th the company, tearing at work, the boss is a micro-signed the letter, enjoyment of life, it touches implement in the end, it is my signature flourishes, how do you see me riches?”

  It’s almost saying Pei Naochun pointed out, has been issued countless waves triggered at the start who still questions the contributor is making things up, exaggerated, and later it was quietly thrown a bunch of screenshots, news, such as an interview two years ago Pei Zhengxiong He said: “my son just happy enough life.”” Too much m杭州夜网论坛oney is useless, his son happy enough.”There are a lot of innuendo with some means of gossip, even just push the piece of Pei Shaoyang say ‘it does not matter losses’ are impressively in the head.
  Real-time information is constantly refreshed, most of the content is repeated, a then 21 – “true feeling Mu, and I would like to have a dad and son.”” Other people’s father and son.”” Who do not want to have a life of it Pei Naochun?”.
  ”What kind of?”Ningshi Qing Pei Shaoyang leaning against the side,” he Peishu Shu ah, yes?Bit debut, made a name for the.”
  Pei Shaoyang Doukai friends, microblogging saw that long, boring laugh.
  Pei Shaoyang drove his intention to load Ningshi Qing to the apartment he lived in the break, the other was to point B city, to live in the home have not rest, arrived downstairs tonight, he saw that the苏州桑拿网 familiar hall figure, when his father’s assistant Li.
  ”Lee assistant, how do you this?”Pei Shaoyang some confusion,” There are things you do not contact me in advance how it?”He insisted no person other bad habits, which in some strange.
  Lee assistant picked up from the sofa beside the two boxes, one large foam box, a small point of kraft paper box: “little master, this is called Master City No. I grew sent.”
  ”S City?You fly back?”Pei Shaoyang mouth twitch, it really is his father did things out,” What is the head here.”
  Lee assistant nodded: “Master, you still go back and see for yourself.”He did not answer questions.
  Pei Shaoyan