Outside the aquarium, aquarium

Living room coffee table placed in a fishbowl, three goldfish in a beautiful little girl enthusiastically travel outside inside, he saw the fish tank, happily straight smile, revealing two cute dimples.  The little girl to put a few grains of aquarium fish food to go.White Goldfish first discovered, turned towards swimming fish food, fish food Zhangkaixiaozui swallow.Red and yellow goldfish goldfish behind followed up, only to see empty water.The little girl has cast a fresh, two newcomers also have to eat, but then the first Eater to heart, so trailing behind with white fish, white fish is on the chase is crowded.Whitefish can not, can only be resorted to large market in the swimming pool trained Dafa, hard swim forward.Upon seeing the little girl, around tank clapping, shouting for my mother, my mother, my mother, Come, my weight loss exercise fish after cooking, they dance together!  Aquarium actually is conducting a struggle for survival.  The little girl’s mother took a wash of white stones, put them gently into the fish tank.Stones quickly sink to the bottom of the tank, to the monotonous world made a small beautification.Fish are seen, they try to open our mouths underwater arch stones, trying to give their own ability to find a suitable place to nest, put their eggs in the sand when the river’s fish breeding.They are so hard to find, the stones have come up with a sound.Mom heard, the little girl smiled and said the children you listen, the fish they will knock it Percussion.  Aquarium breeders but can not find a suitable for the spawning worry.  Weather suddenly hot up.The little girl’s father fishing some of the plants from the pond in the aquarium, the fish are said to be increased to increase oxygen.This little world is more beautiful, white stones, green plants, as well as three beautiful goldfish, pleasing.The family felt a goldfish tank in the living room is really the most beautiful embellishment.Tomorrow I depend on small goldfish dancing.At night, the little girl said to her mother before going to sleep to get enough.Okay, baby, goldfish swim will do to your dreams.  The little girl also remember sleep.The next morning, she ran to the living room, rushed to the edge of the tank, but “ah” uttered a cry.How a child.Mom and Dad anxiously ran to see what had happened, they found aquarium plants have to eat goldfish only had a few dry stalks, leaving only two aquarium goldfish, goldfish piece of white stiffly lying on the ground outside the living room fish tank, has died.