“Not so serious。”Lin Feng Road:“Do not have http://www.taoforest.cn a prison for the people of his dragon,Then escape from one person。”

“That is also to see who fled.,The ninth floor is a heavy commitment。”Night cold explanation:“And that28Respecting the strong people also escape,But unfortunately28Respecting people are all slaughtered。”
“All slaughtered?impossible!”Lin Feng shook his head:“That old guy rushed to the ground,But this28Does it not escape from all directions??”
“There are not a few,However, the leaders of the six forces will arrive.,Then all chased it.。”Night cold explanation。
“so horrible。”Lin Feng wanted to help。
“in24Respecting the Strong Strong is killed by this person on the spot,When the Nirvana strongly rushed out of the ground,This28Respecting strong people have already spread it。”Night cold explanation。
“His sword is so horrible?”Lin Feng micro-moving http://www.hrbfdmy.cn capacity。
“You can’t feel this sword at the ground.,But this sword is too horrible in the void.,Can be killed within a thousand meters。”Night cold explanation。
“Too,I remember underground under more than 100 meters.,This old guy waves,The horrible sword is directly penetrating,How much is it?。”Lin Feng heard the words:“If the talent of the yellow dragon,We are afraid in the trouble。”
“This is a person who is a dragon.,So this time the responsibility is the dragon’s family.,Dragon home due to this dereliction of duty,Losing the seat of the Secretary of the National Security Bureau,The people of the dragon have to withdraw from the National Security Bureau.,30Don’t intervene in the Guoan Bureau within the year。”Night Cooky。
“so serious。”Lin Feng heard the words:“It is a dragon’s words.,I am relieved.,I don’t know http://www.stdz158.cn which force wheel?”
“Tang Jia’s Criminal Law, Lao Tang Shen Machine。”Night Cooky:“Tang Jia Master then proposed to let the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce begin to initially take over the national security bureau affairs,Ying Yao is directly reused again,become7The prison of prison,She can have the right to adjust from the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce.10People enter the Guoan Bureau。”
“it is good,it is good,it is good!”Lin Feng heard the words and smiled:“Great,Our people finally entered the Guoan Bureau.,Our area is also the region of Jiuji Jiuji,This is unintentional to us is a chance.,However, what should I do if there is a huge vulnerability in the seven prison??”
“I don’t know this.,However, I think the state will take the prison.,Furthermore, we can change the prison.。”Night Cooky:“And it will not be held in a short time.,This is more convenient to manage。”
“makes sense,Ying Yao?”Lin Feng asked。
“In the palace。”Night Cooky:“Let it go,Also give you a meal?。”
Lin Feng heard a little bit,Now and night cold walk into the palace,Tang Yao, Tang Yao, is lying on the sofa.,Seeing Lin Feng came in,Tao Yao stood up and smiled:“Congratulations,Congratulations。”
“Tongxi。”Lin Feng smiled and went up and holds the waist of Tao Yin Yao.:“Leadership also succeeded。”
“Not much more than you。”Tao Yinyao smiles:“But I don’t want to go,I want to stay in Zhongzhou.,Directly send people in the past。”
“Yes。”Lin Feng heard the words:“Do you need to add prisoners over there??Nine floors now,Eight-story,No one in seven layers。”
“In the last month,It should not be。”Tang Yin Yao Road:“Because the country is repaired7Prison,After all, a loophole is added below.,And it can only be put into access in the future7Prison。”
“makes sense。”Lin Feng heard the words:“When is it??”
“I have to go to tomorrow.,I temporarily took over the things over there.,This time is no one.,The last time is to resolve your business,This time I have to do real things.。”Tang Yin Yao Road。
“Would you like me?。”Night cold, smiling, sitting on the sofa。
“You?,Still go to your Huangquan Lord。”Tang Yin Yao Road:“We have all our duties。”
“Yes,Also waiting for the owner of Huangquan to do business?。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“How good this is,In the future, I will talk directly to the nest.。”
Night Qing Wen Wen said:“court death!”
“Ha ha。”Lin Feng heard the words of the night cold:“Kidding,All right,I will eat first.,starving。”
“I will help you with a meal.。”Tang Yao walks into the kitchen between talking。
“I don’t disturb your two people.。”Night cold standing:“correct,I gave Flying Fairy Pavilion in the morning.7Wanjinshi。”
“7Wanjinshi!”Lin Feng heard the words,Then sigh:“Don’t you let you have this money??”
“Also change,This is in Robu2Wanjinshi,I gave yourself some spending money.。”Night cleansing:“The rest is slowly。”
“Um!”Lin Feng went up and holding the night cold.:“thanks,All right,I am looking for 姨,You can push color quenching to the market.,I should make a lot of money every year.。”
“姨 also considered,But still worry about the strength of our Chamber of Commerce.,In the end, you have to pass you.。”Night Qing cold:“You are now,Then explain the timing maturation.。”
“good,Time is mature,Take the current forces of our Qinglong Chamber of Commerce,Skumble,Who wants to pinch us,Also give your own forces。”Lin Fengboxao:“However, a person who cares for these business is too hard.,She has a lot of hair recently.。”
“I know,Lin Feng,I hope you don’t leave the snow。”Night cold and quiet。

Piece of leaf,Turned into emerald green paws,The claw bones collide randomly,Make an unpleasant noisy sound!

Like a large group of evil spirits, they were arrested towards Zhu Minglang,They seem to have been hidden in these http://www.lytxcy.cn thick vines before,Ambush a living person on the road at any time!
Face evil claws,Zhu Minglang http://www.nygwwl.cn is still unmoved。
Hypnosis plus hallucinations,The ability to make vines at night, which could only hypnotize people, has also changed,Can directly impose this real horror illusion on people。
I wish Minglang peace of mind,It is not deterred by this illusion。
The night vine waffle wolf demon is taking the opportunity to approach。
Ordinary people are tired of eating,Unless it’s a large group of business travelers,Otherwise, Dragon Shepherd is the first choice for food!
By hallucination,The night vine weasel has come to this human side,But this person is still staring stupidly at the illusion of licking heart blood。
Different from the cautious cannibalism before,It can now start directly,Even if the target is a human with a dragon,Its dragon is http://www.baoding-machine.cn still trapped in the ground,Can’t climb out in a short time。
To Zhu Minglang’s neck,The night vine waffle wants to smell this somewhat different human shepherd……
But at this moment,Zhu Minglang turned his head,A pair of black eyes stared at it like that,As if I have already seen through it, I deliberately performed a cannibalism in front of it。
The night vine weasel becomes angry from shame,Made a scream。
It is covered with dark red fur,When I rushed towards Zhu Minglang,,More like a bloody ghost,Evil、Vicious!

“Those with only two or three thin threads entangled,Is a secret method。”

“More than ten lines,Has a certain degree of complexity,And the form of entanglement becomes complicated,Is a common secret!”
“More than sixty threads,Formed by thin lines‘Knot’The faintly revealing a sense of perfection belongs to the top secret!”
“And what i created【Secret of Autumn Wind】,Li Mingshou(awareness)Flick,More than 900 thin golden threads surround each other,Form a perfect,An image like a galaxy—–Extensively complex—This is the level of the ultimate secret method!”
However, in this consciousness space,Beyond【Ultimate secret】of‘Knot’Almost everywhere,Li Ming’s http://www.jiangxilucha.cn consciousness swept away,At least more than three hundred knots are more complex than‘Secret of Autumn Wind’。
“These complicated‘Knot’,It is equivalent to the chaos monument of our human race,It’s a secret method that points directly to the level of the universe。。。And it’s different from our human secret,Complex knots can be seen as a combination of simple secrets—And the Qi Beast clan does exactly that,All the complicated knots around,Are relatively simplified forms。”
“and。。。In this whole space,All the thin lines seem to form one‘Knot’。。。But it’s not possible,I was probably wrong,If it is so complicated‘Knot’,What kind of secret method is that??!”
Li Ming’s eyes are full of joy,The effect of this inheritance order far exceeds that tasteless treasure。
However, it is a pity,This conscious space contains the original law of gold and the degree is very small.。
But this is also normal,Based on the information collected by Li Ming,The Qi Beast clan is the best at the law of wood,Also good at water and fire,The worst is the law of gold and the law of thunder。
“There are three main ones that apply the law of gold more deeply‘Knot’!”Li Ming’s consciousness shrinks。
“One is a combination of the law of gold and the law of wood,One is the combination of the law of gold and the law of space,The last one is the fusion of the law of gold and the law of water!”
“The Qi Beast clan is best at the law of wood,The three rules that involve the law of gold are also the first‘Knot’Deepest!”
Li Ming’s heart moved,My own perception of the law of gold is extremely high,He faintly feels that unless he breaks through his realm,Otherwise, the progress in the law of gold can only find ways to comprehend by analogy。
“It’s so decided,First comprehend this‘Knot’,And then go for it,This turmoil is too much,If i go out directly,I guess I have to be besieged by a group of kings。。。Do you want to put on a new vest?,Change the metal life in the body,Then the avatar of the Demon Killer http://www.yingzrd.cn changes form,The breath is different。”
“Hiss~”Heard Li Ming’s self-talk,The immortal metal life in the body of the Demon Killer made an unhappy sound,Li Ming laughed。

certainly“God”Level is only for the other party’s disaster level,But can the specific strength reach“God level”,This is a very hard thing.。

Take the dragon volume for example,Although the battle between the Said Snake in the original plot,But that is because the reason for protecting too many people。
Dragon roll is a god-level guardian,Said snake can suppress her,The strength is self-evident,But to say it“God level”,But still unknown。
But what is certain is,The strength of the Sai Snake is far more than the peak of the dragon-level,This is not reliable。
Looking at the premium,Night also found the location of Sixcus,At this time, it is located above the head of the Said.,Unfortunately, it seems to fall into a coma.。
The original plot is the big snake is dominated by Syx.,May be the night of the night,No Qi Yu is so thin,Caused in the battle of the big snake in Syx,Actually grabbed the leading position。
Everyone tied to the ground to the ground,At this time, I saw this huge creature on the ground.。
Almost no need to explain,Everyone knows this is big.BOSS,And from the other party’s gas field,This is not a normal role。
Night floats in front of the Sai Snake,Comparison of huge talents,Leave only one gold spot left。
But the Said snake will not be small,Select to ignore the other party,In a few minutes ago,You can be hired by the other party into a state of death.。
Said snake roar,Directly cause powerful shock waves,On the one hand, it is announced the arrival of the king.,On the one hand, it is an anger that vent itself.!
Chapter 687 Terrorism of Said Snake
Said snake only roar,Just open the strength of the impact wave,High-rise building around,Directly fall into this shock wave。
Hero from the Monsters Association,And those who have been left http://www.dongyunhotels.cn in the ground,It is also rolled by this huge sound wave.。
Does it be because there is a dragon volume shield,Those weak heroes,It may even be injured therefore。
Loud roaring a wave,Proof after your existence,The big snake began to raise two hundred-meter-long black long thorn in his hand.。
Staring at the night, like a flies, a little bit,Subsequent hands,Strive to be the trend of Huashan,Night of the cold hands to hold the chest。
Hundreds of meters long attack distance is horrible,Moreover, the strength of the Said Snake has now,The speed is not a little more fast than before.。
Atmosphere,This time,Directly let the area in front of Syx,A vacuum environment。
The white clouds of the sky are torn into two halves.,The ground is cracking a horrible canyon,As for all things on linear distance,It’s more,Orthically, http://www.iyanbang.cn it has become a bunch of rubble。
Aproty,Directly extends to the distance from one-fifth of this planet!
As if in front of the current race,Planets become toys,I want to completely destroy it,It is also a little more than a good thing.。
This packed power,And Kibi Jade“A punch”NS,Give the Earth Mom in a middle。
Seeing the Snake this unmatched powerful strength,At home,Whether it is the previous ground troops or the assault troops are stupid.。
In this case,ALevel heroSLevel hero,Basically, there is no difference。
Other temporary,The sword that the other party just waved,even ifSThere are not a few people in the level hero to pick up.。
The scene here,Also broadcast through the media to the TV,And cause huge panic。
Although the game is currentlyZcity,But I just smashed the other side.,Even spread http://www.dlhaolinju.cn to other cities。
Strength such terror,It’s just a unheard of,All the heroes of the Heroes Association is a pile together,Estimation of winning is also very embarrassing。

This is like a tide-like serial horses.,I will be shocked by everyone around everyone.。

Don’t face it too much。
This guy will fight five thunders.。
I have a gaze,Especially in his weak performance,Let many people secretly spit out。
Even if the woman is also a burst of stunning,Snow’s face http://www.lfxxsp.cn is a blush。
Do not misunderstand,She replaces summer blush。
“Shut up!”
Seeing the summer still have to continue,The woman can’t help but,Rebuke,“Give you three seconds,Disappeared from my eyes。”
The smile on the face is suddenly solidified.,Surrounded by passengers。
“This……This is not good.。”
Summer slowly,Taking out the ticket from your pocket,put it on the table,“This is my seat,Even if you are a beauty,Even if you will work hard,I have no right to drive me away.。”
Women’s face is stiff,A pair of scorpion stares on the summer。
Good,She didn’t have a hand,But it’s tight,Standing and left as,Looking for a vacancy in front of the front side。
Facing the contempt and ridicule,Summer is uncomfortable,Hold down the chin one hand,Looking at the scenery of the window,Contemplate。
http://www.susongdanbao.cn Next way,It’s a dullness.。Five hours,Has arrived at two o’clock in the afternoon,Summer with people flow railway station,A taxi,Go straight to the bus station。
NS365chapter Encounter
Spring market is in the entire Huaxia,Is a very inconspicuous 5th-level mountain city,The total population is only 1300,000。
to be exact,This city is even around township,Are surrounded by a seat。
But the so-called sparrow is not big,Equation。
And the degree of chaos here,Never pay more than some big cities,Even too many。
Just arrived in the bus station in the summer,I have encountered a bag of incident together.。
A motorcycle collided,Flying fast,And not far behind them,A woman wearing a skirt is falling down.。
Summary is a bit surprised,But now it is a big day.,There are so many people around,Some people have clearly robbed,Simply bold big bag。
Seeing the motorcycle to drive this,Summer can’t sit down,Now one side,ready。
However,Not waiting for him to have actions,The ramps suddenly passed out of a figure,It is like an arrow generally welcomes the galloped motorcycle.。
“I go……I really have a meal.。”Summer suddenly widened。
This figure rushed out,The pretty woman encountered on the train。
She is in a sportswear with blue and white,Pressure step by foot,The whole person is like Swift on the railings of the roadside.,Following the smart air flip,Falling one instant,Legs,It’s like a spring shaft.,At the side of the motorcycle。
She flew up one of them.。
These two robbers did not expect that some people saw righteousness.,There is no need to prepare at all,Motorcycle is out of control,Fell behind。
And two of them are inertiary,Be flying out,Heavy 上,I can’t climb half a day.。
All this happens very fast,There is no slit in the middle。
People around us,I don’t know who has the head,I quickly run, two robbers on the ground.。

But in this moment,Wu Di suddenly appeared out of thin air,A flash of sword light。Those who came were shocked,Withdraw,But the old man has no time to dodge。

He looked at Wu Di who appeared suddenly in surprise,Eyes full of anger and shock,But can’t abuse,A silver sword suddenly appeared in his heart,The blood ticked down on the sword。
Wu Di pulls out the silver sword,The old man’s body crashed to the ground。
“kill.Killed?”Lu Li was shocked,He saw such a terrifying picture for the first time。He guessed that Wu Di just hid for an ambush,But I didn’t expect Wu Di to be so decisive,Get rid of each other in an instant!
“She is a person from Nichen!”The boss shouted in panic,“How come the people from Nichen are here!”
“Against the dust?”Secretly Conjecture,Just now Wu Di said that the other party is a fantasy person,And now Wu Di is from Nichen。Against the dust and the fantasy,It seems that the two camps are fighting。
really,These strangers,People from a certain organization!There really is such a strange organization in this world,He never heard of。
but,Now he is caught between the battle between the two organizations,What should I do?If you are not careful,It might be the end of the old man。
Lu Li looked down at the blood flowing,Move the soles of your feet back a few minutes quickly,He tried to suppress the fear and anxiety in his heart,But the body is still shaking。
When he recovered,It has been discovered that the people from the fantasy organization have retreated,I saw Wu Di take out a potion in his left hand,Then pressed a few times,The potion flashed with fluorescence。
She threw this potion towards Luli,Speak quickly,“Protect yourself,Maybe there are other people hiding around。remember,Before being caught by them,Use this potion to clear your memory,So as to save your life!”
Wu Di threw this potion,And quickly chased those people,Lu Li took the medicine,I’m very worried。He held this potion tightly in his right hand,Staring and looking around。
He suddenly recalled that the old man had said this when he caught him,It seems that these imaginary people cannot kill ordinary people,So he can live till now。
but now,He saw“Against the dust”with“Fantasy”Zhengfeng,He has stepped into that mysterious circle with half a foot,That this“Ordinary people”Will the death-free gold medal still work??
He is not sure,He even feels uneasy,It is very likely that he has no such protection。otherwise,Wu Di won’t throw this memory-clearing potion。
This is obviously to make him forget about it,Temporarily restore the status of ordinary people。
Lu Li became more nervous,Could it be that,These two things that are now forced to be involved,Invisibly deprived him of his status“Ordinary people”The identity of?

Lin Yu,After eating。

See it’s late,If I don’t go back。
Wait a while,Pavilion master to see himself,Found myself absent,Wait for yourself,Waited too long,Know to run out,That’s not good。
Return to martial art。
but,Just returned to the door of the martial art。
Lin Yu,I heard it,Disciple,Muttering that it’s not。
“Patron,Too that。”
“Senior brothers won’t allow him to enter his training place to practice,right now,A new disciple came,first timing,I also practiced for this disciple,Too irritating。”
“is not it,I never had a chance to enter,did not think of,He just came,There is a chance,Practice in the place where the main pavilion practiced。”
Another disciple,Also followed。
“Humph!How is the cultivation?”
“He was also approved by the patron,Three days after attending,Is the Shenfengzong’s competition contest??”

Cooking alone is a bit bleak,Eating alone is more bleak,I can make do with it。

Now Fang Hao and Shan Rou are both going to eat out,She didn’t insist。
She can guess what Shan and Fang Hao did in the room,Is so uncomfortable,But Fang Hao confessed their relationship with her before,She also expressed that she can accept such things,There is no way to be angry。
Even in order to better integrate into Fang Hao’s life,She wants to express kindness to Shan Rou generously。
Eat a meal,Spend a little longer time together,I also understand what kind of circle is Hao Hao’s women’s circle。
I still have some grievances in my heart,But it didn’t show up。
Shan Rou was cautious and trembling at first,Waited for the restaurant,After I ordered the food, I didn’t find any signs of Guo Miaomiao going crazy,Then I gradually relieved my heart。
Guo Miaomiao also praised her driving skills:“Sister Rou, you’re amazing,Driving so steady。I can’t do it。I finally got my driver’s license,Driving home for the first time,There was a car accident,Fang Hao was almost killed。”
They come,I came here in Shan Rou’s car。
In terms of driving,Guo Miaomiao has always been resentful。
She got the driver’s license,Bought a new car,Then something went wrong as soon as I drove back,So scared that she never dared to drive anymore,That new car has been thrown in the underground garage of Hongjing Garden to eat ashes.。
Feel very sorry,But let her drive again,Really don’t have the guts。
Shan Ju smiled:“This kind of thing,Actually it’s not that scary,The main thing is not to be nervous。The more nervous you are,The easier he is。”
Guo Miaomiao lamented:“I know the truth,But I just dare not open it again。”
“Don’t open it then,”Fang Hao said,“Actually, I was so flustered。I thought about waiting for me to get rich,Must buy a car,But after that car accident,My palms sweat when I think of driving,I don’t think I have any chance to drive in this life。”

In the business circle,He has few allies。

Do this kind of thing,Inconvenient,But I can’t find someone who can trust me。
A reliable partner is not so easy to find。
He is really afraid that after the so-called partner really gets the key,To sell him several times。
By the time,Swallow it with tears。
Fang Hao is not worried。
on the one hand,There is Guo Miaomiao’s relationship。
on the other hand,This kid is also a grassroots。
Can’t handle others,Don’t think he is dead?
You don’t have to be afraid of this guy jumping up and down。
The same goes for Shan Rou。
That pretty widow is just lucky to marry a rich husband,Really have any background,I don’t want to find a man dozens of years older than myself。
Also not afraid of her jumping。
“You can tell her,Come up with a few hundred million,Make such an investment。if every thing is OK,Can talk to me again,Let me tell you what is important。”
Gu Mu said to Fang Hao。
Engage in infrastructure,There are some places that can be replaced,Some places are irreplaceable。
The cost of changing places is too great。

Jiao Du looked at the indifferent future blogger standing aside,While saying,but,In the future, bloggers will still have an angry expression on this,On the contrary, Huahuo showed the expression that the corners expected to see。

Although the pharmacist pulled out his right hand in time to dodge,But it is still unavoidable to be rubbed by the fly section’s death sickle,Bleeding。
Silently using the palm fairy technique to heal the location of my abrasions,The pharmacist stared at the flying section in front of him vigilantly at the same time,But the incredible thing is that the flying segment did not take the opportunity to attack,But in the process of pharmacist’s treatment,Squatting on the ground and painted a circular formation with my own blood。
“Feel it,Grim Reaper!”
Standing in the middle of the circular formation,Fei Duan stretched out his right index finger and stained his sickle with a little blood from the pharmacist’s pocket,Put it on your tongue,Then he took out the jet black spear hidden in his left sleeve that can stretch freely。
“The second ability of the flight segment,Able to transfer the damage you have received to your opponent。”
Jiao Du continued to look at the future, the blogger said,But in the future bloggers will still look cold and ruthless,Only the fireworks next to the future blogger showed a surprised expression。
“Spell·Death by blood!”
The long black ninja that Fei Duan took out,Then I poke toward myself。
Although I don’t know what the other party is going to do,But the pharmacist subconsciously felt bad,But it’s too late to stop at this time。
“Shulker Snake Hand!”
At this moment,Several pythons appeared from the sleeves of women who appeared suddenly,Wrapped around the fly section’s body,Prevent the flying segment from hurting yourself next。
“This ninjutsu”Jiao Du looked at the woman who appeared suddenly and shouted,“Orochimaru!”