Insomnia is a disease 6 kinds of medicated diet to treat

Insomnia is a disease 6 kinds of medicated diet to treat

Insomnia is a disease 6 kinds of medicated diet to treat

Click to buy to experience the accelerated pace of life, coupled with improper integration of work and rest, people’s spirit is often in a state of tension, causing insomnia problems, which has brought a lot of pain and annoyance.

Although taking sleeping pills can temporarily relieve the trouble of insomnia, the so-called “three poisons of the medicine”, long-term use will bring side effects and will cause drug dependence.

In the past, the effect of regulating sleep can be achieved through dietary conditioning in daily life.

  The raw material of lily porridge and jujube porridge for treating insomnia includes 20 grams of lily, 20 jujubes, 50 grams of green beans, and 50 grams of rice.

The method is to cook mung beans to half-boiled, add lily, red dates and rice, and then cook into porridge to eat.

Morning and evening.

Lily clears and calms the nerves, red dates nourish the stomach and strengthen the spleen, and mung beans clear away heat and annoyance.

People who suffer from insomnia in summer and menopause are accompanied by palpitations, upsets, hot flashes, and spontaneous sweating.

  Polygala jujube porridge 15g, Stir-fried jujube kernel 10g, previous rice 75g, previously rice was washed, put in an appropriate amount of water pot, add washed polygala, jujube kernel, boil over high heat and cook with low heat to make porridge for consumption.

This porridge has the effect of calming the nerves and invigorating the brain, and can prevent the consternation, insomnia and forgetfulness caused by blood deficiency in the elderly.

  Quail wolfberry porridge with 10 quail eggs, 15g wolfberry, and 15g walnut kernels. Steam the quail eggs to remove the shell, soak the wolfberry for several minutes, stir-fry the walnut kernels, and crush them. Add the right amount of rice to slow-cook the porridge.

This porridge has the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing blood, nourishing the heart and soothe the nerves.

Applicable to heart and spleen deficiency insomnia.

  The ingredients of gentian porridge are 10 grams of gentian, 20 grams of bamboo leaves, and 100 grams of previous rice.

The method is to add water to cook the gentian and bamboo leaves, take the juice and replace it with water, add the previous rice to make porridge, and take it for breakfast.

In the porridge, gentian diarrhea relieves liver and reduces fire, and bamboo leaves clear the heart and remove annoyance.

He had insomnia and irritability, red eyes, bitter mouth, yellow urine, and constipation. It belongs to those who have liver depression and fire.

  Raw Rehmannia porridge is made from 30 grams of Rehmannia Dioscorea, 20 grams of fried Sour Jujube Kernel, and 60 grams of previous rice.

The practice is to fry the ground first, pick jujube kernels, remove the juice and remove the residue, and add the previous rice porridge to the breakfast in the morning.

The raw ground yellow clears the heat and nourishes yin, and the jujube kernel is calming and calming.

May suffer from insomnia and upset, palpitations, dizziness, tinnitus, backache dreams, five upsets and fever, belong to Yin deficiency and fire.

  Shuangren Porridge Sour Jujube Kernel 10g, Baiziren 10g, Red Jujube 10, rice amount, boiled porridge with water, take on an empty stomach.

It has the effect of nourishing the spleen and nourishing the heart, strengthening the stomach and nourishing qi.

This porridge is suitable for insomnia of heart and spleen deficiency.