Good communication, mother-in-law less trouble

One day, a middle-aged sister was deeply moved when she read the article I wrote about participating in good communication and how husband and wife should worry less.. She said, ” Can you tell me again how to get along with the old woman and daughter – in – law?”? I think it’s too difficult to get along with the old woman and daughter – in – law. Her question made me think deeply. How can I answer it? Because the relationship between the two women and daughter-in-law is really very tense. I just said it, can she accept my statement again? Can she do it? . Ah, looking at her mood of begging me to answer questions, I still said, ” It is mainly caused by the lack of communication between you two.”. ‘ The reason for the disharmony between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is that they cannot communicate with each other in a frank and direct manner and often do not know how to look at problems from the standpoint of each other and do not think of each other.. In particular, the age and thought gap between the young and the old is large, and the background of the times and the way of life are also different. Therefore, there is a great gap between the old woman and daughter – in – law.. Slowly, there will be a psychological barrier and a psychological gap that should not exist between two people..     The biggest enemy of a happy family is the lack of communication and communication between mother-in-law and daughter – in – law. If we can spend some time talking, I believe all the problems will be solved one by one.. As a daughter-in-law you are relatively young, so you must put down your shelf and have a good communication with your mother – in – law. The Bible says, ” Stand up in front of the white-haired ( mother – in – law ) people. Also respect the elderly ( elders ) and fear your God.. ‘ You can talk about the feelings of family life, your views on some things, your reasonable needs, and your opinions on family improvement, so as to get closer to distance and increase your feelings..     Due to the lack of communication, the various pressures and troubles in daily life, and the fact that they grew up in different cultures, education, backgrounds, habits and so on, there will certainly be a certain gap when they suddenly gather together to live together today, which is inevitable.. As long as there is good communication, all problems can be eliminated and a good relationship can be established..     The way to communicate and get along with the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is one of the most popular books in the Bible, which is to participate in the Luddite Regulations. This volume records the feelings between a woman and daughter-in-law who moved people’s hearts. There was a man who had left his home to live in a different place. The daughter-in-law married by both sons soon died one after another when they had no children, leaving only the widowed mother-in-law and the two daughters – in – law.. Later, the eldest daughter-in-law also remarried, but kannika nimtragol must return to Bethlehem with her mother-in-law in order to show filial piety to her mother – in – law.. Later, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law returned to their families and lived a life of hard work and plain living.. The test of the day and the testimony of life touched the neighbors and all took them as the example for the old woman and daughter – in – law to get along with.. Later, Ruth was looked upon by Boaz, a good and rich man, and she was married. Since then, they have been living a happy family..     How to get along with the old woman and daughter-in-law to be happy and happy?     1.. Patience to listen: The mother-in-law has words in her heart and tries to let her finish. The daughter-in-law should listen with utmost patience.. What’s more, the old people have rich life experience, which is more or less enlightening to the young people..     2.. Appropriate guidance: Ask questions at the right time and guide her mother-in-law to talk about what she wants to hear, so that these questions will arouse her mother-in-law’s interest, and her daughter-in-law will benefit from them and get on well with the relationship..     3.. Sincere consolation: When her mother-in-law sometimes feels too nagging herself, her daughter-in-law can say, ” It doesn’t matter.”. Her mother-in-law saw that her daughter-in-law liked to listen to her, but her nagging and boring words would be reduced instead.     4.. Ask for advice modestly: Her mother-in-law is very good at calculating expenses, ostensibly ” picking” but actually managing the family well.. For this, the daughter-in-law might as well ask for advice modestly: ” Mom, you can always arrange your money well every day. How do you calculate it?”! ‘ In this way, instead, she reassured you to start taking care of the money because she trusted you as a” stick catcher.”.     5.. Circulate out: If her mother-in-law is ” stingy” due to conservative thinking, she can be slowly guided to show a little love to care for those in need..     In fact, in any case, the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law does not have much problem, because of the lack of communication between the two people.. With less communication, mutual suspicion will ensue, and some of them will add salt and vinegar to the old woman and daughter – in – law, adding fuel to the fire.. As long as the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law can sit down and try to communicate well, everything’ cold war’ will calm down. In the end, we have to focus on a word ” love” to solve all the problems.     The Bible says, ” Love can solve many problems.”. Only love can maintain the only bond between mother-in-law and daughter – in – law!