Bloody youth

Oh youth, youth, these beautiful words, through the ages, interpretation of how much tear-jerking story.Today we are passionate, windy life, singing along, youth without any regrets.Brilliant youth waves in the boundless joy, the contribution of the ups and downs of life.Kansas back, that’s bloody true warriors dare to face the bleak life, the courage to face dripping blood, the courage to bathe burning flames of war, and their youth, and describe with their lives, resounding paean to life, their youth , a river of blood into, like blood colorful glow horizon.On the eve of the 60th anniversary of the founding of a small town southwest of remote mountain areas, in the autumn rain, slowly approaching a group of oldest old, gray-haired, wrinkled, chest wearing a small white flowers, against the background of their weather-beaten face and melancholy eyes.They are similar to come from very far away, year after year so, they do not vehicles of local government arrangements, hobbled slowly walk to the newly liberated on standing martyr, a long time standing in front of the tomb.Full of sadness, thoughts fluttering, which bring them back to the bloody years – after the Chinese people against the common enemy, fought a bloody war, in mid-autumn 1945, Japan was finally swept the small autumn leaves, turn tail and go back to Toyo, which since 1840, against foreign aggression disaster-ridden Chinese nation get first win.The joy of singing and dancing people across the country entirely, KMT treachery, ink “Double Ten Agreement” is dry, the old enemy on the “Beans burning Douqi” I liberated areas to launch a full-scale attack, magnificent Liberation War.December 1 the same year, the southwest of Kunming outbreak of patriots initiated by patriotic students of colleges and universities to participate in anti-American anti-Chiang Kai-shek station massive student movement to peace, such as the Kuomintang authorities of the beast, the use of a large number of military and police, to unarmed people were brutally suppressed, gun Ming Tan Fei, a number of patriots and generous young students singing, rolling down in a pool of blood, shock in “December First massacre” nationwide outbreak.    This miserable face no Renhuan tragedy, Mr. Wen Yiduo come forward, he had been Guo hailed as “unprecedented, and no latecomers”, a renowned poet, scholar, patriotic fighter for democracy, is “Song of Seven,” the author.In memory of the tragedy killed Mr. Li Gongpu, braving the risk of being assassinated, speech.Tianduyingcai, people no moral, sure enough, the Wizards heard more than one generation, namely the Kuomintang secret agents killed in the afternoon speech.Leaving a burning anger, passion inspiring “last lecture” – “reactionaries, you see a fallen, you can also see hundreds of ensuing!Justice will prevail, because the truth forever!.We are not afraid of death, we have the spirit of sacrifice!Lee at any time we like, like, taken the front foot door, rear foot is not ready to step into the door. “!    By the end of 1949, Liu, Deng led by the head of the Liberation Army troops on the south, southwest advance, swept the KMT retreated to Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and Guangxi remnants and local bandits, Chairman of the Interim Committee of Yunnan Province, Lujan military uprising led his troops, Chen Geng, Song Renqiong generals commanding army Entering bandits, bandits and the remnants of the Kuomintang collusion, spread across the province to “guerrilla” approach ditch, the PLA is difficult to launch a frontal attack, had to rely on local forces and the newly established people’s government, scattered throughout the cleaning up, It was called “requisitions bandits”.    Kunming universities belong to many students at this time and then decided to join the revolution, added to the requisitions bandits fighting in the first line went to a hail of bullets.They enthuse youth without any regrets, to afraid of hard work, sacrifice of heroic mettle, high singing the praises of a thousand miles journey, fought between the mountains.They took part in the civil war against the student movement in Kunming, witnessed the massacre of the KMT patriotic teachers and students so badly, listened to the impassioned rhetoric comprehensive reading of the speech, so that the toiling masses yearning to live a happy life, the pursuit of peace better tomorrow.    The new level is the Yunnan border a little-known, remote and backward nation where the mountains, in high mountains, dense forests, in the special geographical environment, heaven has long been a murderer, he is the KMT’s loyal lackeys, the big local tyrants and big bandits called Yoon’s.He stole the dark rush out, run rampant, sand, locals hated, taken in private nickname for him is “Li Lao dog”.This dog native of Shaanxi Li Lao, the official and his ancestors Qing Dynasty Nine, do not know how it was banished to Yunnan Xinping, the evil generations, to his generation, relying Chiang Kai background, recruiting, pull up the team, intensified, fish village.    New China was founded, and the new people’s government established, disaster-ridden mountain people finally saw the dawn of a new life.Li Lao in the mountains of harboring a dog at the instigation of the KMT remnants, received the Chiang Kai-shek sent from Taiwan appointment shape, became “anti-communist National Salvation Volunteers” Commander in Chief.Taiwan prove his ability, he privately sent personnel, secretly contacted a few local bandits Asan, sea and so on, said a good time, agree on a program, a riot, bandit signs are rolled up a trouser leg.In May 1950, they proved intelligence, the People’s Liberation Army into the mountains when the order, thousands of bandits scored within the new government, hundreds of workers have been killed.    So rampant banditry, under the order of General Chen Geng, counterinsurgency troops indignation, climbing wading aside a few men went to a new level.Yunnan where a team is an independent group camp, led by battalion commander Dong Yaonan, the team has four youth, young female student, they called Xi Shu Yun, Lvpei Sin, Yu Shou, Shi Wan Lan.January 7, 1950 morning, Li Lao Ministry of dog bandit thousands of troops, take the troops are not familiar with the terrain, weak footing on the occasion, the resident called Artemisia Chi attack team, the new campaign will be flat Artemisia Chicago started because we reinforce troops arrived late, nearly a hundred people’s liberation army soldiers, including the battalion commander Dong Yaonan heroic sacrifice (after the liberation, this blood of martyrs permeate the place became known as “Yaonan” Township).Breakthrough in battle, after exhaustion, four girls and one other soldier, and bandits use Daogun launched a desperate struggle, outnumbered, in addition to the expense, the seats Shu Yun, 16 officers were wounded and captured by bandits night and day back to the deep forests of the villain’s lair.    Saga steep mountain range, the progress of the PLA bandits and rescue captives were blocking major mountain heavy, slow progress.Beast than 16 people after these bandits to the villain’s lair, were inhuman torture, the tortured face of the enemy, captured soldiers and unyielding, morally, unafraid of death.In the case of cruel bandits pressed no useful information, Li Lao ordered the dog, the entire cross-section of the heart of the PLA men dug abdomen, abandoned corpses wilderness.Posterity every Mindful of this, can not help but tear drops rolling.Bandit bandits, they are animals, pigs and dogs than they.People’s Liberation Army soldiers captured after the men were brutally murdered, leaving seats Shu Yun and several other female soldiers.They tortured one by one, all sorts of instruments of torture exhausted, female soldiers steadfast, refused to disclose the slightest information about the troop.They Xi Shu Yun hanging on a tree, Tengbian random draw, was beaten raw and seats Shu Yun silent, they took the knife coercion said: “Do you say that, do not say it is a knife scraping knife you, see you this delicate body in pain, ” ‘Pooh’ a bloody sputum spit into the face of gangsters, bandits angry, has been unable to move the seats Shu Yun down the tree, stripped of her clothes, after enjoy humiliate, cruel her murder, which year, this unyielding girl was 23 years old.Several female soldiers, is compared to some of the older seats Shu Yun, the smallest is Yushou Wan, her 18-year-old not to do, usually several girls called Shu Yun Sister seats.While the other three received bandits beaten and tortured by the enemy to see the big sister is dead, angry eyes can not help but shed tears of sorrow.More tragic destruction is yet to come, brutal bandits by nature, wanted to warn a hundred, but in all sorts of destruction, the other three despite raw and still kept silent, then transformed patterns, they Lvpei cents placed down in shan hit with rifle butts and stones of her body, with wire through her chest, her angry staring eyes, rather die than surrender, eventually martyred under torture culprits.      Yushou Wan and Lan Shi looks fresh and pretty, chieftain Li Lao dog ill, they will be brought into the villain’s lair, the two youth female soldiers, and it was notorious bandit chieftain of the rape, not only that, there is no human nature, animals they are not as good as the bandit chieftain also rewarded other small bandits, two female soldiers died a heroic death in the destruction of the bandits, to write the song shaking, ZZZZZZZZZ heroic elegy.They did not die in a hail of bullets on the battlefield, but died in the destruction of the bandits, subjected to mental and physical torture double, last Kangkaijiuyi, this scene so dark earth, moon and no light.    ”To have the expense of more ambition, the courage to call new ones day sun and the moon”, towering Ailaoshan Yeah, you witnessed the cruel culprits of this class, remember their heinous crimes; the surging Red River water it, you rolling waves, could there be in these martyrs loudly singing the hymn; mountain azalea flowers in full bloom Yeah, blooming white, waving in the breeze, quietly condolences to the martyrs in.Chen Geng, Song Renqiong inscription: “requisitions bandits martyrs who requisitions bandits was a fierce anti-feudal struggle of the class, you sacrifice for the revolution, people perpetuate the memory of you, you go down to posterity!Chen Geng, Song Renqiong.November 7, 1950 “.    Like the gangster grasshopper autumn, cruel violent, arrogant, but ultimately can not escape the punishment of the people, a few days, the local People’s Liberation Army and armed, bugle sound to Cuikulaxiu trend, destroying villain’s lair, thousands sinful bandits, most of eradication.Li Lao dog bandit chieftain, who was captured alive, in mid-November 1950, he heard a gunshot justice, ended the party harm, pathetic life extremely large cruel bandits.    Lament the mountains, the earth roar, Red River choked, you Shengruxiahua bright, quiet beauty, red azalea mountain of death like autumn leaves, instant development, such as red blood of martyrs, quietly Red River water, instant roaring, playing sound of waves like the Yellow River in the roar.(Postscript: the early years of 1950, the liberation army advance the southwest, to hunt down the remnants of the Kuomintang and local bandits, due to the fighting an invisible enemy, coupled with the local mountains, dense forests, inhabited by ethnic minorities, to bring a greater degree of difficulty bandits.How many martyrs, without sacrificing on the Long March of the journey, there is no sacrifice in the anti-Japanese war magnificent, there is no sacrifice in the “three battles” in the grand scene, but at the expense of these deep forests, leaving a number of heroic stories, touching.This article is only hundreds of thousands of deeds in a small but real waves.In this, my highest salute to the heroic sacrifice of martyrs!To provide historical accounts of friends, to personally tell the insiders give thanks!)