,, We afterlife together again

that time..Perhaps this is with us in heaven now, we can not be together forever..  She met with him, it is so beautiful.And I, as a spectator, where narrative of their acquaintance, friend, I love a scarecrow.  It was an ancient village, the sun through the leaves, mottled, people can not breathe and then, the entire air inside is full of sorrow have called taste..  I can not understand, then I just feel sick ,, Well, tell the sad, I do not know why she called the ban, a very strange name, she loved to laugh, that smile, that can infect the world All the people on that smile as bright as the stars of the girl he called wantonly, he is an unusual man ,, resolute face above, you can always see a pair of eyes of God, of course, but more than that I have no more words to modify his gorgeous, I’m just a scarecrow it was a hot afternoon, the sun burning in the air swallowing water on this land I remember, even the family dog a sprinkling ban also listless, Oh, a sprinkling ban is picked up from I do not know which corner., Often forbidden to pick something back from the outside, although the ban is a good girl, but I have to admit, sometimes really silly hat ban, she even considered an angel, oh, what a silly child in the world.  But after a long, long time, I have to admit she was right, but she met the devil!  That evening, a ban dragged back from the outside painted red pigment of the man, he seemed asleep.  Ban put him on the bed, his body with a cloth to wipe paint a little bit, and then help with white cloth tied up the man, I know, that is called dressing.  A few days later, the man woke up, he used his beautiful eyes staring ban, shoved his hand, just live neck of the ban, who you are?  Tone without a trace of temperature, his eyes did not float to the surface trace of waves My name is forbidden, How about you?Ban said with a smile the man froze a moment, probably not seen such a clean, bright smile, right, a time forgotten how to answer.  Uh, you do not say it does not matter I go and prepare a little you eat, you must be hungry after that, she would open the door to go out, shop.what?  My name is wantonly.  Ban secretly laughed, really awkward guy I hate the ban and that man, he always is so cold, occasionally, his eyes would flash of brutal atmosphere that he is a dangerous man.  But the ban and he liked to stick together, even in spite of her full La Saige advice.  La Saige is a village full of our village, he is a respected man, said to have more than two hundred years old..From the day of my existence, full of La Saige pull in, and, of course, you can not expect a scarecrow there are more than two hundred years old now I always thought so quiet stable life will last forever.I can see the ban happily, watching the village board with a face lessons steal corn children every day, to see young men and women flirting, watching the village peasant woman over and over again such and such a mess chewing my tongue bitterly thought: if there is no man, that this is all so beautiful ah!