Before the National Day holiday arrived, a friend asked me what arrangements I had for the holiday, and I replied with a smile that I would not go anywhere in keeping with my own land.. In fact, the days and I are just idle and busy. There is no holiday, and I don’t want to catch up with the holiday, go with the crowd, suffer from the crawl of cars like snails, jostle with each other, drive my head, and watch the anxiety of crowds of people.. Many people did not enjoy the scenery, but they were exhausted. Every day, I still wash, wash, brush, boil, cook, spend my spare time online, read books, listen to music and enjoy the peace at home. Occasionally, I also wrote three or two sentences, without carving or whitewashing, not to please others, but because my mind is tender. Some people, some things, some stories are as beautiful as flowers and pure as delicate and graceful. Those once moved and true feelings are not forgotten with the passage of time and the increase of age, but they have been renewed for years and added some flavor to the situation.. Perhaps the marks of the annual rings are heavy, but the marks of psychology are weak. The barriers that once thought could not be passed are gradually blurred.. Heart is so big, empty some, put down some, enter new blood, can hear steady heartbeat. Such sadness, walking in music, walking on the page, is that a piece of understanding? The four seasons change, without waiting for a look back, and the next promise will be cool. Your well – being, always in the in the mind and into thoughts. At present, Gui Xiang, like yesterday, overflowed the bookshop and looked up at the sky with blue sky and white clouds. I pulled open all the curtains to let the light shine through the cabin.. Let the heart wander back in a cup of tea. Time is wandering, time is in a hurry, the autumn of the season coincides with the autumn of life, but there is a clear mirror in my heart, which has been disturbed one after another. cool thin is only a cloud hidden in the folds of the annual rings and will eventually be forgotten in the wind..