Siege corner (2013,12,10)

I grew up in the edges of the Yellow River, the place we belong to the inland of Loess Plateau.Heard “the Loess Plateau inland” is the word, and I also just said so, meaning that sticky little children Loess Plateau of gas, but no movie so typical of the Loess Plateau, drought, wind and sand with life, lack of rain and water are terrible, man must go head wrapped in a towel as sheep stomach.But loess cliff, old branches, twigs floating in the river children is always with you wander the.I recently found a third kind, where less is more strange, feel the need to read, they left a few pictures, want, said said.I want to read those things, but the important part of the Yellow River culture – or what created a lot of conditions for the formation of the Yellow River culture.Again, I found them the day light blue sky blue, the weather just like new like a return to the reform and opening up, to feel conscious that you can pack light cope with life today, so I’m happy, it seemed a little return like a natural, instinctive reaction makes me want to jump like to jump, and consequently feel very close to see.Every morning I always wake up in the square, like the sound of firecrackers, the sound is actually old man in the early physical activity, dancing hands bullwhip sound emitted, every day, so I do not need to listen to the alarm, listen to sound eyes open, you can see the gray dawn sky east of children, very punctual.I do not know who first excavated this exercise method, very useful, I tried dancing thrown whip sound, just thirty-four will be getting hot under.This exercise must have the effect of law in order to concentrate on every part of the body must fully cooperate with the job, you want to dance, who do not want to dance well, but you want to dance well, gains and skilled mimic the posture of the person, and second, have to master that kind of knack, if half-hearted rejection does not ring Actually, I’m what people throw something, the key is to live their fix will hurt.That’s good, body heat can play the role of physical and concentrate course of a cure for neurasthenia.So this method to promote physical soon, not much leisure time throughout the city square almost universal.This should be the Qing Dynasty palace bullwhip thing, too, as if the enthronement will be used, there are three sounds, ah summer autumn hunting of eviction do not know that rejection is not rejection whip, it is estimated that there will certainly be whiplash ceremony when the emperor expedition it.Seems hazy in front of the hall palace, the palace eunuchs dance whip resounded shock, perhaps the outcome of civil development and utilization, is also inspired from among eunuchs pronto ShuiBuLai.Cho were always the old things, even if dust has been buried for so many years, we used to think of it when, naturally, such as repeat in general, or so should be the heart smoothly.Although the old Cho were greeted me something to get up, but in recent years it’s downhill outdoor scene, look far not said those people to taste the fog itchy throat, plus the media have been warning reduce outdoor activities, and my heart I felt beautiful when wake up to his mouth to eat a fly almost, but you can not go real says, when first saw the profound feelings of his wife, his mouth always talking about today pretty good.See also go out to acquaintances see Partly cloudy, we are doing a beautiful Chinese dream it, you can not go it on everyone Po Liangshui fiery emotions, so the heart is concerned, I am not an honest man.This is not the same naive, bright windows seeped makes my heart on a bright, did not spare some time to get dressed climbed window view, sky blue and really almost freshly washed, still with the most advanced and energy decontamination detergent, window on the roof of that gray dawn far better looking than the bright cardamom, the above is blue, then yellow and white, the gradual transition to red, then red and finally hid in the Dai-colored Sam Rainsy.The spirit of cool people every happy thing, I put on clothes with the fastest speed, rushed a bit tousled hair with a wooden comb, did not attend to your face to open the door and walked to the elevator, I do not think outdoor deep breath, I want to be recently pressure breathing all intended to make it up, is bound to release all the feelings, when I am out again outside the building concept day, can not control their own friends, dancing can be used to describe the behavior can be used to characterize the mood and forget.Then I want to scream, China, you’re so beautiful.After breakfast, slightly ready, I could not wait to get out of the neighborhood, and today less than wild hiking, absolutely sorry for myself.Regardless of the route, how many years have not changed, follow the footsteps of the Yellow River, whether it is traceable summarized life experience of their predecessors, or downstream Imagine a better future, will be in the perception of wetlands demands a little in the direction of life.Winter Yellow River is not yellow, blue waves, Wan Yan away, there are a few white clouds dancing in the breeze, the scroll was written into the water, a few pieces left behind by autumn leaves, and ran quietly on the shore children, see less than tears, just did not understand the voice of the waves pass into ears, I do not know the water shouting, or tree of relentless chatter.I do not know everything in the farewell, or praying, I just love this space, what I did not think.You see that cliff hive yet, that I inadvertently found.Old people, always involuntary pose a daze, so the physiological responses gave a tour of cervical spondylosis, palpitation, vomiting every turn, thus forming a habit to walk, activities neck turned around, as the way to write “m” word number.I was found in the self-care and took this photo.We can analyze, first of all bee selected location is in the ground eaves, the rain is certainly not a place, otherwise when torrential summer rain, it is likely to be destroyed.I do not know how the bees were examined, certainly pre-designed maximum diameter, can not let the rain to pour into the long-term or, if inadvertently, will bring disaster to the children, even the rise and fall of the nation’s population even.Again, you see, is that the shape of teardrop-shaped, teardrop-shaped water will drip when to take what geometric shapes derived from the principle of this idea, firm, or wind, or inside the space more conducive to rational use, Thinking out of an extended or what the mechanics.This is also the shape of the branches, I just take photos in shape from positive.This building, for the body only so small bee is undoubtedly a huge project, astronomy, geography, site selection needs to make the necessary awareness, need several decades a case of extreme weather conditions to support the conclusions of the analysis, followed by is mechanics, materials science, ecology, and so there is sufficient knowledge, before they can start finalized.How many bees involved in the project, how long construction period, of course, can not have no plans.This is perhaps a dwelling populations, such as human as the fortified village buildings, looks like a large house, there are many home users.They want to do so is also a need to survive, when there are external threats, can take care of each other, or against an enemy common.That being said, people were media reports of fatal bee attack is not surprising, they also have to protect the family concept for the country, even if stung themselves will die unafraid of death.This is the scene orgy of water, winter winds are cool, and there may be only turtles He shallow to these dead branches, and those wooden sticks and some are, some are herbaceous.Wood can not tell, shore children loess slope tree is very complex, there are artificial, but also natural, artificial There locust, poplar, willow, pine and cypress trees, peach trees native to construct populations most lush, they are not strong thorns forces, the reason may be the reason the Yellow moisture evaporation, but also shady slope, and proximity to the city, for several reasons contributed to it.Herbaceous litter is likely to be three-pin cocklebur and ghost, which is highly representative of the Yellow River wetland species, they really did not think there are so hateful side.However, this turtle thing is rare, at first to see it, that has no life, and want to go a macro to show online paid as usual care, when my feet hit the turtle can affect the body of dead branches, see turtle move a little, I Huanliaoyisheng light in my heart: Amitabha Buddha.So hurry it in his hand, maybe it was my body temperature was warm now, while I do not pay attention to take advantage of it, use its front paws on my wrist light Naoliao look, never had that feeling , fear and quickly threw it to the ground, then Jianlai put it in a plastic bag inside.Later, I thought it may have been released of people pets for people with a special feeling, to say, the Yellow River does not seem to not have such a big turtle.After returning home to keep it in the sink, he plans to open in the spring warm, then put it back into the river, afraid of the cold shelter can not find its own premises.But what feed it ignored it, also high on the day picking low in peace, then it will get some sand buried this quiet a lot, and perhaps this is its winter habits it.Habitat for whom are important, whether human or animal, who was responsible for the laws of nature more reasonable, who lives Some will be more safely.