Return to rural flavor

Because school, job’s sake, there is little opportunity to cook, once completed marriage, fertility life events, life after gradually stabilized, seems to be thousands of years women entangled gene kitchen and suddenly have an effect, could not help but spend a lot of thought research fried cooking and eating a healthy family, the vinegar tea to make his spare time has become colorful life together.  The pursuit of food because of the love of cooking has become more and more enthusiastic, the desire for food because of a picture, a commentary or friends, communication between colleagues becomes more intense.”A Bite of China” silent broadcast has caused people endless imagination, desire, hope, want to travel through the country, tasted the food world.After numerous obscenity world cuisine, suddenly I had a strange feeling slowly infiltrated, it could not scratching, sudden and devastating infinite regret, suddenly remembered a nostalgia for a certain food.Such a thing is there is a corner of my heart, be aroused when you thought you’ve forgotten some incentives, suddenly very eager to give birth, so that you aspire to, let you recall, but could not find the original feeling: ancient when the emperor hungry beggar to his burning chowder – pearl jade soup, and so he became the supreme eat delicious Shique never find the kind of feeling; while ordinary mortals who did not love the food the mother burned it!  My child’s mind the burn 皮蛋瘦肉粥 I gave him, he could satisfy desires in plain drunk after a meal; there I give him kimbap, proud when he can travel in the class with her mother to meals students look, ask someone to taste.But these must be in the mood before I have time to give him, his mind perhaps these are delicious, worthy of his proud mother and grew up miss meals.What I miss is it?  I went away to study teenager, two months before a trip home, homesickness nostalgia are not only familiar with the taste of the food, the more deep affection.I see my father came back quickly to the ground and dig a lot of peanuts are fresh and just finished the pulp, the mother gave me a bowl of cooked, taste fresh.For any less than a peanut farmer from the time the plane is absolutely not willing to eat, for seldom at home but I enjoyed the very treatment.Mother will pick from the ground some fresh corn fruits and vegetables, try to make me eat have to eat, but to stay at home, but the time of day, how can I eat enough of these things, always something more to say with regret back school.The most annoying is when a back to school, a fellow student and walk with me on the train time is coming, burning pork stew noodles mother just served in a bowl, sauce stained the color of glowing shine, hot before, fragrant, long widowed oil and salt in the bowl of boarding school life that I really love the pasta very large population of small mouth to catch eating a few bites, it is hateful reminder of the car was forced to give up, and eventually became this life Unfortunately, and read like, since then no law to eat any delicious bowl of noodles and comparable.It was rubbing and how much I do not know the feelings of affection and delicious things, it has gone beyond delicious, guide me to become a spiritual love of food, will occasionally tapping at all aspects of the food fight in my taste buds, so I’m honest pursuit of a fresh attempt attributed to.  In fact, still very few show for his hometown, got something on the table.”A Bite of China” was originally presented to the people is the most simple primitive cooking, such as frying of carbon matsutake; in fact, now popular everywhere to eat a variety of fried insects are very primitive cooking.In my hometown in law to eat Cicada is a long time, after every wheat harvest, soybean seed point soon, the Great Plains in the evening there will be a strange phenomenon, a large baby and kids hanging around the old man will be holding a bottle, shovel and flashlight, wheat stubble in the fields, the woods down to catch Gouyan just to climb out of the Cicada.Old cicadas sang in the trees, sucking sap, noisy and harmful to the trees, which just crawl out and new molt but it is completely different, go back and clean after the catch, to put salt jar a few days after just put these insects kang oil to the pot cooked, or simply do not have oil on dry kang fierce child, it becomes a tasty game.Cicada back this time after the lean fishes continuously, like a delicious lean pork, tenacity but not greasy, the belly becomes bright yellow, crispy crispy.If they do their own Lomo with the food, the countryside has become authentic modern tapas want to pursue it is difficult to eat.  There is also a very rustic home in eating, commonly known as steamed.In Huaihua every spring and open Atriplex not old, they picked from the tree, cleaned, coupled with appropriate water, and flour, steamed onto the grate, pot after pot into the rhubarb Lane, put onion, garlic Paisui, with the right amount of salt, adjusting the oil, into the bowl can be.This is a truly authentic flavor eat, for the local people, this way of eating either when the dish under eat, but also when the rice to fill his stomach, eat a meal of unity.Now when clothed, which steamed especially for those who are used to eating lavish meals detoxification of the stomach.Because in addition to the material can be done with SJ Atriplex outside, spring ground of various edible wild plants such as gray vegetables, noodles sub-trees, sand sub-wheat, can be used.Soil plush peach tree ball when budding ears steamed taste is pretty good.And Atriplex sweet, SJ tender, wild and thick fibers feels different, this caterpillar-like ears do not look good after eating cooked up not only taste fresh, but also due to rain, the flexibility, the taste more unique.When these materials with steamed quit after the season, if you have to miss more than steamed, may wish to use celery leaves and more tender stems instead of those materials, but the taste is much weaker.I now miss these steamed, will do so, but will want to eat more of those spring steamed.  These dishes are all homemade, every housewife will do.Of all the dishes, the most distinctive and most show housewife craft dish called Chiko.Chiko processes do have a lot of road, it is cumbersome to use and add pork, in the past, only on holidays every before doing so Chiko is actually equivalent to a symbol of Chinese New Year.I used to not like to eat, because when the Chinese New Year is a buy so little meat, not only do the dumplings, but also to keep the guests entertained, and the rest can be used for Chiko, little meat, Chiko not fragrant, eat to mouth are carrots, starch and the like, so I do not like.This spring back, the mother deliberately gave me one back, her husband’s family used to entertain guests, give rise to a table of people exclaimed, down the pot enough to eat, but also under a pot.I stand in a large Guzi cousin who was a master cook, after eating her own conclusion on the causes do not eat meat is put too much, there was not enough fans, resulting in thousands of child too hard to do, lack of toughness ; and my mother do is put the meat and the fans too much, eating up both nutty, not tight, and full of flavor.Cousin repeatedly asked me to inquire about specific practices, I later went back to take advantage of specially observe a moment to sort out the practice of recording, bring love cooking cousin.  Practice is there, but I believe her cousin with a gas stove burning in any case not Chiko my mother to do taste.Because it is one thousand sub-burning appliance is preferably large stove, using dry cotton wood, or container, straw fuel, such Shaohuo easy to control the temperature, and the bottom of the pot large, uniform steam, do so out both with fresh Chiko the taste of crops, but also moderately soft, natural colors, in the sense of smell, sight, taste and enjoy all.This requirement for the stove and the principle of land now popular pot roast chicken, like France.  Now the name of the provincial capital, there are many home hotel name Chiko do, but craft and taste and a real home Chiko far worse.  In fact, delicious home really go out, and many people are understanding and acceptance should be Mutton.Childhood home possessor of a dozen goats, sitting next to a lot of people on the activities of selling mutton, lamb to eat me is a very natural thing, and never thought anyone would find it too because it’s the smell of mutton taste it; and later to understand, relationship mutton smell and origin, and the smell of mutton home belongs to a lighter.As the saying goes “winter eat mutton race ginseng, spring and autumn food is also physical.”.Since the lamb had a good texture, rich production, and gradually formed a lamb’s food culture, Mutton towns all over the city home, a sheep can burn a lot of tricks, one of the most famous is the whole sheep feast, especially in the south-east of the county town the most famous roast whole sheep.  Before the time to be home, the younger, had no chance under the restaurant, the restaurant on the home is actually strange.Once home I Mutton and adults have a close contact, the kind of impression I make memories.  Spring Festival about a decade ago, my husband and child, husband’s brother as well as a family of three sister sub line of seven people go home for Chinese New Year.When the county seat, is eleven o’clock at night, just in time outage.After a Mutton get off the door, in addition to the restaurant spilled a little dim light, is the endless dark, look around no one around, only the howling north wind blowing, quite a sense of the vicissitudes of the kinds of desert wilderness.Too much wind it is standing firm, and quickly into the hotel with her two children.  One into the door, they saw the flickering candlelight, table, four or five men, five or six platter around the table, they talked while eating.No house decoration, wall simply brush layer of lime, the ground is rough concrete, candles inserted in the drinking empty liquor bottle.They drink wine seems like Okuma, because the bottle is the kind of simple glass bottle.Human nature is not repair space, weathered face, not to mention the dark, but it looks very healthy.It seems to urging people to drink, be persuaded of people do not know what to say a few words, reach for your glasses in front of, thousand and net.Blackjack is drinking from glass, which probably installed a third of the wine.After that people drink, some people immediately reinstall him, and then they began Laoke, no shouting voices, but not rash manner Telling, drinking, eating.It was after several knee to knee wine had a life experience of middle-aged man reunion, stand at ease the minds.  We sideways past them, sat down at a table inside, and soon the dish on the table.City Hotel and those delicate vessels compared, these plates appear gigantic, there seems to be loaded dish ware pots home and small yellow face with.Utensils texture is very rough, but the inside of the dish is extremely thick, filled to capacity, but also the weight of it, and never filled up with mixed vegetables.We ordered a total of five dishes: a Yang Du, a sheep hoof, radish roast a lamb, a lamb soup, small yellow bowl filled with Haggis pot, not to staple.  Late at night, adults and children has long been a cold and hungry.We are open belly to eat, eat more interesting, because these dishes can be really full of flavor, meat mellow, warm stimulate your taste buds, people lamented the delicious food from the bottom of my heart good.Although some spicy some, but not the kind of very red spicy Sichuan cuisine, but mild spicy trickle, until you realize it’s spicy, it has been trapped, unable to stop.For a time like warmed with wine, whole body sweating, extremely comfortable.My sister who previously had personally told me that she does not like to eat lamb, mutton burnt after each of her husband, she would put the pot brush numerous times in order to remove the smell of mutton gas.But that night, while she bites, while an excited voice: “It’s so fresh lamb how it!That is not the smell of mutton!”Two little guys were all afraid of spicy, adults do not take their food, they eat very Merry!This dish is really really, five dishes to fill everyone’s stomach belly full, and people remember that night.  Eaten the body warm, closing out.Sitting in the car, look back to the house Mutton, really kind of desert north wind, pain, drinking, eating large piece of meat is feeling generous!  Time flies, had been absent more than two decades, the taste has been rapid flow of the invasion of the north-south flavor, the thought of childhood taste forgotten, when actually aroused that the films.Suddenly understand the feeling of the original food never left his, it just lurking in the depths of memory, when you least expect to be touched, just like a deer jumping like Xinxinran ran out, remind me of those foods yearning, also stirred up ripples heart, a time that once there anymore clear reproduction of even the time.