And How about you, except for those things that stole abduction, fraud, deception is the twenty-year-old making progress, do not give you the opportunity to take advantage of, say you are mud on the wall does not help me to see you all high!”

  ”East Brother birthday you qualify for it?East Brother birthday cake, you are eligible to eat it?”
  ”You give me down!”
  Along with Xue Dalin’s roar, suddenly the whole room lights all dimmed.
  Immediately, the entire restaurant sounded a melodious song, is the classic Happy Birthday.
  Xue Dalin face changed, and he tried to drive down the leaves white, it may have been full of people around the.
  Jishihaoren through the front door and the back door after another came in, everyone hands are holding a candle.
  Despite the extremely dim lighting, but he was able to under the faint light from the candles that illuminated, look at these people’s faces.
  South River are all static pool of you big brother, the giant industries.
  A lot of people Xue Dalin only seen on television, think of all gathered here today, this is the strength of the East Columbia ah!
  After the birthday song finished, the hilltop above the dark, suddenly sounded several more firecrackers ring.
  Bang bang bang!
  Foot of the hill outside the house, extremely numerous road