He wants to bring his wife around the world.?

Blue is glanced at him,“Do you want to retire??”
Lu Hao Cheng:“”Do he want to suffer to seven old eighties??
Early next morning,Blue Qiqi has just got out of the door,Looking at Han Yuxuan’s car,She walked over,Han Yuxuan will come from here,Elegant movement,The whole person is extremely dazzling。
White shirt,Black straight trousers,The most classic match,Shoulder width waist,Legs are gold proportion,It’s a perfect male god.。
Lan Qi laughed at him,“Yuxuan,Have you been waiting for a long time??”
Han Yuxuan smiled and shook his head:“Kiki,No waiting too long,I just just came.。”
Today, go to school,She is wearing a black small suit,Looks to practice savvy,Especially charm,Long hair,Established five senses。
After the two people got on the bus,Han Yuxuan opened navigation,More than ten years don’t come back,Going all relying on navigation。
Laqi laughs:“I have come back for more than a year.,There are also many local roads that are not familiar.。”
Han Yuxuan:“Although I came back for a long time,Not very familiar road,But remember to pick your way。”
Han Yuxuan began to dig people in the morning,Lan Qiqi looks deeply at him.:“Han Yuxuan,Didn’t you talk about love when you go to college?”Han Yuxuan hooks the lips,In contrast, she asked her.:“Kiki,So, do you talk about love when you go to college??”
Blue Qiqi looked at him to kick the ball back,Some angry:“I asked you first.。”
Han Yuxuan shook his head:“Not talked,I am busy with my business when I go to college.,And I had you in my heart.,I won’t think about and who talks.。”
“Ah”Blue Qiqi is surprised by his confession。
“Han Yuxuan,But then we haven’t met many years.。”
Blue Qiqi is surprised,I also want to know how he has been in these years.。
Han Yuxuan laughs:“Kiki,I am going abroad after you leave.,But I have never forgotten you these years.。”
Have not forgotten,Instead, I miss her.。
At that time there was contact,He often sent her news at night.,She a message,He is very happy。
Later,Her family seems to be with Lejia,Her father protects them well,They broke the contact after year。
This is what he knows from his mother.,I know that their brothers and sisters are because they are dangerous.。
He is very worried about her,Also knowing,There are too many dark technologies he don’t know in this world.,If he continues to contact Kiki may bring her injury,So he endured。
Locate her news again,Is because of her painting exhibition,The painting of Fu Yu is very famous abroad.,His road passed the exhibition,Inadvertently see those paintings,He just knows who is the master of the painting.,The man’s ink painting in his heart,Blue Qiqi。
At that time she was sixteen years old.,And him,There is also the goal of your pursuit.,When he once again saw her again,Be sure to be his best。
All the way to school,Han Yuxuan said a lot of things about him on these years.,She only knows,These years,He always remembers her。
In the vast sea of people,I remember this one for more than ten years. ,How lucky is it?。
“Han Yuxuan,I actually think of you these years.。”
Lan Qi looked at him,Sunshine is playing from the window,Illustrated his handsome and more dazzling。
“Just in my family,Later, my dad was broken and all of us.,I don’t want my parents worried.,It’s also broken with your contact.。”
I am also afraid that he is hurt because she is。
“In fact, I also wanted to have returned to China for a few years.,I also returned to China, we can also contact it.,Later, I became very busy.,But you still think of you every day.。”
Blue and blue laugh。
Han Yuxuan’s car has stopped in the school gate of Blue Qiqi.。
Here is the private school founded after the Lan Qiqi returned to China.,This is what she has always been dreaming.,She likes art,Also like to share her art to these children。
Han Yuxuan pulls the handbrake,Girl who is only guided to see next to,Temperature softness,It turns out that his girl has always remembers him.。
“Kiki,Thank you, remember me.。”
Han Yuxuan turned and entertained insulation box,“I have done you to eat early.,Half an hour time。”
“Wow!You really did it.?”
Blue Qiqi also knows what he gives her breakfast today.,I didn’t have a lot of hope.,But he really did it.。


Li Shaoxian’s look is cloudy,Suddenly give birth to a bad feeling。
But this feeling is forcibly depressed by him.,Nowadays,“In this case,That’s a try,Brother,I will let you lose my heart.。”
He is still determined。
Although he did not pay attention to the similar situation,But it can be sure,This jade is definitely true。
I am not worried about myself.。
“it is good,Li Shaojo is a happy person。”Summer clapping,Immediately said to the waiter,“Prepare a basin……Two pots,Still preparing two basins clear water。”
Waiter,Soon, two pots。
Many people come over,Everything is full of interest。 Li Shaoxian enjoy this kind of feeling that,Put the blood jade carefully put in one pot of water。
Blood jade security buckle slowly,Fall into the basin。
Silent silence,Everyone is big,I can’t stand it.。
Suddenly,Someone exclaimed。
In fact, there is no reminder,Many people who have seen people have seen。
That pot clear and transparent water……Actually slowed color。
First is red,Turndom,Then get deeper。
In the light of the light,This basin is actually reflected in a Gloss.,Extraordinary,People confused。
Li Shaoxian is laughing,“Brother,How about it?Let’s change your effort.,Ugh,I have already said.,You are too naive……”
He has can’t wait to humiliate summer.。
Just just in his voice,Summer is reaching out,Quirky road,“Lee less,The bloody jade you said……”
Li Shaoxian’s laughter is abundant,It’s just that the face is still in the face.,It looks very funny。
Then,His pair of eyes slammed,As if the next second will fall out。
“This……how is this possible!”
嗤 嗤。
Chen Bing can’t help but laugh,Tall laughing flower branches,Finally, I simply did it on the sofa.,呻 呻 吟 吟。
Even Zhang Yunfeng this guy,It is also quirky at this moment.。
As for everyone in the field,Just in Chen Bo laughing,Bombard,I am smiling all.,Can’t help but。
I feel now Li Shaoxian,Just like a man, a goddess, a goddess that is dreaming of.,It’s hard to go to bed.,Just after he turned and stripped,The goddess suddenly became a strong sense of muscle.,Then use a big stick to born his chrysanthemum。
“Cough……This should not be bloody.。”
Summer dry cough,Looking at the security buckle in the hand,Still look at Li Shaoxian with mercy。“Never call……Millennium?Red white gray is exactly three colors。”
NS248chapter gambling
At this moment。 Enchanted female face,It has become ugly。

But she knows how the Dongchao is a person.,Can only take resentment for astore,Extrude a charming smile,“Dear,I feel that I am not bad.,Otherwise, how can you look at you?,But that woman is really good,Explain that your eyes are still very accurate.。”
Toned,She deliberately depresses low voice,“Dear,Do you want to make her?”
Dongcha Exposion,“Of course,Do you have any way??”
The enchanting girl is a gesture and laughing,“What can I do?,But in my opinion,Anywoman,Just know the identity of the East Ancient Shaoye,He will be willing to climb your bed。”
East ancient times does not have a laugh,I caught a few in the enchanting girl.,Follow-up,“Still your demon。”
Say,Look at the restaurant manager,“Which woman is that woman just now??”
Manager,Soon,“She is not in the box,Late over there。”
He points to the direction of summer,Another awareness reminds a sentence,“That is his male companion?”
I heard this,Not waiting for the ancient opening,The enchanting girl is sneer,Preemptively。
“How do you have a male companion?,Can he get to the ancient young master??Dear,What should you do??”
East ancient times,“Of course, you use money to kill him.,let’s go,In the past。”
First2190Chapter Slag male
Looking at the East ancient gardener,Following with a big ticket bodyguard,Time to the summer position。
Whether it’s a guest to eat。
Or waiter in the restaurant。
Even the manager。
Not selfless,Hearts。
Another girl is over。
This is the most real portrayal of Donggu in the city of Brunei.。
mad……He has a mad capital。
He is the only child of the special examination family。
More future heirs。
Special check family,It is the largest giants in the influence of Brunei.。

“Start from tomorrow,I teach you our iione’s big river sword law。”

NS2792chapter Secretin、the truth、Purpose
Time in a hurry,Summer is coming to Changshengmen for half a month.。
Under the repair of mysterious energy,His trauma and internal injury,Basically healed。
And he originally anxious mentality,Also gradually relax。
Come from,Another。
However, one thing happened during the period。
Victoria is missing。
to be exact,She is allowed to view some comments,Ability to enhance strength。
Summer is known,Not doubtful,But very happy。
This is the circumstance of Victoria,He naturally does not block。
this day,Silver, rush, found him,“summer,Tell you a good news。”
See her appearance,Summer eyes bright,Look forward to。
“My master finds your way.。”
Welcome to the summer,She smiles like flowers,It seems to be happy than summer.,“Let it go,Go to me to see the master。”
“Yes,It’s now。”
Good sound, a pair of beautiful eyes,Delicate。
“In fact, I found a way in the past few days ago.,But you still need you cure inside and outside.,Important,Your mood is also peaceful,You have done these two points.,So my master decided to cure you.。”
Summer stunned,Horn hook a smooth smile。
“Thank you。”
Good sound blinking,Spiral,“By generation,I should call your brother,But when it is outside,I found that you have not always been seen.,Go on me,I finally received me now.。”
Summer face revealed。
In fact,He used to be anti-good.。
But the entire Changsheng Gate。
Through some experience,As well as the news of the news and the active style of long gangmen,Let him have no good feelings about the Changsheng Gate.。
But after this place,More than half a month of understanding。
Everything you see,Indeed, he has subverted his sense of view。
“Let it go,Go to me to see the master。”
Since returning here,Good sound shows different sides,Large phase in the same time。
The two do not have the accommodation of the ancient sea owners.。
Instead, go to a mountain in the east side.。
About an hour,Come to a valley。
Tree in the valley,Vitality,The hidden can see several wooden houses during hidden。
Good sound,“Here is the teacher……That is, your master lives.,He is drunk,There are many medical books here.,And the experience of the teacher,In the past few days, my master has been here.。”

Fu Wei?

He definitely can’t,That’s bullying and bullying ordinary drivers。
The other two clubs have good drivers,But they used to be close to Chai Xu,Now I don’t have the confidence to beat Chai Xu。
It’s because everyone is a little worried,I’m afraid of losing the face of Huajing Racing Circle,That’s why Bai Shengkun found Shen Huan and asked him to help。
It’s just now that Zhou Xilan wants to encourage Shen Huan to participate in the competition.。
But how is it,Shen Huan won’t accept the move。
This makes Zhou Xilan quite distressed。
What should I do?
First1085chapter Second table
After Li Rencheng,The second table banquet was reserved by a coal boss from Jinxi。
This coal boss is very rich,After hearing the news,I didn’t ask anything when I called Long Yuqing,Set it straight down。
This is much simpler than the fussy rich people。
Long Yuqing asked what he specifically asked for,The boss with the last name said,I have no special requirements,But this meal is for my parents、Father-in-law,Please make it suitable for the taste of the elderly。
It’s saturday night,The boss arrived in the private kitchen on time。
There are nine people here。

In the central plains,Dare to have half thoughts about your own woman。

This is Lin Yu,See you for the first time。
Bad lesson,Everyone else thinks,Lin Family,Can be bullied casually!“You wait for me,This time,I won’t let you go。”
Heard what Lin Yu said,Zhang Shan,Curse silently。
But this,Only dare to be inside。
On the surface,Still shut up。
See this person not speaking,Lin Yu turned to look at Yulongfei,Open road:“Are you the young master of the Yu family??
Talk to your father later,Look at him,Are you interested in putting Zhang Jia,Merge to become your Yujia。”
“If you have an idea,By the time,Come to my family to find me。”
Lin Yu,Look towards Yulongfei,Cold road。
“Yes Yes Yes!!!Lin Shao,I’ll talk to my father。”
Haha!!This time,God helps me too!did not think of,Step forward to say hello to Lin Shao,Can meet such a good opportunity。
“Haha!!Killing me,Merged my chapter family。”

“Shen Huan~~”

A group of young ladies are drooling。
Shen Huan rarely appeared in formal clothes,Because he always looks good in everything,So no one pays attention to。
But now I see Shen Huan in formal clothes,Countless little sisters have started nympho。
Such a man,Keep by,Even if not,Just look,Also very good~~
Han Donger’s fans are young people。
Most young men definitely like sports,So even if Shen Huan steals the limelight from all of them,This group of young people did not make trouble,Instead, he slapped Shen Huan.。
You talk,Is it easy for us in China to have a star that can suppress the world??
The pride of China like Shen Huan,It should be supported!
“Donger said just now,The song I sing is not good。”Shen Huan looks at everyone,Smiled and said:“Made the song I originally prepared,I can’t take it anymore。”
“It’s ok!You sing!”
The fans quickly shouted。
Shen Huan is singing on stage,It seems they haven’t heard of it。
If he sings now,So everyone is the first group to hear Shen Huan singing,How interesting this is?
“Then I sang it!”
Shen Huan is also welcome,I pressed my hand down,Seeing that the fans are shutting up,So he sang seriously。
Is a cappella,Without accompaniment。
“Do not ask me,How many people have I loved in my life,You don’t know how deep i hurt、How deep is the injury!”

Chapter Four Seven Three Old man

This news is really bad news for Jiang Li。
So close to this virus,It is very likely that you are already in the virus infection zone,This is a terrible thing。
And this is not the most terrible thing。
The scariest thing is——She doesn’t live here,She just came to record the show。
But the current situation is that she can’t leave。
There are confirmed cases in this building,To prevent the spread of the epidemic,Nobody in this building can go out。
Although she lives in this community,Is in another building,but,No one will allow her to go back。
Which means,least14Within days,She must live with Liu Qing, an old man。
I feel desperate after thinking about it。
——It’s better to live with a little fresh meat,Live with such an old man,That’s so disgusting?
A lone man and a widow in the same room。
If I’m with Fang Hao,That is naturally a godsend,How come there are some stories。
But this looks like Liu Qing30Multi-year old men living together,That’s a kind of suffering。
——Liu Qing looks old,That’s because he wrote about the Internet for several years,I haven’t written about the Internet this year,Life is better,In fact, it looks much younger than last year。
but,Looks much younger than last year,Looks a little mature。
A year ago,He doesn’t look like30How old look,But40How old look。
Even said yes50Years old,There will be no doubts。

Tang Chen speaks at this time,Titled Douluo is so powerful,At least impossible to be killed。

Spiritualism was quickly cancelled,All members of Liudao returned,Gazing at the rubble ruins。
“My Dignified Ghost Douluo,Was forced to this point by a little kid.”
“So let’s really start.”
“Seventh Spirit Ability:Wuhun true body!”
Ghost Douluo staggered out of the gravel,The eyes are full of killing intent at this time。
Countless souls rushed out of the body,The body also began to become illusory。
Turned into a ghost of more than ten levels.
The power of powerful coldness overflows,At this moment he is the real evil spirit。
Out of sight,Immune to physical damage.
“Since the ghost is invalid,Then I see how you are immune to energy。”
“Eighth Spirit Ability:Ghost sprites!”
“Woo woo~”
The wind blows in the woods,Like a real hell spring,Make your scalp numb。
Countless ghosts without jaws appeared,Energy bombs began to gather in the mouth。
The terrifying coercion makes the space tremble,Any one can destroy the village,And there are hundreds of them here。
Ghost-like energy ball drowns everything,Tang Chen’s area is completely covered。
Boom boom boom~

Hu Fei on the side sees it,Put away the long knife in your hand,Single pole side stand,Looking at Su Zihang with a little dissatisfaction,

“Brother Chao,Don’t you just say it before you come??Whatever happens today,Don’t interfere,This is my grievance with the merchant。”
Su Zihang chuckled,“Brother Hu,Even if you want to settle the hatred,You have to get the truth of the matter?”
Hu Fei puzzled:“What’s the answer?”
“I knew at a glance that these girls are not good things!”
Su Zihang explained,“I also heard the name of Liaodong Hu Yidao from the master,That’s a man who speaks loudly,The golden-faced Buddha Miao Renfeng’s name is similar to Hu Daxia,The two can fight against this Shang Jian,Is it hard to guess who’s the reason??
Moreover,Even if you don’t mention the grievances,Today you come to resolve this old grievance,The old lady in Shang secretly attacked with a golden needle,This is something normal people can do?”
Hu Fei stunned,Suddenly don’t know what to say,Turning his head to look at Shang Baozhen, who was breathing heavily beside him。
Shang Baozhen noticed the eyes of the two,Turned away,Said coldly:
“Winner is king,Loser,If you are a man,Just give me a happy way to die!”
Hu Fei’s slightly tangled opening:“Shang brothers,Do you know what happened back then?”
He actually didn’t know anything about that year,Hu Yidao died when he was very young,It is Ping Asi who has been taking him to and fro,Teach him martial arts,So he didn’t know what happened in the past,I only learned from Ping A four that there had been these hatreds。
Shang Bao shook his body,Gritted his teeth and said:“My father had to challenge the Golden Face Buddha and Miao Renfeng,Just after the war,The two never fought,My father was slapped!”
“laugh。”Su Zihang sneered while listening,“Brother Hu,Just this kind of nonsense,You also believe?”
Hu Fei has suffered from childhood,Maturity of mind far exceeds that of peers,Like Shang Baozhen, he never mentions who is right and who is wrong.,Just emphasize the result,Knowing the loopholes at the first listen!
“Shang Baozhen,Do you think I’m a three-year-old, Hu Fei?So fooled me!”
Hu Fei’s voice gradually became more impatient,A cold mouth。
Shang Bao shook his head down,Lonely opening:“That’s what my mother told me,You didn’t know what happened at that time,How did I know?”
“Ugh。”Shang Bao sighed deeply,“I have naturally heard the names of Hu Yidao and Miao Renfeng,If it is said that both of them killed my father indiscriminately,I naturally don’t believe it。