How to run scientifically in winter

How to run scientifically in winter

How to run scientifically in winter

Although the world is warming, in winter many regions will still have thousands of miles of ice, thousands of miles of snow drifting, and running in this situation is indeed difficult.

It’s too cold, it’s too early in the dark . it can be the reason why you don’t run in winter, but “Runners World” magazine believes that you can run even in winter.


How to run in snow?

  Solution: Choose a snow-covered road, which needs to be covered by powder. If the ground is frozen, it is not suitable to go out for a run.


It’s too cold to breathe?

  Solution: Research has shown that even running at sub-zero temperatures does not harm the lungs.

Some runners may feel throat irritation when breathing cold air directly. This is not difficult to solve. Wearing a scarf or ski mask can avoid direct inhalation of cold air through their breathing.


Your feet are too cold and your body is stiff?

  Solution: Many running shoes are designed to sweat and cool, so you should find thick socks and cold insulation in winter.


How to choose a running route?

  Solution: First of all, make sure that the running ground is stable. For example, if you choose to clean the snow-covered streets, you need to pay attention to traffic conditions and be careful of “black ice”.

If the sidewalk has cleared snow, it is the first choice.

Find a runway road, slow down and make sure you are familiar with the road as soon as possible.


Is there ice on the road?

  If the roads are frozen, there is also the ultimate solution-exercise at home, or exercise indoors.

If you can equip a treadmill, or if you can go where there is a treadmill, then there is no problem.

If you don’t have a machine, run the stairs, or run around the house, it’s not bad.