Ignition lamp

These days my heart is grey, and I have been in the office for ten years, and I am still a material worker in the office holding my nose.. What kind of promotion, evaluation, and evaluation of professional titles are good things that I can’t get along with. What is exasperating is that the leaders have to give me the materials of these people to polish them, saying that it is a bit like selling me and counting them with a smile..     The heavy fog wrapped the earth. I went to the morning shift and walked to the corner of the narrow alley. My bike suddenly bounced and I flipped over.. The glasses also fell off. I felt for half a day in the potholed ground and only felt the glasses frame. People are unlucky enough to drink cold water and plug their teeth! I had to take a leave to go to the hospital because I had to spend more than 100 yuan with a mirror.. Waiting, queuing, optometry, grinding lenses . Ah, I spent half a day in the hospital.     The sky is not beautiful, and the dark days for a long time finally shed tears. I went back to my office in the rain and buried myself in a computer. Dinner was dealt with with with two loaves of bread, and all the materials were not finished until 11 o’clock at night. It is not yet known whether they can pass smoothly in front of the leaders tomorrow.. After all, it will take me a few miles to go back by bike with an umbrella – to walk the narrow alley again. The alley is dark. Go to the corner. Hey, what’s the matter? What about the light that lights up every night? How did it happen that the rain was gone? I got off the bus. Suddenly the light in front of me lit up. No, it was a flashlight. The light swept towards me and followed the road in front of me all the time.. I wonder, then loudly ask, who is it? Children, be careful, the rain is deep in the corner, you don’t ride a bike. It was the voice of an old woman. Under the light, the potholes became a muddy sea.. Under the lights, I carried my car smoothly through the sea. I said gratefully, grandma, you go back to sleep! Where is the lamp on your window? The old woman waved the light, broke it and broke the cable. I took off my bike, granny, and I’ll set you an electric light tomorrow. The feeling is good, walk slowly! Children! Grandma’s voice was full of smiles.     At noon the next day, I came to grandma’s house. This is a few low-rise old houses, which are not in harmony with the tall buildings around them.. I knocked at the door, granny. I’m coming. Oh, come in! I haven’t bought a line yet! I have. Where is your switch? There! I followed the direction of grandma’s fingers and saw the switch box. I unscrewed the lid and soon secured the cable. I wanted to check all the old man’s wire switches, but I didn’t see the wires. Only a light bulb was installed on the window of the three rooms.. Grandma, why is there only one light bulb in your home? Son, I don’t need it. I’m blind! I just looked at granny: fold the faces of the buildings and the eyes are deeply sunken. Oh, the lamp on the window was lit by the old man for others. It was the old man’s heart lamp!     The old man told me that over the years she has sent away her wife, son and daughter – in – law, and now she and her granddaughter are the only ones in the family studying in Beijing.. I sincerely sigh with emotion, grandma, you are too unfortunate. Children, don’t say that. I have any difficulties with the government, and everyone has helped me solve them..My grandson is very filial and will soon take me to Beijing. I live happily.. People will always encounter some gullies and ridges when they live. You have to find a way to get past them! You said so, didn’t you?     In the evening, I passed the hutong again, and I saw the lamp far away. Come near, I’m standing under the light, grandma, do you see it? The light is on again! Hey, I drove it. Can I not see it? Children can see everything as long as their hearts are clear.     Yes, as long as my heart is clear, I can see everything. My heart suddenly brightens.