Not curious, what he does on the outside?”Spring faint Road.

Bowen Mengtiao mind, what uncle do on the outside, I’m afraid even the great lady do not know, after all these days, come back late day than the day, this clearly is there something!She also partial in which the body, did not even realize it.
Spring added: “What uncle do on the outside, do not let his wife know that big, Fuchu say uncle busy up and down the outside down to business, in fact, where did the uncle busy it can get down to business?Nothing more than the name of the thing under the guise of being busy, carrying a large shady lady thing to do nothing, man, do not have the gentile, surface mounted again lofty, and my heart is not necessarily how absurd it.”
“You have just speculation Bale.”Bowen Yifu sleeves, carrying a body to sit down, be eyes, but it is already full of expectations for her uncle are a passionate people, more than a special love of people better, at least , she will be an opportunity.
“If empty vernacular, so I’m just guessing how?Simply because I accidentally bumped into uncle was whoring out, even the waist