Zhibuding whoever fainted on the road, and that time the situation more worse, it can only wait and see.

  ”The rest of the children do?”These police, but are also good people mixed with a few special investigation team.After because of staff shortage, they took the four children and no waiting at the door, but returned to the second floor.
  They saw three men down, the rush came and asked, shaking his head but only got a response.
  Where the consultant who seems to have ignited a glimpse of a ghost character, she saw Xu Hong, eyes unconsciously showing little aversion.
  ”Nothing to do with him.”Qin Bo Where would see each other’s eyes what it means.
  But now is not the time to say this, and if they really let their heart crevices, for the situation at hand more harm than good.
  ”What do you mean?”That teacher adviser before they ask the child’s mother rushed up.
  His father happens to be one of those people unconscious, which makes the other party was very distraught, but she saw other people’s children are all back, special investigation team of people and she did not say anything else, so she did not think, just thought it was still looking, you can now see their expressions, it is clearly a big deal looks like.
  ”My children do?I’m going to sue you,