Aquarius is from what month to what month

Aquarius is the date of birth from January 20 to February 18. Aquarius is also known as Aquarius, Air signs, and is ruled by Saturn and Uranus.. Aquarius has an independent personality and likes to explore and observe.. Curiosity is strong and freedom is advocated. Because their ideas are often Alone thinking of a different way and subvert tradition, they will give people an odd impression, which makes them difficult to integrate into the crowd and give people the impression of being independent and inaccessible..   The basic characteristics of Aquarius are as follows: The sun is located in Aquarius. People pursue freedom, have unique personality and advanced ideas, are extremely innovative and are pioneers of new ideas.. He is intelligent and free from vulgarity. He does not like to go with the flow. He has never dealt according to his cards. He is calm, amiable to others, modest and polite..   Aquarius has the following specific characteristics: Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, and Uranus dominates. Aquarius is ahead of time and full of pioneering spirit.. Personality friendly fraternity, creativity and foresight, good at observation and analysis. The sun falls on Aquarius. People don’t follow customs and don’t like The Conformist. They speak and do things with interest, have their own ideas, pursue a unique way of life, and emphasize spiritual and material enrichment.. Curiosity, good at rational analysis, often combine strong desire with independent spirit.. I like to make decisions with free thoughts and follow my inclinations..   Aquarius has the following physical characteristics: Aquarius is a natural clothes hanger, with uniform muscles in both hands and legs, and longer arms than the average person.. He has a well-proportioned figure and graceful lines.. What handsome men and beautiful women, the skin is generally good, looks very healthy, shapely, with a charm of amorous feelings.   Aquarius has the following style: Aquarius is very talented, likes creativity, is independent, does not like to dominate or be dominated, likes to use its own unique method to deal with problems.. The maverick style is easy to give people strange feeling, good at analyzing and planning, and willing to cooperate with others in work..   Aquarius personality blind spot the following content: Aquarius needs to pay attention to, sometimes too insist on your own opinion, will appear stubborn, easy to self-centered. Likes innovation, but pursues excessively is unusual, also easy to cause the contradiction. Too rational, easy to give the impression of indifference.   Aquarius summarizes the following contents: Aquarius is a constellation with strong individualism and intelligence. Its greatest characteristic is innovation. It pursues a unique lifestyle and advocates freedom.. Aquarius is the “star of friendship” in the constellation twelve. they are friendly to people and pay attention to privacy. they like to make friends with all kinds of friends, but it is really difficult to make friends with them. it takes a long time to really make friends with them.. They will appear aloof and distant from their families and will not be able to express their feelings towards them..