gh school, his father remarried late Jianhua, Zhou Sulian target single mothers, the other brings the same age and pretty late Zhou Qin daughter, she is full of all this rejection, they can enter different family stepmother and i北京夜网magination, everything to her first, her father always spoiled her, she began to open up to them.

  The only regret is that stepsister Zhou Qin Xu is jealous, and the family always out of tune, she was grumpy, even good-tempered kind-hearted stepmother Haoshenghaoqi do not know, pretty late for her at arm’s length, self-serving to have a good own day.
  High school age, teenagers mostly has seen many changes, began to care about appearance, concerned about the students around, care evaluation, is, at this time, pretty late with my family and with their academic performance are matched to the male Xushao Han had ambiguous mood, and stepsister of Xushao Han Zhou Qin also produced a favorable impression, and therefore a series of disputes, of course, this is not to reunite sadomasochistic novels, after the main men and women to each other relative to expectations found each other, never wavered, cents no misunderstanding, stepsister Zhou Qin is a novel with a female common bad heart, although trying to get involved in two feelings, without success.
  Novel, the last-mentioned Zhou Qin chapter, talking about the late, Xu two together abroad, and foreig都市夜网n universities during the study, Zhou Qin would move out of the home study program, after graduation, the money accumulated for many years stepfather hit late Jianhua after the account, and said thanks, then disappeared since then, I do not know where to go, that time, the family has been the birth of a new life, although Zhou Sulian worried about her daughter, her husband can not ignore his son to always look for outside, so it can not be a it.
  The outcome in critically acclaimed year, perfect fit readers thought the “bad guys will suffer retribution” is, in their view, the novel’s stepsister Zhou Q