Akiba no tears

Yellow River basin of the Yellow River south of children, now is late autumn, under the action of abscisic acid, autumn leaves have emerged inherent characteristics.Had famously described as “Look million Eagles storied dye,” “parking Fenglin love to sit late, Leaves red flowers in February,” the fact that you looked to the field, not all text as written, in almost all describe has a preference for meaning, people not only do not pursue the matter, and have actually recognized such exaggerated.After all, now the world peace and prosperity, peacefulness everywhere, almost no one not to focus on the natural curiosity of, where have I heard that rare may look, all flock to the bird, those who come to enjoy to cool mood.Especially when the autumn leaves, the real natural beauty, captured the hearts of a lot of rich old Kuoshao siege, with the crowd turned out to describe the heart of the advocate will not be excessive, I heard that Beijing on the way to the ridge of the eight are filled with dealings car.Eight Ridge course may never dominate, but where from the political, economic and cultural center near celebrity can lead to media attention it.Do the three provinces in the hinterland or the scenery that there is no place for it?Say no worse of it, but look carefully to see that no one came, no one care or on, the young go out to work, or busy with the crops alive, who thought that every year there are today, to taste trees reincarnation of it.”Look million Eagles storied dye,” as if Mr. Mao Runzhi describe it in Changsha, Hunan boundaries child, “Shi Jing Han Shan on the far white people have to go to the Health Department, parking Fenglin love to sit late, Red Leaves flowers in February, “is written by Du Mu Tang, specifically in what place to get inspiration, check out bad, but not necessarily Beijing eight Ridge.Akiba although the United States, as “sunset is magnificent, it is almost dusk”.The sun will fall out, Akiba went to, like, this is a cycle, there is such a cycle will be room for the existence of life.Look Akiba should be enlightened, truly enlightened person, the face of autumn leaves, autumn leaves space in which the face should have mixed feelings.We go to Akiba, is to go back bolstering Akiba, or to elegy for the Sadness of autumn leaves, autumn leaves looked more hope next year while unpredictable, or to allow economic growth to continue Akiba retreated to the mountains deep office?Beijing haze pollution serious, I do not know what the scene is a pair of leaves, no one to compare statistics.If the leaves are surrounded between tall buildings, but also as to climb from the middle of the night just before dawn suffer traffic jams yet?He says that the haze and smell of it will find another place it.Policy direction has changed, urbanization in the future to focus low-carbon life, finally there is a direction, how to be a low-carbon Yeah, I am afraid a lot of people know this then I do not know why, the most direct popular understanding is to reduce the use of fossil fuels amount, but it can become it, regardless of one thousand yuan is now only arrived eight years ago five hundred seventy-six yuan use, people’s hearts is what it feels like, but you now allow civil servants to try to reduce the income, and the world will inevitably raw waves, so who did not dare to do so.Some green leaves or multi-bar, agricultural experts say, green leaves absorb carbon can increase dry matter accumulation.Although they are unlikely to have an immediate effect, may also experience economic growth and fight the reality of space, but they can reduce oxygen to make carbon haze hide away in one fell swoop a few too, why not do it.I do not have the mountain view autumn leaves, do not like, but too harsh, but also know to go back to Xi, you can always feel a mournful presence, but for that marriage is so colorful like a bride imposing lively, Akiba is for conscientious captive how much space is harmful residue, and the hardships of life by secretion, filled to how much space ecologically virtuous cycle of ingredients, fear is already prepared a mournful cry hard.I love that spring exhibition season before the leaves, looking at the blue sky laughing chase figure, listening to the story is woven deep in the foliage, the smell of the TV drama can not know where floated intoxicating fragrance, imagining has not changed the dream into reality, I really like the fruition of the same.But Akiba tears, in the flow between the red.I see them crying tears dry, the wind thrust forward running around on the ground, looking like a child at home.Then sand seem to have a bridle, did her best, indulging in wanton middle leaves not off Gaudy, not just the ravages of rape is wrong, that battle did not just want to drill a few leaves of body hole, get destroyed, even Akiba who want to get to the ends of the earth, in retaliation for the spring and summer and early autumn, the leaves are to its service bundles.Fortunately, the wind sensible, child stopped at the lake, meaning here is to make Akiba salvation to the nearest reincarnation clean slate here committed sins.The mountains there’s strength of character, Lake Lake tenderness, after all, these are the aspirations of carrying place.I think Akiba is in poetry, with a given temperature difference gorgeous, with sun giving solemn, with the body giving Lake, giving a thinking person’s inspiration.It should clear mind, fed love, only to paint a beautiful world.