China Merchants Shekou (001979): Integration completed

China Merchants Shekou (001979): Integration completed

Introduction to this report: The land consolidation in Qianhai has made substantial progress, completing the second phase and entering the third phase.

After the completion of the land consolidation, the realization of land resources of about 4.8 million national construction sites will be accelerated.

Investment Highlights: Maintain Overweight rating and maintain target price of 28.

35 yuan.

Maintain the EPS for 2019/2020/2021 to 2.

25 yuan, 2.

59 yuan, 3.

02 yuan judgment.

The company’s obvious location and resource advantages are also the core targets of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. This capital increase transaction marks the completion of the second phase of Qianhai’s land preparation, which will accelerate the realization of approximately 480 comprehensive construction land resources and enter intoThe third stage.
Qianhai’s land preparation has substantially completed the second stage and entered the third stage.

This time, the joint venture company adopted the method of capital increase and share expansion to China Merchants Qianhai Industry. Qianhai Investment Control respectively acquired 100% equity of China Merchants Chidi and 100% of Qianhai Hongyu according to the relevant provisions of the “Capital Increase Agreement”.Equity, before and after the transaction is completed, China Merchants Qianhai Industry and Qianhai Investment Control still hold 50% of the equity of the joint venture.

The safety margin of the price of injected soil storage is reasonable, and the types of soil storage are abundant.

China Merchants Chidi owns Shenzhen Qianhai Mawan Area.

The right to use 53 general-purpose land (including the land for the first phase of the pre-launch project and the land for the first phase of Qianhai Shengang Cultural and Creative Town) has a total construction area of approximately 212.

90,000 countries; overall, Qianhai Hongyu owns 38.

The total land area of 09 million countries is about 267.

150,000 countries.

The land is located in the Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone and is a direct beneficiary of the policy of the “Overall Development Plan of Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone”.

After the reorganization is completed, the development and construction of Qianhai region will start quickly.

After the completion of the transaction, China Merchants Shekou ‘s land rights in the Qianhai area will further expand, and the package of solutions including land variation and joint venture cooperation will have difficulties in the existing system under the 西安耍耍网 existing system.As an important platform carrier for the construction of Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation, the development and construction of Qianhai region will start quickly.

Risk Warning: The development progress of the park project exceeds expectations.

Guizhou Moutai (600519) 2019 Interim Report Review: Interim Report Performance Meets Expectations Direct Sales Expected in Second Half

Guizhou Moutai (600519) 2019 Interim Report Review: Interim Report Performance Meets Expectations Direct Sales Expected in Second Half
Event: The company announced that it achieved total operating income of 411 in the first half of 2019.73 trillion, ten years +16.80%; net profit attributable to mother is 199.51 ppm, +26 for ten years.56%.Among them, 2019Q2 achieved total operating income of 186.9.2 billion, +10 in ten years.89%, achieving a net profit of 87.30 trillion, +20 for ten years.29%. The launch was accelerated at the end of the second quarter, and revenue growth was basically in line with expectations.The company achieved revenue of 394 in 2019H1.880,000 yuan, ten years +18.24%; Revenue of 178 in Q2 2019.44 trillion, affected by last year’s high base (+46.40%), the previous growth rate fell to 12.01%, performance basically in line with expectations.By quarter, in the first quarter, due to the increase in the Spring Festival investment and non-scalar increase, it achieved 22.21% growth.The growth rate improved in the second quarter, mainly due to the slow pace of the company’s launch.The front-end company vigorously arranged its distribution channels. In the first half of the year, there were a net reduction of 494 sauce and fragrance wine dealers, and about 6,000 tons of distribution changes were reset. This part of the replacement was due to the slow progress of direct sales, which replaced heavy volume.In order to ensure that the company meets the expected targets (14% -16% performance expectations), the company concentratedly put in 2000 tons in the middle and late June.It is estimated that the input amount confirmed in the second quarter statement is about 6,000 tons, and the overall input amount in the first half of the year is 1.5-1.Sales may increase slightly in June.In terms of product grades, Maotai and series wines should increase by 18 in the first half of the year.42% / 16.57%. In addition to the continuous growth of Moutai, the series has a high base last year (56.57%), still maintaining rapid growth, which also shows that the strategic layout and brand value of the series of wine has improved. Demand for high-end liquor is strong, and Moutai terminal prices are expected to remain stable during the Mid-Autumn Festival peak season.In the new round of consumption-driven liquor recovery cycle, the optional consumption attributes of liquor have weakened, premium liquor has been integrated, and the price of Maotai has been rising.According to grassroots research data, a large number of prices of Maotai have recently stabilized at 2,000 yuan, and the terminal price has reached as high as about 2450 yuan.Although the company accelerated its expansion at the end of the second quarter and stabilized the terminal price of Moutai to a certain extent, the mid-autumn festival peak season was switched and demand for high-end liquor was alternated. The price of Moutai Mid-Autumn Festival rose steadily. The product structure was upgraded and the operating efficiency improved, and the company’s profitability continued to increase.The company achieved net profit of 199 attributable to mother in 2019H1.51 ppm, +26 for ten years.56%; Net profit attributable to mothers was 87 in the second quarter of 2019.30 trillion, +20 for ten years.29%.The company’s gross profit / net margin was 91 in the first half of the year.87% / 53.68%, an increase of 0.92/3.01 cases; the sales expense ratio / administrative expense ratio decreased by 1.55/0.47pcts.The improvement of profitability is mainly due to the continuous improvement of the product structure. The increase in non-standard proportions such as the zodiac and boutiques promotes the company’s product structure to be further optimized, and the average price increases to increase gross profit.At the same time, the company’s operating efficiency is continuously improving.The company further continued to clean up and profitable sub-companies. The company plans to retain a brand strategy of 5 brands and 50 barcodes in 19 years. The number of products will be halved as early as 18 years. Brand slimming can provide room for company expenses.It is expected that the company’s product structure will continue to improve in the second half of the year, especially the direct sales volume will help the company’s profitability increase. In the second half of the year, it is expected that the volume of Moutai will increase, and the direct management is expected to increase. Under the deepening of channel reform, the company is likely to exceed the expected performance of 14% -16% in 19 years.The company expects to launch 3 in 19 years.1 initially, at least 10.7%, expected to be released in the first half of the year.5-1.6 samples, according to this calculation, sales growth rate will increase significantly in the second half of the year.In the meantime, the company’s 6,000 tons of distribution breakthroughs are expected to accelerate the launch of direct sales channels in the second half of the year, while another part uses non-standard products to improve the product structure.The company’s direct sales accounted for only 4 in the first half of the year.06%, a decrease of 3 units over the same period of the previous year, and the speed of advance was less than expected.However, in the past 4 months, the company has carried out a large-scale business group purchase and investment layout. It is expected that direct sales will accelerate in the second half of the year, and the proportion of direct sales in 19 years may be reset in 18 years.The 94% expansion has tripled to about 20%. The increase in direct sales has improved the ton price of products, which is expected to bring about an increase in revenue of about 10 billion yuan.The other part of the retreat is to increase non-standard delivery to improve product structure.The company plans to issue 3 in 19 years.1 Initially, about 1 was launched with the ordinary Feitian Moutai main dealer system.7 budget, 1 remaining.4 years are non-standard Moutai, such as ordinary flying Moutai and Zodiac, year, and boutique.In terms of volume and price, the incremental contribution in 2019 will be 10% -13%, and the increase in price contribution will be 3% -5%. We believe that the probability of Moutai in 19 years will exceed the expected performance of 14% -16%. The company’s cash flow is healthy and stable, and its capacity construction is steadily advancing to help release future performance.The company generated net cash flow from operating activities of 240 in the first half of the year.87 trillion, +35 ten years ago.82%, of which cash received from sales of goods increased by 25 per year.19%, an increase of 2.25pct, cash flow is healthy and stable.The company’s advance receipts continued to improve at the same time.5.7 billion yuan, up 7 from 19Q1.66%, mainly due to the second quarter’s early acceptance of the second half of the payment.In terms of capacity building, the company completed the production of base 无锡桑拿网 wine4.53 Initially, the output of Moutai base wine was 3.44 For the first time, the output of a series of wine-based wines1.09 is the earliest. We believe that production and construction at this pace is expected to reach 5 in 2020.6 Statutory production capacity, compared with 18 years (3.7 preliminary) promotion 51.3%.The expansion of production capacity also provides high value-added and foundation for the company’s future performance. Profit forecast: The company is expected to achieve revenue of 910 in 2019-2021.34/1181.80/1477.25 ppm, an increase of 17 in ten years.92% / 29.82% / 25.00%, net profit attributable to mother 440.66/596.05/767.61 ppm, an increase of 25 in ten years.18% / 35.26% / 28.78%, corresponding to 35.08/47.45/61.11 yuan.According to the calculation of EPS in 2020, the company is given a 30-fold estimate with a target price of 1424 yuan and a space of more 淡水桑拿网 than 40%. It maintains the company’s “strongly recommended” investment rating. Risk reminders: food safety risks, macroeconomic downside risks, and direct management advancement is less than expected.

Mingyang Intelligent (601615) Review Report: High Power Fans Help the Company to Fly

Mingyang Intelligent (601615) Review Report: High Power Fans Help the Company to Fly

Event: The company released its semi-annual report for 2019, reporting a series of 40 realized sales revenue.

15 ppm, a 57-year increase of 57.

90%, net profit attributable to mothers3.

340,000 yuan, an increase of 129 in ten years.

3%, net profit after returning to mother 2.

810,000 yuan, an increase of 128 in ten years.


  Opinion: We have won orders for large onshore and offshore wind turbines, leading the wave of large wind turbines. In the first half of 2019, the company’s unit orders increased the bid winning capacity.

96GW, of which, the order for offshore wind turbines is 2.

16GW, with a capacity of 36%; large onshore wind turbines (2.

5MW and above 2.

5MW or more) Order 3.

50GW, accounting for 59% of the overall order; new offshore unit orders replace single unit power5.

5MW and above models; large fan orders (single unit power) 3.

0MW and above) capacity accounted for more than 95%, achieving market leadership in large wind turbine orders.

As of the first half of 2019, the company’s offshore wind turbine orders on hand have exceeded 4.

0GW, 3.

0MW and above platform units accounted for more than 86%.

  The revenue of wind turbines has grown rapidly, and the gross profit margin has kept wind turbines achieving revenues of 33.

48 ppm, an increase of 53 in ten years.

16%, 上海夜网论坛 gross profit margin 17.

74%. Under the condition that the price of wind turbines fell by more than 15% last year, the company’s gross profit margin for wind turbines fell by only 3%.

8pct, which is much smaller than the decline of other companies in the industry, showing that the company’s ability to control costs has also improved, and it also reflects the premium ability of high-power fans. With the rise in fan prices and high-power transmission in the second half of the year, the company’s gross profit margin willPick up.

The company reports the inventory of goods in stock12.

100,000 yuan, an increase of 163% over the beginning of the period and a year-on-year increase of 236%. The inventory of goods has increased significantly. The company is ready for the industry’s rush installation in the second half of the year.

  The onshore wind turbines were clearly installed, and the new and up-and-coming offshore wind power stopped appearing at the end of June. The number of domestic open wind turbine tenders reached 25.

34GW, an annual increase of 113%, has exceeded the bidding volume of last year, and the trend of domestic wind power rush installation is obvious this year and next.

At the same time, domestic offshore wind power has entered a period of rapid development. The company has both semi-direct-drive high-power power and overlapping large numbers of customers. It has an integrated research and development system, excellent technical performance, and redundant orders. The company will gain more in the domestic wind power market.With a large market share, the company’s development will reach a new level.

  Earnings forecast and estimation: The company’s semi-annual earnings growth, we maintain the company’s EPS in 19-21 to 0.

48, 0.

72, 0.

90 yuan, maintaining the company’s target price of 18.

92 yuan unchanged, continue to give “strongly recommended” investment rating.

  Risk warning: major changes in wind power policy, the company’s offshore wind turbine order delivery is less than expected; wind turbine prices fell more than expected.

Cold medicine diet-Yinhua drink

Cold medicine diet-“Yinhua drink”

This product has a long cylindrical shape, many branches, often entwined into a bundle, diameter 1.
5 ~ 6mm.
Surface brown-red to dark brown, some gray-green, smooth or hairy; the skin is easy to peel off.
There are many nodes on the branch, the internode length is 6-9cm, and there are residual leaves and leaf marks.
Brittle, easy to break, yellowish white in section, hollow.
It is odorless, the old branches taste slightly bitter, and the young branches are light.
  Cold medicine diet recipe-Yinhua drink 〖raw materials〗: 20 grams of silver flowers, 10 grams of hawthorn, 250 grams of honey.
  〖 做 法 〗: 将银花、山楂放入砂锅内,加水适量,置急火上烧沸,5分钟后取药液一次,再加水煎熬一次取汁,将两次药液合并,放入蜂蜜,搅拌Serve evenly.
  〖Use〗: 3 times a day, or drink at any time.
  〖Function〗: Xinliang decompression table, clearing heat and detoxifying.
Suitable for colds.
  〖Comment〗: Honeysuckle Xinliang diverges, clears heat and detoxifies, and can also be used as a drink with honeysuckle and tea.
  Attachment: Other related dietary prescriptions 1. Treating colds: 芫荽 30g, maltose 15g, half a bowl of rice soup, take the sugar after melting.
  2. Treatment of influenza and diphtheria: 250 grams of radish, 50 grams of green olives, and boiling water for tea, 2 times a day.
  3, 4 salted olives, 30 grams of reed root (60-120 grams for fresh products), decoction, detoxification, swallowing detoxification, reducing fire and removing annoyance.
Suitable for cold, sore throat, lung heat cough, stomach heat toothache.
  4, cure summer fever: a moderate amount of watermelon, tomato juice, drink tea.
  5, 60 grams of brown sugar, 6 grams of fresh ginger, decoction, cure colds, colds, pregnancy obstruction, postpartum abdominal pain, cold stomach pain.
  6, Shagua 250 grams, decoction (or equivalent to add Pueraria is better), cure colds and fever, thirst and headache, diarrhea.

Don’t overdraw your health

Don’t overdraw your health

Nowadays, young men have more entertainment and drink alcohol at the gatherings of friends and relatives. The number of people who suffer from aunt liver has increased significantly. Many of them are moderate, severe aunt, and even develop cirrhosis.

In addition, it is rich in sugar, starch and other residues or high-fat foods, which leads to excessive liver fat synthesis, plus meals before bedtime, usually without exercise, causing excess nutrition in the body to cause obese liver.

  20-year-old “adult liver” increased, transaminase increased Now in men in their 20s, pregnant women with liver increased significantly, many of them are moderate, severe pregnant liver, and even develop cirrhosis.

It is unbelievable that prostate problems, which are usually only experienced by middle-aged and elderly people, are now younger, and they are actually more than 20 years old, mostly prostatitis. If you do n’t pay attention, they will become more serious and even become cancerous.

  Incentives: To drink alcohol for entertainment, and even to fight with friends, 60% of chronic alcoholics who “soak” their liver in alcohol have aunt liver.

In addition, it is rich in sugar, starch and other residues or high-fat foods, which leads to excessive liver fat synthesis, plus meals before bedtime, usually without exercise, causing excess nutrition in the body to cause obese liver.

High transaminase also has a lot to do with such a diet.

  30-year-old triglyceride is high, visceral function declines from the age of 20, the body’s metabolic rate will slow down by 2% every 10 years.

Li Xiuchi said that from the age of 30, male lung function also began to decline, and by the age of 70, lung capacity will decline by 60%-70%.

The increase in triglycerides will increase the probability of coronary heart disease in healthy people.

  Incentives: In the long-term heavy and fatigued working state, coupled with a lot of smoking, the cardiopulmonary function will be damaged, and hair loss will follow.

In addition, due to the noise of the surrounding environment, men’s hearing began to decline from the age of 30.

If a 30-year-old man does not eat regularly and regularly, it will affect his mood and sleep due to gastrointestinal damage. When he is tired and nervous, he will experience dizziness, shortness of breath, and mental breakdown. This is especially true for people with weak constitutions, or even because of excessiveOverworked and died.

  The 40-year-old is obese, three high, and mentally impaired. Men with a male age of over 40 are like a long-running machine that requires an overhaul.

When people reach middle age, they are physically at the mature stage, which is the heyday of life.

However, the law of reciprocity of matter has determined the turn of Sheng Nai to decline.

A variety of diseases, especially chronic diseases, are particularly “favored” by men in this age group, such as cardiovascular, heart, kidney, kidney, diabetes, hypertension, prostate and other diseases are men’s health enemies after the age of 40.

  Incentives: Of course, the physical fitness of a 40-year-old man is still at its best. However, the disease is also extremely patient. Once you are overly tired and worried, the disease will start to attack.

Li Xiuchi said that 40-year-old men generally have reached a certain level in their careers, so various social entertainments have become an important part of life.

High blood pressure, high blood pressure, high blood lipids, and high blood sugar are all caused by eating and drinking, and then eager to enjoy inactivity, resulting in getting fatter and higher and higher, but these are all induced arteriosclerosis, crownHeart disease, hepatitis, myocardial infarction, direct cause of stroke.

Beauty tools cleaning to remove harmful bacteria

Beauty tools cleaning to remove harmful bacteria

If you are beautiful, you need to draw beautiful makeup every day. It must be without the help of makeup tools.

Pay attention to cleaning the skin and changing cosmetics frequently. Have you neglected the cleaning of the humble makeup tools?

You know, these makeup tools can bring a lot of bacteria to your skin if you don’t clean it.

Here are some cleaning methods for commonly used gadgets.

  1. The eyelash curler, eyelash curler, rubber pad and metal clips on the gasket are the easiest to attach the mascara. If there is any mascara remaining on it, the rubber pad will cause corrosion.

So you can use eye and lips makeup remover to clean.

In addition, the eyelash curler should be disinfected daily with alcohol cotton pads, and the rubber pads should be replaced immediately if they become dirty again, in order to ensure long-term eye skin and eye health.

  Cleaning step: Eyelash curler cleaning step Step 1: Pour an appropriate amount of eye and lips makeup remover on the cotton pad Step 2: Remove the stains on the eyelash curler with a cotton pad stained with eye and lips makeup removerThe new one is the same.
  Maintain TIPS: 1 Before you apply mascara, bend your lashes first, so that it is not easy to align the lashes.

  2 Wipe off dirt with a paper towel after each use.

  3 Do not use too much force when clamping the eyelashes, otherwise it will affect the replacement of the rubber pads, which is also not good for the eyelashes.

  4 If the rubber pad on the eyelash curler is aging, and there is a crack or break, it must be replaced with a new one, otherwise it will hurt the eyelashes.

  5 Any brush or eyelash curler is best stored in a pen holder (plus a dust cover) or a special brush box.

  2, dry, wet puff and sponge dry, wet puff and sponge puff, sponge, and eye shadow sticks commonly used when painting eye shadow, it is best to use disposable.

These appliances have a strong adsorption force for make-up products and are most prone to soiling. Many beauty stores have disposable sponges and eye shadow sticks, which are cheap and safe to use without having to worry about germs.

  If your sponge and puff are of great value, in addition to cleaning with detergent, you can also wash with soap. Soap contains soap base, which has a good cleaning effect on powders. After washing, it should be dried in the shade,Make sure it is completely dry before use, so as not to cause more pollution due to residual moisture.

  As the puff and sponge get dirty quickly, it is better to prepare more than two and use the brakes alternately.

For foundation products with different shades of light, different puffs or sponges should be used to avoid color mixing and affect the makeup effect.

After using it as soon as possible, wash it with a neutral lotion or soap and put it in a ventilated place to dry.

  Cleaning steps: Dry, wet puff and sponge cleaning steps Step1: First, thoroughly wet the puff.

  Step 2: Rub the wet-powder powder puff against the laborer until it foams.

  Step 3: Press the puff repeatedly until the wet powder on the puff is completely washed away.

  Step4: Let it air dry in a ventilated place.

  Maintenance of TIPS: 1 After cleaning the puff, do not tighten it carefully. Roll it up with a towel to unscrew excess water, and then dry it thoroughly in a cool place.

  2 If the touch between the puff and the skin becomes soft and comfortable after washing, and the edges appear broken, it is time to replace it.

  3 Try to pack the puff in a box independently to keep it clean and not mix colors with other makeup products.

  3, carry-on cosmetic bag carry-on cosmetic bag Cosmetic bag is a must-have for every woman, and it is also a dead corner that is easy to hide dirt.

  Check your makeup bag. Does the lining come with supplemental makeup?

Cosmetic bags are often taken because of the need for makeup, and if they are not cleaned or replaced regularly, it will also hurt the facial skin.

If you use a cloth cosmetic bag, it is best to wash it once a week, and it should be replaced after one year of use.

  Cosmetic bag cleaning method: No matter what kind of cosmetic bag is used, always cleaning the contents is also the key to maintaining the cleanliness of the cosmetic bag. It is recommended to use the replaced alcohol, and use alcohol: distilled water = 7: 3 to reconcile, and then use a towel or face.Take it off with paper, and often wipe the shells and surfaces of makeup products and skin care products, so that the contents of the makeup bag can be cleaned and makeup can be more secure!

  Sterilize to disinfect!

  If you want to disinfect thoroughly and make sure that 100% of the bacteria disappear completely, you need to take a disinfectant helper!

  Cleaning steps: Carry-on cosmetic bag. Cleaning steps Step 1: Pour out a cup of disinfection solution with a lid of about 8 minutes, and pour the disinfection solution into a small cup of water.

  Step 2: Dip the makeup utensils into the cup for 1-2 minutes.

  Step 3: Rinse thoroughly with water.

  4. Makeup brushes Makeup brushes are brushes that are used every day. It is best to use professional bristles to clean them every week, and use shampoo or neutral facial cleanser with warm water instead. As for the brushes that are not commonly used,Then wash it about once a month or two.

  Cleaning step: Makeup brush cleaning step Step 1: Put a small amount of makeup brush cleaner or shampoo in warm water, and gently put the makeup brush in the water.  Step2: After washing it, use the conditioner to apply it directly to the bristles and knead gently.

  Step3: Then rinse with clean water. When flushing, you can use your fingers to gently move the bristles to flush.

  Step4: Then wrap the clean brush with a paper towel and gently dry the moisture, then arrange the bristles to make it supple and return to the original appearance.

  Step5: Put the brush in a cool and ventilated place to dry, but never use a hair dryer to blow dry.

  Step6: After drying, gently rub the bristles with your hands, and then flick with your fingers to restore the bristles to a fluffy state, and then you can put them back in your pen holder.

Don’t do hourly exercise if your child has a cold

Don’t do hourly exercise if your child has a cold

[Introduction]It is also a virus. In most people, it ‘s just a small cold. It ‘s fine for four to two weeks.

However, for someone, it has become a major event. The virus can invade the heart, cause myocardial necrosis, and even kill lives.

  Experts, children with cold must pay attention to rest, it is best not to insist on physical education, so as to avoid fatal exercise to aggravate the illness.

  The virus invaded the heart, and I was wary of chest tightness after a cold. Qin Lijun, deputy director of the Pediatric Cardiovascular Department of Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, introduced that when the virus invades the human body, in addition to a series of cold symptoms, it also invades the human blood.Called “viremia.”

Viruses in the invasive blood stimulate the human body, or directly damage the heart, or produce immune abnormalities to damage the heart, causing osmotic exudation and myocardial fibrosis, necrosis, and change, leading to different degrees of cardiac dysfunction.

  Therefore, a cold is likely to be a precursor to viral myocarditis. Viral myocarditis only showed general cold symptoms such as fever, headache, general soreness, sore throat, cough, etc. when chest onset, palpitations, chest pain and other discomforts appeared after 1-3 weeks.Later, if you go to the hospital for examination, you may find that the heart is enlarged, and the electrocardiogram may show arrhythmia, myocardial damage, increased blood sedimentation during blood tests, and increased aspartate aminotransferase activity.

  Qin Lijun suggested that anyone who has palpitations, chest pain, chest tightness, shortness of breath, tiredness, dizziness and other symptoms in the short term after a cold should be alert to the possibility of myocarditis, and should not be taken lightly, and should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

  Rest is the best treatment for viral myocarditis. How the virus invades the heart through blood or immune abnormalities is not well understood.

After infection with the virus, there are many causes of viral myocarditis, such as fever, strenuous exercise or overwork, insufficient sleep, and malnutrition.

Qin Lijun reminded parents that if the child has symptoms of cold or diarrhea, especially the spirit, bad complexion and fatigue, do not insist on letting the child go to school or kindergarten, especially not to physical education.

  In fact, the most important treatment for viral myocarditis is rest.

Animal experiments have shown that myocarditis is caused by virus infection in mice, and if it is driven to move non-stop, almost no one survives the death; and if given rest, most of them can continue to survive.

It can be seen that rest is important for the prognosis of viral myocarditis.

If there is not a good rest in the acute phase, some may be left with sequelae such as premature pulsation, and a few people may be prolonged to chronic cardiomyopathy.

  Of course, for children with myocarditis, once diagnosed and treated in time, most of them can be cured without affecting the health in front.

However, if the treatment is not timely or not completely treated, it will often recur and even develop into migrating myocarditis or cardiomyopathy. It will be very difficult to return to normal by then, which will affect the child’s growth and development.

Food first aid in the kitchen

Food “first aid” in the kitchen

In case of accidental injury or discomfort, it is very important to deal with it in time.
According to the United States “Fox News Network” reported that the kitchen is a first aid kit, which has the first aid kit at hand.
  Onion: for local burns.
  Immediately after a burn, rinse the wound under cold water for about 10 minutes, then take an onion, cut it and apply it to the affected area to help reduce pain.
In addition, onions can deal with bee stings.
  Green tea: Eliminate puffiness of the eyes.
  From prolonging life to protecting the heart, the health benefits of green tea are huge.
But little is known that green tea has the effect of reducing swelling and constricting blood vessels, and can relieve eye puffiness.
Green tea can be soaked with boiled water, and the tea can be wrapped with gauze and applied to the eyes after cooling, or a cotton pad can be dipped in tea and applied to the eyes.
If you put the tea in the refrigerator for 15 minutes, the effect will be better.
  Honey: Relieves hangover symptoms.
  Honey can help the body metabolize alcohol faster.
After drinking alcohol, the body is prone to potassium deficiency. Drinking honey water properly can supplement potassium, which can relieve symptoms of hangover such as fatigue, headache, thirst and stomach upset.
  Common salt: for sore throat.
  Sore throat is prone to fall or cold.
Rinse mouth with light saline can relieve sore throat.
If you add pepper, the effect is better.
The reason is that both pepper and table salt can be sterilized and disinfected, and pepper also has a certain anesthetic effect, which has a good relief effect on sore throat caused by colds.

Hypertension Antihypertensive Recipe: Winter Melon Sturgeon Soup

Hypertension Antihypertensive Recipe: Winter Melon Sturgeon Soup

[药膳功效]  冬瓜鲩鱼汤,有平肝,祛风,除热的功效。It is commonly used in folks to treat headaches, dazzles, and hypertension caused by liver yang.

  Winter melon, sweet and cold.

Function diuretic and phlegm, clearing heat and detoxifying.

It can “replenish qi and age, remove chest fullness, remove heat from head and face”, “remove annoyance, cure chest heat,” “clear heart fire, relieve spleen fire”.

  Catfish, also known as grass carp, are carps.

It can “relieve liver and expel wind”, “treat deficiency and headache”.

  [分量及烹制方法]  每次可用冬瓜250-500克,鲩鱼200-250克(以鱼尾较好)。First use starchy fish tail to golden yellow, together with winter melon, add an appropriate amount of water, cook for 3-4 hours, season with salt, season and serve.

Experts support 2 strokes, get rid of synovitis, eliminate inflammation, in addition to effusion, free for more than 7 days!

Experts support 2 strokes, get rid of synovitis, eliminate inflammation, in addition to effusion, free for more than 7 days!

The so-called synovitis, that is, the synovial tissue of the human body has inflammation.

According to different types of fungicides, it is divided into infectious synovitis and aseptic synovitis.

Infectious synovitis is often accompanied by obvious systemic symptoms that are easy to diagnose and can usually be cured.

Synovitis, which we usually refer to, is often referred to as aseptic synovitis, which is synovitis that occurs without bacterial infection.

Knee synovitis is the most common in clinical practice, and the symptoms are delayed and the treatment is relatively stubborn.

The following is a famous Chinese medicine prescription, attending synovitis: drug composition: bovine yellow glutinous rice 50g stretched grass 12g artefact 12g atractylodes 15g orange network 12g law summer 12g biliary star 9g achyranthes 30g wood pass 12g Alisma 12g white peony 15g five plus skin 20g Glycyrrhiza 10g preparation usage: add 500ml of water above, fry to 300ml, take 2 times, every other day, there are other diseases, add and subtract as appropriate.

Adaptation syndrome: knee joint regenerative synovitis, qi deficiency and dampness block.

Expert analysis: Knee synovitis is caused by soft tissue fibrosis of the knee joint, muscle strength of the knee joint and imbalance of internal and external dynamic balance, caused by local microcirculation disturbance. Chinese medicine believes that the disease is chronically suffocated and caused by phlegm and dampness.

The party has the benefits of qi and qi, and the ability to seep and suffocate.

The prescription uses Astragalus qi, literary arts, Atractylodes, Faxia, Mutong, Alisma, Dampness, Tangluo, Bile Star, and both specimens, complement each other, according to modern medical perspective, improve body fluid circulation, improve immune function, enhance localThe role of metabolism, so the party can get better therapeutic effects.

Usually, the effect of external application of traditional Chinese medicine is also good. External application of Chinese medicine: Angelica, Chuanxiong, Pueraria, safflower, white peony, scorpion, frankincense, myrrh, stretched grass, big belly skin, Alisma, Salvia, sclerotium, ClematisRehmannia glutinosa 50g, cassia twig, ephedra, white peony root, Chuanwu each 30g, asarum 25g, all glutinous rice 20g.

First, the above-mentioned various drugs are researched into fine powder, mixed, 50-100g each time, vinegar and mix thoroughly, placed for 20-30 minutes, then applied to the back of the neck, applied with a lamp for 30 minutes, once a day, 15 daysFor a course of treatment.

(I feel troublesome, pure Chinese medicine made of plaster, is also the first choice) Chinese medicine paste can play the maximum efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine, so as to improve the blood microcirculation of the knee joint, to achieve the effect of Tongjinhuo, anti-inflammatory and pain relief effusion, long-term use,Specimen can be used to eliminate the consequences.

At a meeting of the Central Plains Medical Doctors, the understanding – Changhetang bones and pastes, the effect on the treatment of synovitis is better, the local Chinese medicine hospital patients have a good reputation, and later know that this is a national intangible cultural heritage, Chinese medicine protection brandNow that the network is developed, it can be easily found on the Internet, and everyone can use it with confidence.

Precautions for synovitis – Synovitis exercise: Straight squats in the morning or before going to sleep at night, knees kneeling on the bed to practice squatting.

Keep your waist upright while sitting down, step forward and sit back until you reach the back of your foot.

Stick to 10 minutes a day.

The high position of the horse is slightly bent on both knees, and it is better to have no pain in the knee joint.

Quiet, two hands flat, the front of the sun, began to adhere to a few minutes, and gradually increase the time.

Generally, it can be about 10 minutes each time, and it can be done once a day in the morning and evening.

Sit back and raise the leg on the back of the bed, the leg with knee arthritis is raised upwards by about 15 degrees.

It can be kept for 1-3 minutes at the beginning of the work. After practicing, the time for lifting the legs in the air reaches 10?
15 minutes.

You can also practice picking a pillow with your foot and increase your strength, 2-3 times a day.

This method is mainly to increase the strength of the leg muscles.