ear after year, the boss to employees is also very wayward welfare, year-end awards are to much hair, he sent did not dig empty the company.This year, his father retired boss, logically speaking, he inherited the back position, but 北京夜网he chose to cross the handsome son of the boss, we panic, fear of the giants involved in the dispute, financial to die onslaught, to take control of the boss is our boss said he likes the amusement park, to put forward a theme park, the boss unhappy result, incredibly handsome son came to the door of finance, said the financial, do not card the boss, the boss recent home all eat less rice, God knows that his boss a few days we also fat??Finally put down a bunch of Motian digital checks, he told financial, as long as his father happy, he can afford to lose, perhaps this is the right way to invest wealthy.”

  ”Having said that I cried, my future son, the future will help me pay the ticket money traveling here?That’s not all, there is a large on-site projects this year, is a big project True, that revenue is expected to hundreds of苏州夜网 millions, billions, the boss refusing to talk in depth, depth financial pressed, before we know the boss said the attitude is not sincere, he does not like?The head did not say, chief financial officer is hired away from the main office of the boss, right, dig their own home corner, chief financial officer for a bite, ta深圳桑拿全套lk to the big boss retired, after listening to the other side, and said to him, all right, the boss does not like to not do it, he asked money is not enough, and gave a bunch of checks, not to force the boss called financial.”
  ”This is our boss, yes, vanguard did not say, the reason I made this Tucao, we work too tired to say the boss, ah, he was ten o’clock every day to work, often late, and never work overtime, usually only responsible to money and choose their favorite project, probably really tired of it, he went straight to the small city with a big boss went on vacation, but we also remain wi