But in this moment,Wu Di suddenly appeared out of thin air,A flash of sword light。Those who came were shocked,Withdraw,But the old man has no time to dodge。

He looked at Wu Di who appeared suddenly in surprise,Eyes full of anger and shock,But can’t abuse,A silver sword suddenly appeared in his heart,The blood ticked down on the sword。
Wu Di pulls out the silver sword,The old man’s body crashed to the ground。
“kill.Killed?”Lu Li was shocked,He saw such a terrifying picture for the first time。He guessed that Wu Di just hid for an ambush,But I didn’t expect Wu Di to be so decisive,Get rid of each other in an instant!
“She is a person from Nichen!”The boss shouted in panic,“How come the people from Nichen are here!”
“Against the dust?”Secretly Conjecture,Just now Wu Di said that the other party is a fantasy person,And now Wu Di is from Nichen。Against the dust and the fantasy,It seems that the two camps are fighting。
really,These strangers,People from a certain organization!There really is such a strange organization in this world,He never heard of。
but,Now he is caught between the battle between the two organizations,What should I do?If you are not careful,It might be the end of the old man。
Lu Li looked down at the blood flowing,Move the soles of your feet back a few minutes quickly,He tried to suppress the fear and anxiety in his heart,But the body is still shaking。
When he recovered,It has been discovered that the people from the fantasy organization have retreated,I saw Wu Di take out a potion in his left hand,Then pressed a few times,The potion flashed with fluorescence。
She threw this potion towards Luli,Speak quickly,“Protect yourself,Maybe there are other people hiding around。remember,Before being caught by them,Use this potion to clear your memory,So as to save your life!”
Wu Di threw this potion,And quickly chased those people,Lu Li took the medicine,I’m very worried。He held this potion tightly in his right hand,Staring and looking around。
He suddenly recalled that the old man had said this when he caught him,It seems that these imaginary people cannot kill ordinary people,So he can live till now。
but now,He saw“Against the dust”with“Fantasy”Zhengfeng,He has stepped into that mysterious circle with half a foot,That this“Ordinary people”Will the death-free gold medal still work??
He is not sure,He even feels uneasy,It is very likely that he has no such protection。otherwise,Wu Di won’t throw this memory-clearing potion。
This is obviously to make him forget about it,Temporarily restore the status of ordinary people。
Lu Li became more nervous,Could it be that,These two things that are now forced to be involved,Invisibly deprived him of his status“Ordinary people”The identity of?

Lin Yu,After eating。

See it’s late,If I don’t go back。
Wait a while,Pavilion master to see himself,Found myself absent,Wait for yourself,Waited too long,Know to run out,That’s not good。
Return to martial art。
but,Just returned to the door of the martial art。
Lin Yu,I heard it,Disciple,Muttering that it’s not。
“Patron,Too that。”
“Senior brothers won’t allow him to enter his training place to practice,right now,A new disciple came,first timing,I also practiced for this disciple,Too irritating。”
“is not it,I never had a chance to enter,did not think of,He just came,There is a chance,Practice in the place where the main pavilion practiced。”
Another disciple,Also followed。
“Humph!How is the cultivation?”
“He was also approved by the patron,Three days after attending,Is the Shenfengzong’s competition contest??”

Cooking alone is a bit bleak,Eating alone is more bleak,I can make do with it。

Now Fang Hao and Shan Rou are both going to eat out,She didn’t insist。
She can guess what Shan and Fang Hao did in the room,Is so uncomfortable,But Fang Hao confessed their relationship with her before,She also expressed that she can accept such things,There is no way to be angry。
Even in order to better integrate into Fang Hao’s life,She wants to express kindness to Shan Rou generously。
Eat a meal,Spend a little longer time together,I also understand what kind of circle is Hao Hao’s women’s circle。
I still have some grievances in my heart,But it didn’t show up。
Shan Rou was cautious and trembling at first,Waited for the restaurant,After I ordered the food, I didn’t find any signs of Guo Miaomiao going crazy,Then I gradually relieved my heart。
Guo Miaomiao also praised her driving skills:“Sister Rou, you’re amazing,Driving so steady。I can’t do it。I finally got my driver’s license,Driving home for the first time,There was a car accident,Fang Hao was almost killed。”
They come,I came here in Shan Rou’s car。
In terms of driving,Guo Miaomiao has always been resentful。
She got the driver’s license,Bought a new car,Then something went wrong as soon as I drove back,So scared that she never dared to drive anymore,That new car has been thrown in the underground garage of Hongjing Garden to eat ashes.。
Feel very sorry,But let her drive again,Really don’t have the guts。
Shan Ju smiled:“This kind of thing,Actually it’s not that scary,The main thing is not to be nervous。The more nervous you are,The easier he is。”
Guo Miaomiao lamented:“I know the truth,But I just dare not open it again。”
“Don’t open it then,”Fang Hao said,“Actually, I was so flustered。I thought about waiting for me to get rich,Must buy a car,But after that car accident,My palms sweat when I think of driving,I don’t think I have any chance to drive in this life。”

In the business circle,He has few allies。

Do this kind of thing,Inconvenient,But I can’t find someone who can trust me。
A reliable partner is not so easy to find。
He is really afraid that after the so-called partner really gets the key,To sell him several times。
By the time,Swallow it with tears。
Fang Hao is not worried。
on the one hand,There is Guo Miaomiao’s relationship。
on the other hand,This kid is also a grassroots。
Can’t handle others,Don’t think he is dead?
You don’t have to be afraid of this guy jumping up and down。
The same goes for Shan Rou。
That pretty widow is just lucky to marry a rich husband,Really have any background,I don’t want to find a man dozens of years older than myself。
Also not afraid of her jumping。
“You can tell her,Come up with a few hundred million,Make such an investment。if every thing is OK,Can talk to me again,Let me tell you what is important。”
Gu Mu said to Fang Hao。
Engage in infrastructure,There are some places that can be replaced,Some places are irreplaceable。
The cost of changing places is too great。

Jiao Du looked at the indifferent future blogger standing aside,While saying,but,In the future, bloggers will still have an angry expression on this,On the contrary, Huahuo showed the expression that the corners expected to see。

Although the pharmacist pulled out his right hand in time to dodge,But it is still unavoidable to be rubbed by the fly section’s death sickle,Bleeding。
Silently using the palm fairy technique to heal the location of my abrasions,The pharmacist stared at the flying section in front of him vigilantly at the same time,But the incredible thing is that the flying segment did not take the opportunity to attack,But in the process of pharmacist’s treatment,Squatting on the ground and painted a circular formation with my own blood。
“Feel it,Grim Reaper!”
Standing in the middle of the circular formation,Fei Duan stretched out his right index finger and stained his sickle with a little blood from the pharmacist’s pocket,Put it on your tongue,Then he took out the jet black spear hidden in his left sleeve that can stretch freely。
“The second ability of the flight segment,Able to transfer the damage you have received to your opponent。”
Jiao Du continued to look at the future, the blogger said,But in the future bloggers will still look cold and ruthless,Only the fireworks next to the future blogger showed a surprised expression。
“Spell·Death by blood!”
The long black ninja that Fei Duan took out,Then I poke toward myself。
Although I don’t know what the other party is going to do,But the pharmacist subconsciously felt bad,But it’s too late to stop at this time。
“Shulker Snake Hand!”
At this moment,Several pythons appeared from the sleeves of women who appeared suddenly,Wrapped around the fly section’s body,Prevent the flying segment from hurting yourself next。
“This ninjutsu”Jiao Du looked at the woman who appeared suddenly and shouted,“Orochimaru!”

“We can all prove this;It’s true!We were as surprised as you are now,If I didn’t see it with my own eyes,Can’t believe it;When did Shen Ruoxi have such a great skill?!”Murong Shan pretended to say,Actually others don’t know,She knows the inside story……That set of kung fu,It was specially taught to her and Shen Ruoxi to practice body and footwork.,In fact, she is as proficient as Shen Ruoxi,If it was changed yesterday, she was the one who performed the skill

words,Will have the same effect as Shen Ruoxi,Shocking everyone。
But when I can brag for my girlfriend,Murong Shan must be doing her part,I will never miss the opportunity!Shame,All the best。
“Ruoxi defeated you with real skill?How is that possible!How capable you are,Others don’t know, don’t I know??”
Xiao Huahan shook his head in disbelief and said,In his surprise,I forgot to pretend to be a mother……
“Brother-in-law,You really know how capable I am,But the problem is;You don’t know how capable Shen Ruoxi is now!If you don’t agree,You have the ability to fight her?”
Qin Liangming knows that Xiao Huahan respects himself,It’s absolutely impossible to challenge my younger siblings,That’s why he said that deliberately。
“Cousin,Ruoxi defeated Qin Liang in only 15 minutes,So you have to think about the consequences。”
Murong Shan said happily。
“I rely on!So drag!I’ll forget……”
Xiao Huahan hesitated for a moment,Decisively choose, or don’t humiliate yourself。
“But Sister Ruoxi didn’t know any effort before!She couldn’t even beat an ant before……”
As Shen Ruoxi’s long-time friend and bestie,Song Min also knows Shen Ruoxi quite well,That’s why she asked。
“Silly girl,You don’t know that?Xiao Niu Shen is a master now,His master is a worldly expert,A great female leader,Her master only used one trick to beat me,I hung up……”

Watching the back of that young man leaving,Murong Shan also said something unwillingly。

“Please!What’s the matter with others?!The two of you are willing to talk nonsense,They didn’t deliberately eavesdrop on what they said,I am a waiter,Standing here is their job,Let’s talk about it?”
Yang Shiyun replied helplessly。
“Old five,Who is it with??Why is the elbow turned out??”
Shen Ruoxi is deliberately unreasonable again。
“Of course I’m with you,But I can’t deliberately bully people。”
Yang Shiyun answered with a wry smile。
“The fifth child is saying that we both messed up and bullied!”
Murong Shan immediately planted and framed Yang Shiyun。
“Who are you talking about?Old five!Dare to say it again!”
Shen Ruoxi started to pretend to be a big tail wolf。
“I said how about myself!I didn’t say the two!This will frame me too?”
Yang Shiyun is a tangled,It’s too hard!Can you be a good friend happily?!How can you dig a hole for yourself?。

Happy to see Shen Ruoxi,Qin Liang was naturally happy!It hurts when I step on my hand,Compared with Shen Ruoxi’s happiness,That’s a fart!

Qin Liang came up from the water soon,And Shen Ruoxi came to the last level of the pass,Fourth level!
Shen Ruoxi’s fourth level is similar to Shen Ruoxue’s fourth level!All uphill,Pull the rope!But,The slope of the fourth pass on Shen Ruoxi’s side,A little steeper,A little higher,So climb up,It’s harder than Shen Ruoxue。
“Wakayu,Pull the rope,Lean back,This will save effort,It’s easier to board!I will protect you from behind,do not be afraid。”
Qin Liang cheers for Shen Ruoxi。
Shen Ruoxi nodded,Follow Qin Liang’s words,Really smooth,But halfway through,A relatively large stream of water rushed down from above!I rushed to Shen Ruoxi all at once,Shen Ruoxi closed her eyes in fright,Grabbing the rope tightly!
But because the current is better than Shen Ruoxue’s,Much larger,So Shen Ruoxi couldn’t hold the rope in the end,Seeing it’s going to fall again!
Qin Liang saw that Shen Ruoxi was about to fall,Hurried two steps forward,Support Shen Ruoxi from behind!He just wanted to ask Shen Ruoxi if there was anything,But my eyes widened……
It turned out that this current washed away the straps of Shen Ruoxi’s swimsuit!Shen Ruoxi wants to reach out to tidy up her shoulder strap,But I’m worried about letting go and then falling,In trouble,Looking back, Qin Liang was staring at him with wide eyes。Seeing Qin Liang’s mouthful of saliva, he couldn’t help swallowing!
It turns out that she didn’t wear a cover like Shen Ruoxue!
Qin Liang suddenly realized that……
“Oh my God!It’s over!It’s a shame!”
Shen Ruoxi saw that her swimsuit strap was washed away by the water,Scared“Soul Fei Tian Wai!”She hugs Qin Liang’s waist with one hand,Hold one’s body steady,Use the other hand to tidy up your swimsuit。
“It’s ok……Wife, take your time,Don’t worry~~Don’t worry~~I don’t see anything……Hehehe~~”
Qin Liang pretended to turn his head,Yelling and didn’t look,But there is a wretched smile on the corner of his mouth,Keep looking at Shen Ruoxi secretly。
Shen Ruoxi tidyed up her swimsuit in a hurry,Little face flushed with shame!
“Wakayu,Hurry up!To the end!You will win Ruoxue!”
Qin Liang saw Shen Ruoxi tidy up her swimsuit,The boundless spring just now disappeared,Chunguang no longer leaks,A little disappointed,But still urging Shen Ruoxi,Let her hurry up。

I found the head coach looking at myself,Hu Lai grinned and showed a pleasing smile。

It’s like this,Li Ziqiang really doesn’t like it at all。
Think of it now,He looked up on the court and yelled at himself,It’s more interesting,At least not the hypocritical and flattering smile,There is no cunning in the eyebrows。
But whether I like it or not,Promises made in front of the entire team,He still has to obey。Otherwise, the heart will be lost,How does he lead the team?
So he beckoned to Hu Lai。
Seeing Hu Lai on the seat, he seemed to point to himself in disbelief,To match his smile,Made Li Ziqiang really want to stop him from playing。
But he still nodded seriously。
Hu Lai got up from his seat excitedly,Then ran to Li Ziqiang,Asked excitedly:“coach,Am i going to play?!”
Li Ziqiang resisted rolling his eyes, which was very impertinent,Glared at Hu Lai:“What’s going on?Warm up!”
“Oh oh……”Hu Lai scratched his head and ran towards the warm-up area。
“Going to play!”Saw Hu Lai running to warm up,Li Qingqing gets excited。
“But he didn’t run into the field……”Song Jiajia didn’t understand。
“Let him warm up before going out,Avoid injury after playing。”Li Qingqing explained to Song Jiajia。“After he warms up,You can play the game again。”
“That’s it。”Song Jiajia put away the phone in her hand,Put it in the trouser pocket。
He watched the game every weekend before,Not because he is interested in football,But because he is going to help Hu Lai get his jersey and shoes——Before the start of the game,He wants to give Hu Lai his jersey and sneakers,And wait for the game to end,He is going home with Hu Lai’s jersey and sneakers again,Custody。
As for the game itself,He has no interest,After helping Li Qingqing occupy a favorable terrain,He took out his phone and started playing his game。
but now,Since Hu Lai is going to play,He won’t play games。
Although he doesn’t understand football,Don’t like football either,But he is a friend of Hu Lai,Of course I have to join my friends。

Creed exposes official trailer, Nolan plays time and space puzzle again