Children should drink less brown-green cough drops

Children should drink less brown-green cough drops

Children should drink less brown-green cough drops

[Introduction]Codeine in “brown-green cough drops” can penetrate the placenta, which may cause fetal addiction or cause withdrawal symptoms in newborns. Pregnant women and children should be used with caution.

  Xiaojie, 20, is a college student living on campus.

Not long ago, he felt itchy throat, coughed, and was too lazy to go to the doctor, so he bought a bottle of cough medicine, which worked well.

After that, as long as his throat is uncomfortable or he coughs, he takes a few sips.

A few weeks later, he began to experience dizziness, rapid heartbeat, and other discomforts.

Xiaojie was frightened and thought he had a heart problem and rushed to the hospital for a check.

The doctor checked his medical history and told him that the problem was an overdose of cough medicine.

  According to Taiwan ‘s “Health” magazine recently reported that Guo Lina, deputy director of the Pharmacy Department of Taipei City Wanfang Hospital, reminded that there are mainly two types of western medicine cough drops, which can be basically distinguished by color: pink mainly contains licorice extract and antihistamine;The brown-green color contains mainly codeine.

Pay attention when taking “brown-green cough drops”: 1.

Don’t overdo it.

Although codeine is a good antitussive and analgesic drug, it has a prominent problem that it is addictive.

The substance dependence treatment team of the Mental Health Center of West China Hospital of Sichuan University found that starting this year, a new class of “substance dependent people” began to appear, that is, cough medicine addiction.

Therefore, do not exceed the standard amount of codeine-containing cough drops.


Do not use phlegm alone.

Codeine is mainly used to relieve dry cough without sputum and elevated, repeated cough.

It is not advisable to simply use this kind of medicine for a long time, otherwise the sticky sputum will not aggravate the disease.


Use with caution for pregnant women and children.

The codeine in “brown-green cough drops” can penetrate the placenta and may addiction to the fetus or cause withdrawal symptoms in the newborn.


Don’t drive after serving.

In addition to codeine, many of the “brown-green cough drops” also contain chlorpheniramine (chloropheniramine maleate). Do not drink before driving the machine.


Time must be short.

Guo Lina reminded that long-term use of “brown-green cough drops” may be addictive even if the dose is not high.

If you have a cough for more than 5-7 days, seek medical attention immediately.

  If dry cough is not particularly serious, consider using cough medicine such as dextromethorphan.

If the sputum is viscous, you need to use mucolytic drugs, such as Bi depression Ping, Mu Shu Tan.