— Mo flowers purple feather

Listen, that sound of the sea, all the cycle, there will therefore end.  That ridiculous, shameful that people will be buried in the endless deep sea.  Ignorant and fallen man, have you ever thought about whom you live, you can see a kind of poor pug has their own image of that play in front of others.  When do you side with translucent mirror real shame you had your face, if you are anything, you are in the hands of people that used to manipulate marionette.    The last month of winter, with the cold wind blowing in the lake, walking two old people helped each other, they are the same then walking with firm and well-being.  I smiled and walked from their side, those two old people like me staring at each other at the same time, in my opinion they are so tacit.  Maybe this is what we most want to have happiness, like the calm waves that night, like a touch of sadness mixed with a little, very warm, but at the same time very tender.  Sometimes we find life is so colorful changing with, but the old man’s heart can only bear from that inclusion weathered the years, some things destined to flow away, but some things will never leave.  The only reflection in the long history of life is as happy to leave residual sand.  Hourglass that time will be depleted of our youth, but let us also remember the TV drama while singing his own soul, in spite of the seemingly dream life does not stop because one person ends, but also look forward to someone he shares.  The promise of warmth, that love is the most anticipated.  For that imperfect prayers, I will not keep my thoughts in place to stop for anyone.  When someone asked what love is?  I say love is not standing on top of the world put together the perfect perfect love.  And I do not want the world is very small increases.  The only thing I have is that never stop chasing the dream of pace.  If I had to choose just what to do in this life, then I will answer, I only Swan.