the returning band rehearse,What song was rehearsing,No one knows in advance。
This adds a mysterious atmosphere。
The program director of Yuzhou Satellite TV also made a decision,Let’s get this kind of mystery,Make them more mysterious the better,This will increase the audience’s expectations。

Chapter Four Seven Three Old man

This news is really bad news for Jiang Li。
So close to this virus,It is very likely that you are already in the virus infection zone,This is a terrible thing。
And this is not the most terrible thing。
The scariest thing is——She doesn’t live here,She just came to record the show。
But the current situation is that she can’t leave。
There are confirmed cases in this building,To prevent the spread of the epidemic,Nobody in this building can go out。
Although she lives in this community,Is in another building,but,No one will allow her to go back。
Which means,least14Within days,She must live with Liu Qing, an old man。
I feel desperate after thinking about it。
——It’s better to live with a little fresh meat,Live with such an old man,That’s so disgusting?
A lone man and a widow in the same room。
If I’m with Fang Hao,That is naturally a godsend,How come there are some stories。
But this looks like Liu Qing30Multi-year old men living together,That’s a kind of suffering。
——Liu Qing looks old,That’s because he wrote about the Internet for several years,I haven’t written about the Internet this year,Life is better,In fact, it looks much younger than last year。
but,Looks much younger than last year,Looks a little mature。
A year ago,He doesn’t look like30How old look,But40How old look。
Even said yes50Years old,There will be no doubts。

Danny Angie believes that the future of the league will be the point guard,Good offensive initiators dominate the game,This is also when he has two point guards, Kevin Johnson and Steve Nash.,The reason for Jason Kidd。

But his top point guard,Meeting Kobe is like a mouse meeting a cat,Caught by Kobe。
“Are you going to shame so many fans in the arena who support you??Do you want the media to laugh at the audience watching this Christmas war in front of the TV??”
The players looked at each other,Especially the three point guards。
Kidd looked unhappy,He thought he did a good job of Kobe defense in the first half,Players of this level can’t lock a game。
“coach,I think there is a problem with your defensive arrangement,Why use point guards to prevent Kobe,Other teams use forwards,This way, the height and body shape can be matched。”Kidd is outspoken,Questioned Danny Angie’s tactical arrangement。
Danny Angie flushed,Kidd is not unreasonable,But can you beat the Lakers as usual??Hard work is almost impossible to win,Then there will only be a dangerous move。
But these things can be said as a head coach,Kidd’s question made him very embarrassed。
Fortunately, the referee saved him,Blew the horn to continue the game。
“I don’t guard Kobe,Change the shooting guard。”Kidd played a big deal,Obviously I did a good job,The best performance among the three point guards,But Danny Angie still complains,This makes him a little angry。
Jason Kidd is a player with a very strong sense of self,He was with coach Jim when he was in the Mavericks-Clemons also often argued,This is why the team abandoned him。You know, Kidd shared the best rookie with Grant Hill in the first season.,94year2This is his third season of the number show,Give up one year only23year old,A star point guard with unlimited possibilities in the future,If it wasn’t for Kidd’s self-awareness too strong,Often act as a coach on the court,This is impossible。
Danny Angie helpless,Can’t let the team replace Kidd who just paid a big price,This is the deal he actively requested。
“Visley-Person!You replace Nash。”Compromised,Danny Angie can’t help feeling that being a coach is really hard。
Kobe watched the sun secretly from the Lakers bench,Seeing Kidd and Angie argue,Can’t help but feel refreshed。
Anji old thief,wrong,Still a thief。You have today too。

But the tighter prison in the Sea God Pavilion!

Yan Shaozhe hurriedly stood up,Respectfully“Yes,Mu Lao”
Then the three of them nodded slightly,So he turned to go to where Tang Ya was……
Yan Shaozhe led Beibei and Qianyu into a gloomy and dark secret room……
Seeing Beibei and Qianyu looking around,The former explained“This is a place where evil spirit masters are held,All soul guides have a suppressing effect on evil spirits”
Qianyu squinted his eyes“Then I was?”
He can clearly feel that this place has a weak suppressing effect on himself……
Yan Shaozhe smiled“Because at that time Elder Mu and Elder Xuan didn’t treat you as an evil spirit master,But still see you as a student of Shrek Academy”
Qianyu Wenyan,A few thoughts flashed in my eyes……
Go forward for a while,Yan Shaozhe’s voice rang again……

Qiao Yiyi nodded in agreement,Smiled:“Mr. Mo, who is doing great things,Can go to pot water,Squeeze our feet?”

Luo Yilin covered her mouth and sneered,And then follow along:“Yes,Niche,You are not here these few nights,Yiyi and I are tired and painful,Don’t know what to do!”
Mo Xiaosheng stood up suddenly,Glancing at them both with resentment,Then he got up and went to the bathroom to wash his feet。
Then came back and took turns pinching Qiao Yiyi and Luo Yilin’s feet。
Because their feet are really also White also soft,It’s as holy as a work of art,In addition, Mo Xiaosheng has been in the hospital all this time,I haven’t even touched Qiao Yiyi’s hand,So my heart is a little restless for a while Constantly,After giving Luo Yilin,,I squeezed Qiao Yiyi and didn’t have a foot,Suddenly got up and hugged Qiao Yiyi.。
Qiao Yiyi couldn’t help exclaiming,Angrily patted him on the chest,“What are you doing!”
“No more,Yiyi,I’m so sleepy,Let’s go to sleep!”
Mo Xiaosheng said that,But both eyes are as big as a copper bell,Even faintly hungry Thirsty green light,At the same time, she said to Luo Yilin,“Yilin,It is late,Hurry up and go to bed!”
The voice fell off,Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t wait to hold Qiao Yiyi and ran into the bedroom。
Where can Luo Yilin not see the little message of Mo Xiaosheng,I couldn’t help but blush,I can’t help but curse with my head down,“Pooh,Stinking rogue!”
But she heard Qiao Yiyi’s exclamation from inside the house,Can’t help but feel sour in my heart astringent,A trace of loss flashed in his expression。
Because it’s been too long since I saw Qiao Yiyi,Gan Chailie The fire burned almost midnight,Qiao Yiyi lost the last bit of strength,Threatening to kick Mo Xiaosheng out of bed,Mo Xiaosheng gave up,I can’t help being excited,I thought to myself,This is so rigid and pure body is really not covered,I only practiced for so few days,This tossing for most of the night,Still feel full of energy,Full of energy!
It seems that I have to continue to work hard and practice hard in the future!
Qiao Yiyi didn’t get up the next day,Took a leave,Continue to sleep。
Mo Xiaosheng is like a okay person,After getting up, I went to the hospital with Luo Yilin,Then I told Dou Xinyi a few words,Can pack things,Ready to go to Lee Medical Institution to help select volunteers,But at this moment,Anina called suddenly。
“Mr. Mo,Are you busy??”

Many people should start working today。

Hope everyone is fine!
The Evil Retreats!!
First428chapter Little lucky(One more)
Shen Huan dislikes the winter in Lin’an。
You say it’s cold,It often rains。
If it doesn’t rain,The weather is very humid,The bones seem to feel that the rheumatism is approaching step by step。
But,If you turn on the heating at home enough,That’s still quite comfortable。
This is not the house of Shen Huan and Xiao Shuishui in Mingde Lane。
Those are old courtyard buildings,Heating or something,You think too much。
The villa under the mountain that Han Donger bought for his parents,Just installed the heating。
The heating mentioned here is completely different from the central heating in the north,But buried the pipe under the floor,Some rely on electricity to generate heat,Some are natural gas burning、Water circulation mode for heating。
No matter which kind,set90Square meter house,One or two thousand in a month is indispensable。
in case24Driving hours,Will be higher。
Like this villa of Han Donger,Less than a month5000Dare not say。

They know,Top songwriters like Shen Huan,They must be qualified to sit on an equal footing with them,Even people are casually holding someone,Maybe you can become a red singer in minutes。

What a singer really needs,Still good work,Only in this way,Is their capital for survival and prosperity。
《Water Margin》TV series like this,If it’s a normal song,But if it is《Hero song》Such a song,Must be the icing on the cake,Zhou Pu will never let it go。
“First I want to show my attitude。”Shen Huan looks at Tang Yuan,The way of harmony:“This time I’m sorry to Teacher Tang in advance。”
“why?Teacher Lu,Is there something wrong with me?”Tang Yuan was shocked,Nothing to talk about,Why did you get rid of me??
“Is not。”Shen Huan replied:“The biggest reason is that you already have a song……The interval is so short,You compete with them,It’s a bit bad。”
“Song this thing,Before what?”Tang Yuan clenched his hands with excitement,“Teacher Lu,You can’t do this!”
Meng Wusheng is happy now,He hugged Tang Yuan,“Just let brother once,just one time!Brother thank you,Ok?You have no album for years,Our brothers are going to be moldy……OK,good or not?”
Of course Tang Yuan is not willing,But Meng Wusheng never let go,Always saying good things,Very low attitude。
If it was Meng Wusheng’s character back then,He can push Tang Yuan out of the door with a hippy smile,Today’s performance,Has matured a lot。
In the end, Tang Yuan had no choice but to stop speaking,Actually, Shen Huan’s attitude。
Shen Huan looked into his eyes,Always so clear,There has been no change in expression。
This made Tang Yuan know,Shen Huan decided,Will never change。
Tang Yuan pushed Meng Wusheng away,Sit aside,I lower my head and feel depressed。
See his attitude,After Meng Wusheng and Zhou Pu smiled,,But looked at the other side vigilantly。
Now there are only two of their competitors。

In the business circle,He has few allies。

Do this kind of thing,Inconvenient,But I can’t find someone who can trust me。
A reliable partner is not so easy to find。
He is really afraid that after the so-called partner really gets the key,To sell him several times。
By the time,Swallow it with tears。
Fang Hao is not worried。
on the one hand,There is Guo Miaomiao’s relationship。
on the other hand,This kid is also a grassroots。
Can’t handle others,Don’t think he is dead?
You don’t have to be afraid of this guy jumping up and down。
The same goes for Shan Rou。
That pretty widow is just lucky to marry a rich husband,Really have any background,I don’t want to find a man dozens of years older than myself。
Also not afraid of her jumping。
“You can tell her,Come up with a few hundred million,Make such an investment。if every thing is OK,Can talk to me again,Let me tell you what is important。”
Gu Mu said to Fang Hao。
Engage in infrastructure,There are some places that can be replaced,Some places are irreplaceable。
The cost of changing places is too great。

“Guoxin Jushi,Do you need my help?”

“no need,green,Just watch it by the side。”Jushi Guoxin glanced at SpongeBob SquarePants and Pai Daxing standing nearby and said。
“Blogger,Ready to go。”
As the blogger’s voice falls,Mouse You and Bo Ren launched a pincer attack on Guoxin Jushi at the same time。
“Sealing·Frog swallow。”
A kind of thunder escape technique combined with earth escape enchantment,Can instantly restrain the target。
;For the current bloggers and mice,Naturally, it is impossible to bind for too long,But even a moment is enough。
“Toad oil bomb!”
By the moment of restraining Boren and Mouse,Guoxin Jushi also used toad oil to reduce the speed of Boren and Ratyou。
“Fire escape·Flame bomb!”
“Oops!”Continuous ninjutsu does not give Bo Ren and Mouse time to dodge by reaction,Can only resist。
The hand of Nine-tailed Chakra appeared in front,Stopped all the flame bombs。
“Psychic·Roof collapse!”
Then a huge toad appeared in the sky above Boren and Mouseyou,From the sky。
The red Susanoh appears again,Wrap the mouse Yu and Bo Ren,Bounce off the toad that fell from the sky。

“Thank you for saving me,If I have a chance, I will repay your life-saving grace,But I never promised my fiance!”

“You are still worried about what happened a few years ago,Deca, why should I save him,I don’t have the slightest intersection with him, why save him,You are you he is him,I love you not him,Don’t you really know what I want?”Tianyu sad。
She paid so much for Lin Yan.,Make her heartache。
“Ha ha,You saved me when I was in the Heaven Dou Empire,Do the math you saved me twice,I shouldn’t say that,But we really can’t,What do you like me?”Lin Yan smiled bitterly。
Tian Yu stared at Lin Yan fiercely,The pain in my heart makes her face look painful,Tears from both eyes fell to the ground with the blink of an eye,A pair of snow-white wings slowly retracted。
“Lin Yan, don’t you feel so selfish?,How can Tianyu not compare to those two women,Why don’t you open your eyes and look at me,Am I really so unbearable?”Tianyu shouted aggrievedly。
Lin Yan was shocked,Open your eyes with a sigh,I saw that Tianyu was already in tears at this time,This scene caused Lin Yan’s heart to begin to ache sharply,As if she can’t see her cry most。
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Chapter 116 The Lost Memories(Subscribe)
Lin Yan raised his hands,If it weren’t for this handsome bladder, how could he have these women?,There is no money in that world,Even being a security guard will be ruthlessly beaten and scolded,Fortunately, God opened his eyes and let him come into this world,Here he clearly feels his own presence。
This feeling makes him very dependent on his own strength,Can’t feel the feeling of love or being loved at all。
“You let me think about it, Tianyu!”Lin Yan whispered。
“Uh uh,I promised Tang Yuehua to leave you to her without moving in a year,A month has passed now,You give me the answer in eleven months!”Tian Yu leaked a happy expression,Turn around and disappear into the cave。
“Ha ha,Sister, what do you think?,Can’t you really be with me?”Lin Yan looked at the underpass on the stone wall above his head。