Spring daydream – thoughts on rereading Zhu Ziqing’s participation in the spring regulations

Spring daydream – rereading Zhu Ziqing’s prose to attend the coming of spring regulations” looking forward to, looking forward to, the east wind is coming, and the pace of spring is approaching.     Everything looks like it was just waking up. I opened my eyes happily.. The mountain became moist, the water grew, and the sun blushed.     The grass crept out of the soil, tender and green. In the garden, in the field, look, a large one is full. . Ah . A year’s plan is spring; Just start, have a plenty of time, have a plenty of hope. Spring is like a newly born doll. It is new from head to foot and it grows. Spring is like a little girl, beautifully dressed, smiling and walking. Spring is like a strong young man with iron arms and waist and feet. He leads us forward. ” & not; From Zhu Ziqing’s participation in the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox, which has just passed, the firecrackers are still ringing from time to time, the severe winter at the end of the Year of the Rat has not cleared out, the sky is still empty, and the earth is still dying of that cold, cold chill. We are already waiting for the arrival of the Spring of the Year of the Ox…..     Spring is the first season of the year. With her arrival, the grass green warbler flies, the willow blows the dike, and the breeze is warm. Spring is also the warmest season of the year. She awakens all things in the earth and moistens things like cakes with her thin little rain. Spring is also the most beautiful season of the year. She is so beautiful and colorful that she dances everywhere. Spring is the most enjoyable season of the year. You can see that she is green with water, red with rain, white clouds floating in the blue sky, and the earth sprouts new green. She also sweeps up her warm breeze from time to time, gently blowing your face and making your heart flutter..     Yes, it was spring that revived the earth and awakened the verdure. she brought us the best talk of the year with warmth, brightness and freshness.! The poem monk Zhinan in the Southern Song Dynasty chanted the spring with such a quatrain: the ancient wood was covered with a short awning in the shade, and the cane helped me across the bridge east.. With clothes to wet apricot blossoms and rain, the wind blows on the face with a shudder from the willows and willows..     The breath of spring is warm and moist. You can touch her fresh and moist hair with a touch of your hand. When you close your eyes and hold your breath, you will immediately feel her warm breath. She is like a pure girl who brings warmth and beauty to the world without complaint or regret.. But when you go to savor and feel the whole spring carefully, you will find that the early spring, the middle spring and the late spring are different, although they are so warm and warm, so beautiful and colorful, so warm and fresh, the meaning and connotation left to people are different aftertaste..     Early spring is beautiful. She came so lightly and quietly that she never seemed to have the heart to wake the grass that was sleeping soundly.. But she is still in your casual time, everywhere is sprouting vegetation, misty rain, peach blossoms in full bloom, willow trees spitting green; At this moment, there are more kites in the sky and more smiling faces of the children. The songs and laughter will reverberate and linger in the spring breeze for a long time.! At this moment, it is full of buds and flowers. However, who actually acted as the herald of spring? When you are still searching hard, you will suddenly find and hear the news of this spring by casual surprise. It is these peach blossoms everywhere, spring ducks in the sparkling rivers and lakes, swallows holding mud to build nests, sprouting green shoots, and the noise of buzzing birds..     Zhongchun is beautiful. She came so warmly, refreshing and intoxicating. Lift up your eyes and look around. The sun is shining everywhere, warm wind is blowing gently, the flowers are bright and the willows are tender. Those still bare branches in early spring are now covered with tender yellow leaves and buds. Yuan Ye, originally empty, is now full of flowers, all purple and all red. The earth’s buildings are green and full of vitality. At this moment, you will truly feel: what is meant by vitality and what is meant by spring scenery.     Late spring is always let a person feel aftertaste. At this moment, smoke and rain are everywhere, catkins are dancing, green fruits are full of branches, falling into the sky. However, she is the season that most easily awakens people’s hearts, the season that people’s thoughts surge, and the season of exuberant life.. After all, although spring is beautiful, she is very short, just as she came to us quietly and left us silently, although she has brought us an exciting surprise, she has left us some endless aftertaste and slight melancholy..     Spring is always short, she is fleeting. If you catch her, she will belong to you. However, when you can’t hold her, she will quickly and quietly pass away from your fingers, leaving you with only one constant hope and expectation for the coming year.. So, always in those still cold winter days, we can’t help looking forward to spring, the warm sun in spring, the warm fresh breeze, the bright yellow green sprouting, the gorgeous, gentle and graceful willow, the flying catkins, and even the endless vitality displayed in spring..     ( written on mid-spring night in April 2009 ) )