5 signals for women to start aging, 3 steps to restore youth


5 signals for women to start aging, 3 steps to restore youth

The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic believes that the peak of women’s life is 28 years old, which means that when a woman is 28 years old, life will begin to decline, and all biochemical reactions will gradually decrease.

At the age of 35, his face began to linger, his hair began to shrink, and his teeth began to fade.

At the age of 42, the woman’s face is even more radiant, and her hair is gradually white.

At the age of 49, women’s aging is obvious, menstruation stops, kidney water is getting less and less, and the uterus will begin to age.

Therefore, it will become less and less likely to become pregnant.

One, five ageing signals 1, facial color and skin color are the indicators of female aging. If you find that the color is dull, there is no brilliance, which indicates that you have entered the early stage of aging; then the skin will be short of water and begin to appear.Amazing wrinkles, especially three-eight lines, tears, decrees and puppets.

In the meantime, the eye area is also an easy-to-age position. In addition to small lines, the muscles around the eyes will slowly relax, and there will be eye bags, dark circles and other conditions, making people look radiant.

2, menstrual shortening or lengthening the menstrual cycle changes is one of the manifestations of ovarian function, if the menstrual period is slowly changed, perhaps less than 25 days, or even 20 days, it means that the uterus and ovaries have appeared aging.

In addition, some people have expressed through the menstrual cycle. If the menstrual period is delayed until forty or fifty days, it also indicates that the ovary and the uterus have entered the process of aging.

3, easy to lose hair scalp and the skin is the same skin, usually when people care for the skin, usually forget the scalp should also be maintained together.

In fact, after the 28-year-old woman, the scalp and the skin will begin to age gradually, which is different from the expression of the body. The aging of the scalp is that the hair turns white and begins to lose hair.

If you find that the hair is white or the hair loss begins to appear, it means that the body function has gradually deteriorated.

4, the aging of the front-end drooping people can also be ground from the front end, the rounded and tight rear end is what all women are yearning for, but as the age increases, even the aging begins to expand.

Most people ignore the front line as the most important part of protecting the female hip. Once it hangs down, it means that the ability to protect the hip and the inside of the hip is reduced.

It is recommended that in addition to avoiding sedentary, you should also practice increasing the movement of your chest muscles.

It is like lifting legs, squats, aerobic dances, etc. to increase the muscle tissue of the buttocks to protect the most important knee joints of women.

5, high blood pressure and sore studies confirmed that the proportion of female joint degeneration is 10 times that of men, and the age layer has more and more trends.

Clinically, more and more women in their 30s have developed initial symptoms of degenerative arthritis.

In fact, the cohesive role in the weight of the human body, the knee joint will be uncomfortable, mainly because of the wear and tear of the spine, resulting in the movement of the squeaky sound.

Especially when the weight is excessive, like going up and down stairs, climbing a mountain, etc., there will be a feeling of soreness and weakness.

It is recommended that you should do the training of the thigh muscles, disperse and bear the strength of the body weight, and help to alleviate the discomfort of the degradation.

Second, let yourself be a younger three-step maintenance method 1, absolutely do not stay up late Chinese medicine pay attention to time medicine, that people’s life in addition to the four-time health, but also uphold the sunrise, the sunset and the regular life.

Frustrated by the high temperature of modern people, the survey showed that people who slept after 1 o’clock in the middle of the night were as high as 27.


Because 11:00 in the evening is a bile duty watch, it is the best time to try to eliminate toxins. If you have not slept before 11 o’clock, your body’s ability to eliminate toxins will be greatly reduced, and people will easily become old.

2, eat more gelatin food gel is the best skin care product for women anti-aging, because gum is a very important protein in the human body, in the connective tissue, is the ligament, tendon, extracellular matrix, cornea of the eyeThe main ingredients can keep the skin elastic and slow the formation of wrinkles.

Common foods such as white fungus, black fungus, and okra can effectively replenish the gum. Don’t forget to use it together with vitamin C. The effect of synthetic collagen will be even better.

3, must exercise gravity is the inevitable killer of human aging, but by training the muscles of the body, it helps to counter the influence of gravity on the body, especially the core muscles, buttocks, head, thighs and other cores.Muscle group.

It is recommended to exercise regularly to help slow down the aging process.

Also fat and thin, let you choose


Also fat and thin, let you choose

There is evidence that some of us are willing to lose weight at all costs to achieve today’s ideal body shape.

But is thinness worth pursuing?

銆€銆€Scientists have been studying the consequences of malnutrition, which are rodents rather than humans.

Studies have shown that dieting with guaranteed levels of vitamins and minerals helps to slow down the aging process.

In one experiment after another, lean animals always live longer than the relatives they can eat.

Sometimes life expectancy is even doubled, they appear to be slower to age, the blood maintains a vertical horizontal time series, the body can react to certain hormones for a long time, and the immune system stays healthy for at least.
Restricted rats are less likely to have age-related diseases such as cancer, kidney disease and heart disease.

銆€銆€But we know very little about the consequences of malnutrition under the scientific control of the human body.

Researchers have been working to link the weights of various people to their health status. The preliminary results show that, contrary to the experimental results in the laboratory, the light weight is harmful to human health.

銆€銆€In an important study of foreign health agencies that tracked more than 5,000 people over 24 years, scientists found that the leanest people had the highest mortality rates.

The leanest group of people died of cancer and the highest proportion of all diseases except cardiovascular.

People also found that thinness does not mean health.

People who are 15% lighter than average are more likely to die from pneumonia, flu, heart disease and suicide than fat people.

Women who are 15% lighter than average weight are prone to pneumonia, flu and digestive diseases.

A study by the American Cancer Society found that people who are 20% lighter than average are more likely to die from heart disease and digestive diseases than those with average weight.

In a California study of 7,000 people, the highest mortality rates were those who were 10% lower than the average weight.

銆€銆€Conversely, a series of studies have found that slightly or moderately overweight, even 35% heavier than average weight, is less harmful to health than lighter weight.

銆€銆€Is it fat or thin, is it already clear?

6 reasons why you can’t think of getting fat, compare yourself to a few?

6 reasons why you can’t think of getting fat, compare yourself to a few?

Most people think that obesity is caused by lack of attention to diet or too little exercise.

But the latest research pointed out that obesity is not only caused by factors such as “can not control the mouth”, “do not open the legs” and other factors, but also affected by emotions and state, the following summarizes some of the reasons you definitely can not think of fat, check it.

銆€銆€Lonely When many people are in a bad mood, they often use a big drink to numb themselves, and loneliness has been shown to be more closely linked to weight gain.

A new study published in the journal Hormone and Behavior shows that people who feel lonely will secrete more brain-gut peptides, commonly known as 鈥渉ormone鈥? after eating, which will be hungry, eat more, and ultimately easier.Get fat.

銆€銆€A total of more than 600 studies involving married people found that after marriage, both husband and wife share the diet, go out for dinner, and the double amount will lead to more eating, and both sides are no longer like the pre-marriage, in order to pursue the enthusiasm of each other to maintain their body.

銆€銆€A study in the Food Disorders magazine pointed out that if you are forced to do something, you will inspire people’s rebellious psychology and cause a rebound.

銆€銆€Taking diet as an example, not eating a lot, but people will be eager to eat more, thus gaining psychological comfort, which is determined by the brain’s reward mechanism.

銆€銆€This is why many people fail to diet.

If you are on a diet or are restricted, you can eat at least one meal a week to release your desire for a diet.

銆€銆€Worried that when people are worried, if the body is stressed, it will force people to eat and relax.

Studies have shown that anxiety is one of the most important factors associated with weight gain.

In fact, people who have 2/3 eating disorders also have concerns about their weight.

銆€銆€Pressure on the body once it feels pressure, it will stimulate the secretion of adrenaline, this hormone will “squeeze” the fatty acids in the tiny cells into the blood supply to cope with stress, while the other hormone cortisol will not run out of blood.Fatty acids are stored in the abdomen.

銆€銆€Boring alone, when people are doing nothing, they lose the ability to rationally choose food. A new study in Health Psychology magazine shows that boredom makes people’s eating emotional, making wrong decisions in choosing food, than normal.Eat more junk foods that induce obesity.

Many people are asked why they want to eat snacks. The answer is 鈥渂ecause of boredom鈥?

銆€銆€A study in Frontier Psychology shows that when people feel dissatisfied, uneasy, and have no goals, they feel bored and do more unhealthy things.

Is it better to drink white tea with VS green tea and flower tea?


Is it better to drink white tea with VS green tea and flower tea?

[name]: white tea[origin]: Fujian Fuding white silver needle[Introduction]white tea one of the six major teas in China.

White tea is a specialty of Fujian. The main producing areas are Fuding, Zhenghe, Songxi and Jianyang.

The basic process is withering, baking (or dry), picking, re-fire and other processes.

Withering is a key process in the formation of white tea quality.

銆€銆€White tea has the characteristics of buds intact, covered with scent, fresh and fragrant, the soup is yellow and green, and the taste is light and sweet.

It is a slightly fermented tea and is a special treasure in primary tea.

Because the finished tea is mostly bud head, full of white, named as silver like snow.

銆€銆€White tea, as the name implies, is white in color and is rare in general areas.

White tea production has a history of about 200 years, originally created by Fuding City.

The city has an excellent variety of tea tree – Fuding big white tea, tea bud leaves covered with white hair, is a good raw material for tea, originally used this tea to produce white tea.

銆€銆€Why is brown color white?

This is because someone picks the tender, leafy white bud leaves, which are not fried or dried during processing, and dried with simmer, so that the white hair is completely preserved in the appearance of the tea. This is white.reason.

銆€銆€[Historical origin]White tea, known as a treasure in tea, has a long history, and its appearance has been restored for more than 880 years.

Song Huizong (Zhao Wei) in the “Daguan Tea Theory” (written in the 1107-1110 “Daguan” years, the book with the name of the year), there is a parallel monograph on white tea: white tea, self-contained, and different from ordinary tea.

Its article is arguing, its Ye Ying thin, between the cliffs, accidentally born, although not human can cause.

銆€銆€Some, but four or five; the living, but one or two; the end of the two or three (鑳? only.

There are not many buds, it is difficult to steam, and the soup fire has changed into a regular product.

It must be made in subtle, and the transportation is appropriate, and the watch is as clear as jade. It is incomparable.

Light baking is also available, but not as good as the product.

銆€銆€The Royal Tea Garden in the Song Dynasty was located in Beiyuan, Jian’an County, Fujian Province (now Jianye County, Fujian Province).

The white tea mentioned in “Daguan Tea Theory” is a wild white tea that was first produced on the Beiyuan Royal Roasted Tea Mountain.

The production method is still steamed and pressed into a group of tea, which is not the same as the current white tea method.

The production of white tea was made in the early years of Qing Jiaqing (1769).

In 1885, Fuding White Tea was changed to make a white silver needle.

銆€銆€When did the history of white tea start?

There are some different views in the tea school.

Some people think that white tea originated in the Northern Song Dynasty. The main reason is that white tea first appeared in “Daguan Tea Theory” and “Dongxi Tea Record” (the middle one of the seven tea tree varieties in Jian’an is “White Leaf Tea”).It is also believed that it started in the Ming Dynasty or the Qing Dynasty. Scholars who hold this view mainly distinguish tea from the preparation method of tea. Because the production process of white tea only passes through two processes of 鈥渨ilting and drying鈥?

銆€銆€Some scholars believe that the first tea in the history of Chinese tea production is not green tea or white tea.

The reason is: after the Chinese ancestors first discovered the medicinal value of tea, in order to preserve it, it is necessary to dry or toast the fresh tea bud leaves. This is the birth of white tea in the history of Chinese tea.

銆€銆€[Picking]The use of single buds as raw materials processed according to the processing technology of white tea, known as silver needle white; using Fuding big white tea, Fuding big black tea, Zhenghe Dabai, Fuan big white tea and other tea tree varieties of one bud and two leaves,White peony or new white tea processed according to white tea processing technology; using one bud and two leaves of vegetable tea, processing is made of Gongmei and Shoumei.

銆€銆€[Production Process]The production process of white tea is generally divided into two processes of withering and drying, and the key is to wither.

Withering is divided into indoor withering and polycarbonate withering.

It is necessary to be flexible according to the climate, and it is better to use indoor withering or double withering in sunny and sunny days or in sunny weather without sultry weather in summer.

銆€銆€The refining process is to remove the stems, flakes, wax leaves, red sheets, and dark sheets, and then simmer to the stems with simmer. Only the incense should be used to set off the tea fragrance. When the moisture content is 4-5%, the hot pack is

The white tea method is characterized in that it does not destroy the activity of the enzyme, does not promote the oxidation, and maintains a slight fragrance, and the soup tastes fresh and refreshing.

銆€銆€[Features]The most important feature of white tea is the white color of silver, which is known as the “green makeup”, and the bud head is fat and strong, the soup color is yellow, the taste is fresh and the leaves are tender and even.

Taste after brewing, sour and delicious, and also play a pharmacological role.

Chinese medicine rationalizes that white tea is cool and has the effect of reducing fever and reducing fire. Overseas Chinese often regard white tea as a rare treasure.銆€銆€The main varieties of white tea are white silver needle, white peony, new craft white tea, Gongmei, Shoumei and so on.

In particular, the white silver needles are all bud tips covered with white fur, and the shape is straight as a needle. Among the many teas, it is one of the best beauty in the shape.

The soup is light yellow, fresh and refreshing, and it is endless after drinking.

銆€銆€[Category]White tea is divided into bud tea (such as white silver needle) and leaf tea (such as white peony, new craft white tea, Gongmei, Shoumei) because of the different varieties of tea tree and raw materials (fresh leaves).

銆€銆€The main varieties of white tea are white silver needle, white peony, and new craft white tea.

Why does the white peony crown this elegant name?

The white peony has a silvery white heart and is shaped like a flower. After brewing, the green leaves hold the buds, just like the buds are released, so they have a good name.

銆€銆€The white peony is made from one bud and two leaves of the short shoots of the big white tea tree or the narcissus species. It is a superior product in white tea.

The white tea made from the fat buds of the big white tea tree is called 鈥渨hite silver needle鈥? It is named as a needle because of its white color like silver. It is the most valuable variety in white tea.

Its aroma is fresh, the soup is light yellow, and the taste is fresh and refreshing. It is the best in white tea.

The short buds and the white tea made from the tea (the nickname of the traditional shrub tea tree in Fujian tea area) are called “tribute tea” and “eyebrow tea”.

The quality of tribute tea is long-lasting eyebrow tea.

銆€銆€[Effect]The effects of white tea include: anti-cancer, anti-cancer, heatstroke prevention, detoxification, and treatment of toothache, especially the antipyretic drugs for young children suffering from measles in the old white tea. The antipyretic effect is better than antibiotics.

銆€銆€White tea is a kind of slightly fermented tea, which replaces the buds of the white rice and is processed in a specific and fine method without stir-fry.

The fresh leaves of white tea require “three whites”, that is, the buds and two pieces of young leaves are revealed in one piece.

The tea is full of velvet hair, white as silver, hence the name white tea.

銆€銆€White tea is divided into bud tea (such as white silver needle) and leaf tea (such as Gongmei) because of the different varieties of tea trees.

The bud tea which is processed by using single buds as thick material is called silver needle; the whole bud and one leaf leaf back are processed with thick white hair, which is called leaf bud, which is called white peony (large white tea variety tree, for miningThe quality of the first round of spring tea is better.

銆€銆€White tea is a specialty of Fujian. The main producing areas are Fuding, Zhenghe, Songxi and Jianyang.

銆€銆€The basic process of white tea is the withering, baking (or dry), picking, re-fire and other processing.

Withering is a key process in the formation of white tea quality.
銆€銆€White tea has a shape of buds intact or free-form flowers, covered with scent, and the scent of fresh and clear soup is green, and the taste is light and sweet.

銆€銆€What are the benefits of drinking white tea with green tea and flower tea?

銆€銆€In addition to the inherent nutrients of other teas, white tea also contains the active enzymes necessary for human body. Medical research at home and abroad has proven that long-term white tea can significantly increase lipoproteinlipase activity, promote slight catabolism, and effectively control secretion and secretion.The amount, delays the intestinal absorption of glucose powder, decomposes excess sugar in the body, and promotes blood sugar balance.

銆€銆€White tea is rich in a variety of amino acids, its cold and cold, with the effect of detoxification, heat and detoxification, a cup of white peony tea in the summer of the production area, few people will have heat stroke.

Therefore, white peony is one of the essential white teas for local tea farmers in summer.

In the adolescents of North China and Fujian, it is widely accepted as a medicine for the treatment of measles patients.

Therefore, Zhou Lianggong, a celebrity in the Qing Dynasty, contained in the book “Xiao Xiao Ji”: ‘White silver needle, the production of Taixue Mountain Hongxue Cave, its cold, gong and rhino horn, is the holy medicine for treating measles.

‘Now there is a Fuding Dabai tea original mother tree name ‘Green Snow Bud’ with more than 170 years old in Taimu Mountain.

The longer the white tea is stored, the higher its medicinal value.

White tea is also rich in vitamin A. After it is absorbed by the body, it can be quickly converted into vitamin A. Vitamin A can synthesize rhodopsin, which makes the eyes look more clear under dark light and can prevent night blindness and dry eye disease.

銆€銆€At the same time, white tea also has anti-radiation substances, which has a significant protective effect on the hematopoietic function of the human body and can reduce the harm of television radiation.

Therefore, drinking some white tea in the process of watching TV is beneficial and harmless. Especially children and young people should advocate drinking more white tea, which is conducive to protecting the eyes and strengthening the body.

銆€銆€Drinking white tea in summer is beneficial to healthy tea. It is divided into black tea, green tea, oolong tea, etc. according to the degree of fermentation and production methods. But have you heard of “white tea”?

Recently, the British “Best Nutrition” magazine introduced that compared to green tea, white tea retains more nutrients in tea because of its simple production process.

銆€銆€In China, white tea is not as common as green tea and oolong tea. However, there are also different varieties such as silver needle white and white peony. In the UK, drinking white tea is very popular.

Experts pointed out that the so-called white tea is made from tea picked in the early spring season.

At this time, tea leaves and tea buds are relatively tender, and the green leaves are covered with white hair, so it is called “white tea.”

銆€銆€White tea is simpler than black tea and green tea.

Basically, green tea is a tea that has not been fermented. It must be harvested, fried, simmered, dried, etc. during production.Black tea undergoes complete fermentation, and the fermentation degree is 80%-90%. The production process includes picking, withering, sputum, etc., but does not include fried green.

White tea is obtained by picking the tea leaves and only slightly, about 10%-30% of the fermentation, without any stir-fry or simmering action, directly dried or dried.

Since the production process is simple and processed with minimal processing, the white tea retains the nutrients in the tea leaves.

銆€銆€Experts pointed out that with the ratio of green tea and oolong tea, the content of tea polyphenols in white tea is high. It is a natural antioxidant that can improve immunity and protect cardiovascular.

White tea also contains the active enzymes necessary for the human body, which can promote slight catabolism, effectively control the amount of insulin secretion, decompose excess sugar in the body’s blood, and promote blood sugar balance.

銆€銆€In addition, people who regularly drink white tea in the summer rarely have heat stroke.

Experts believe that this is because white tea contains a lot of amino acids, which has the effects of antipyretic, heatstroke and detoxification.

The bactericidal effect of white tea is also stronger than green tea.

Dr. Milton Schiffenbo of Pace University in New York recently pointed out that he and the researchers put white tea in toothpaste and then applied it to a laboratory with bacteria.

Experiments have shown that the toothpaste mixed with white tea has a significantly enhanced bactericidal ability.

Therefore, he believes that drinking more white tea can help clean and healthy the mouth.

銆€銆€[Features and Classification]The most important feature of white tea is the white color of silver, which is known as the “green makeup”, and the head is fat, the soup is yellow, the taste is fresh, and the leaves are tender and even.

Taste after brewing, sour and delicious, and also play a pharmacological role.
Chinese medicine rationalizes that white tea is cool and has the effect of reducing fever and reducing fire. Overseas Chinese often regard silver needle tea as a rare treasure.

The main varieties of white tea are silver needle, white peony, Gongmei, and Shoumei.

In particular, the white silver needles are all bud tips covered with white fur, and the shape is straight as a needle. Among the many teas, it is one of the best beauty in the shape.

The soup is light yellow, fresh and refreshing, and it is endless after drinking.
White tea is divided into bud tea (such as white silver needle) and leaf tea (such as white peony, new white tea, Gongmei, Shoumei) because of the different varieties of tea tree and raw materials (fresh leaves).

The main varieties of white tea are white peony and white silver needle.

銆€銆€Why does the white peony crown this elegant name?

The white peony has a silvery white heart and is shaped like a flower. After brewing, the green leaves hold the buds, just like the buds are released, so they have a good name.
The white peony is made from one bud and two leaves of the short shoots of the big white tea tree or the narcissus species. It is a superior product in white tea.
The white tea made from the fat buds of the big white tea tree is called 鈥渨hite silver needle鈥? It is named as a needle because of its white color like silver. It is the most valuable variety in white tea.
Its aroma is fresh, the soup is light yellow, and the taste is fresh and refreshing. It is the best in white tea.
The short buds and the white tea made from the tea (the nickname of the traditional shrub tea tree in Fujian tea area) are called “tribute tea” and “eyebrow tea”.

The quality of tribute tea is long-lasting eyebrow tea.

The way of health in winter Thin clothes to protect the cold

The way of health in winter “Thin clothes to protect the cold”

Winter health care, “thin clothes to protect the cold” is also a good way to maintain health.
Below, we will introduce you to the specific considerations for winter thin clothes to keep out the cold, and you should not miss the health care.
銆€銆€Excessive warmth will reduce the body’s immunity. Excessive warmth will reduce the body’s immunity, making people stay in the “greenhouse flowers” for a long time, becoming vulnerable and vulnerable.
“Thin clothing to protect the cold” is also a way of health, body heat, children can be properly frozen, but pay attention to cold resistance while not being affected by the cold.
銆€銆€Days pass by, and the eyes have quietly crossed the lunar calendar “big snow” and marched toward the “winter solstice” step by step.
Cold and warm, this is a four-character rumor that Western medicine, especially cardiovascular, emergency department, pediatrics, and respiratory doctors must repeatedly chanting with patients every winter.
However, some experts have suggested that for those who are overheated, or those who have no cardiovascular problems, as well as young children, the appropriate “freezing and freezing” in the winter will help to strengthen immunity.
銆€銆€Cold is not terrible, and adaptation to the environment is human instinct.
鎸ㄥ喕鍜屼繚鏆栧苟闈炲畬鍏ㄧ殑鍖诲姝т箟锛岃€屾槸閽堝涓嶅悓浣撹川銆佸勾榫勩€佽韩浣撴潯浠剁殑浜虹兢锛屾彁鍑虹殑鍏蜂綋涓€у寲瑕佹眰锛屸€樺喕鈥欏苟闈炰汉浜鸿兘鎺ュ彈锛岀浉搴旂殑锛屸€樻殩鈥欎篃涓嶈寰楀姣廔ndividuals are good.
Excessive warmth will reduce the body’s immunity, making people stay in the state of ‘greenhouse flowers’ for a long time, becoming vulnerable and vulnerable.
“Thin clothing to protect the cold” is also a way to maintain health, but how to exercise cold-resistant while not being affected by the cold, is indeed the door technology.
銆€銆€灏忓効灏戠┛涓€浠跺ソ杩囧绌夸竴浠躲€€銆€鍒鍐ぉ锛屽氨鏄槬绉嬪鑺傦紝涔熺粡甯稿彲浠ョ湅鍒板緢澶氱埗姣嶅枩娆㈠皢瀛╁瓙绱х揣鈥樻崅浣忊€欙紝浼间箮姘歌繙閮芥瘮澶т汉澶氱┛涓€浠舵垨澶氱洊涓€灞傦紝I am afraid that my child will accidentally catch a cold.
銆€銆€Japanese children have been trying to spend the autumn and winter in shorts or short skirts since they were very young. Although we do not advocate knee joints in cold climates, this concept can still be used for reference. After the infants leave the mother, they need to gradually adapt to the outside world.Changes in cold and warm, adjust your body temperature, if you start to over-warm from the sputum, do not resist freezing, will be more delicate in the future, the chance of catching a cold is greater.
銆€銆€Adolescents and children are at the peak of growth and development, and the body’s metabolism is much faster than that of adults, so the body surface heat is very volatile, which is why the child is sweating after a little activity.
If the clothes are worn too much, sweating is continuous and not changed in time, the body fluids are excessively consumed, and the cold wind blows down and may become sick.
銆€銆€Therefore, for young children, parents don’t have to be too careful to make their clothes lighter and better. Even if you have a cold, don’t be too nervous. After all, Guangzhou’s winter is not cold, if his body adapts to a certain age.The cold air stimulation is beneficial to its habitual resistance to severe cold in the future.
Moreover, this can gradually improve the cold resistance of the child’s skin and nasal mucosa, and is also beneficial to the future physical fitness.
銆€銆€However, if the child’s head, chest, etc. are more likely to be upset and hot inside, but the child’s abdomen must be kept warm, because many children have a spleen-stomach phenomenon, when cold air directly stimulates the abdomen,May cause abdominal pain, which can damage the function of the spleen and stomach, so that the spleen and stomach can not operate normally.
Therefore, “warm warm” is still an important part of children’s winter health care.
銆€銆€The old man’s morning exercise or winter swimming is not too strong. Although the winter swimming can really keep fit, but the elderly who have not had such experience should not try it easily, so that the body can’t adapt to sudden cold stimulation and get sick.
銆€銆€鈥淐old and warm鈥?is not suitable for all elderly people. For those without cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension and atherosclerosis, cold-resistant exercise can also be tried.
Winter swimming has a certain mass base in both the north and the south of China. It is often seen that the old man who is over seventy years old still swims barefoot.
銆€銆€However, there are not a few winter swimmers who send medical doctors every year. This kind of extreme cold-resistant exercise is common to swimming techniques, or people who are used to washing their faces with hot water and never tried cold water baths.Not easy to try.
Experts say that cold-resistant exercise must be gradual, and should not arbitrarily challenge the ultimate strength that you are not sure.
銆€銆€Winter morning exercises should also pay attention to personal conditions. People who climb mountains every day in summer are not necessarily suitable for winter uphill.
If you have had facial paralysis or cardiovascular disease, and those who have asthma and cough in the body, it is best not to exercise outdoors in the colder morning, and the temperature on the mountain is lower, increasing the risk of illness.
銆€銆€If you want to “tame” the low-temperature climate, healthy people can wash their faces and wash their hands from cold water. In the long run, they can increase their resistance and reduce the number of colds.
In the process of 鈥渢aming鈥?cold, the elderly will naturally increase oxygen consumption and increase the basal metabolic rate. The high level of heat production can last for several months, which is good for longevity.
銆€銆€Those with better physical temperament are more suitable for cold-resistant training than those with qi-deficiency and yang deficiency. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, people with moderate physical temperament are more suitable for cold-resistant training than those with cold constitution and qi deficiency and yang deficiency.
The cold is available to the former, but it is a threat to the latter.
銆€銆€Those who are too hot will not feel uncomfortable when they are stimulated by the same degree of cold. On the contrary, they will feel very comfortable. For those with cold constitution, once they are slightly stimulated by cold, they may have many digestive tract reactions such as diarrhea and abdominal pain.
銆€銆€However, those who are themselves qi-deficiency and yang deficiency should not be afraid of cold-resistant training against their own objective conditions. For those who are physically hot, they can fully wear thin clothes, wash their faces with cold water or wipe their bodies, and exercise in a cold air environment.In the winter, the myocardial function and the body’s self-control ability are further enhanced, and the blood vessel elasticity of the human body is also enhanced, and the blood flow is increased, thereby improving the blood supply to the coronary artery, and at the same time improving the regulation function of the nervous system and the endocrine system.

A bottle of good water is better than Victoria C drink


A bottle of good water is better than Victoria C drink

The vitamin C content of the beverage exceeds the intake of vitamin C. It is called ascorbic acid. As a kind of calcium carbonate, its main function is to reduce the damage of free radicals by resisting the oxidation of human nuclear plasma.

Vitamin C itself cannot be synthesized in the body and must be replenished daily through food.

Adults should recommend a daily intake of 60-100 mg.

銆€銆€Liu Yang, from the Institute of Agricultural Products Processing of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, believes that the current C content of vitamin C beverages in the market is between 25-50 mm per 100 ml, and most vitamin C content is above 40 mg/100 ml.

Each bottle of beverage is calculated according to 500 ml, and the C content of each bottle of beverage is 200 mg, which is much higher than the recommended intake of adults.

At the same time, he believes that vitamin C beverages generally have a high sugar content, and a large number of repetitions will lead to excessive sugar absorption and excess energy absorption.

At the same time, vitamin C beverages contain preservatives, pigments, antioxidants, pectin, vitamins, flavors, sweeteners, etc. These are not the nutrients needed by the human body.

銆€銆€Experts do not advocate drinking Zhang Wei, deputy director of the nutrition department of Weiweixi Beverage Tongren Hospital, against all drinks. He said: “Whether it is tempting to pack this product in some form, no matter the size or advertisement,It is not necessary.

Vitamin C is a vitamin supplement. We can satisfy the body’s needs by eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

Excessive intake of vitamin C, one is not necessary, in addition to a large number of long-term supplements will cause replacement, once the dose is reduced, it may cause visceral bleeding, bleeding gums, skin spots and other symptoms.

Of course, the above situation is a more extreme example.

Li Ning, the chief physician of the Department of Nutrition, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, does not advocate drinking vitamin C beverages: “Because the sugar in the drink contains too much sugar, it does not have any benefit to the human body, which can cause obesity, and it also has certain risks for diabetes.
Therefore, people with high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should pay attention to drink less.

“Drinking Vitamin C Drinks Cannot Be Beautyd Many people choose Victoria C drinks to be directed at their “healthy, beautiful” slogan.

In this regard, Professor Bao Ping, a member of the College of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering of China Agricultural University, said: “Vitamin C drinks have no effect on beauty, so it is better to drink more natural mineral water.

At the same time, in the daily life, we should eat some natural fruits and vegetables. The vitamin C that we supplement from the food is better than the vitamin C obtained by drinking this kind of beverage.

“” The color of the person is closely related to the state of the body. Protein, traces, impurities and other factors determine the main aspects of the body’s quality, and then minerals, vitamins regulate energy metabolism.

Vitamin C has anti-oxidation effect and can prevent cancer and anti-aging, but it is not manifested in the appearance. The synergistic effect of vitamin C and other substances in fruits will have this effect.

Zhang Qian said.

銆€銆€Vitamin C beverages are not as good as natural plant protein studies. Eating more vegetables and fruits can reduce cancer, heart disease and diabetes, but 鈥渢here is no evidence that drinking vitamin C can replace vegetables and fruits while at the same time.
Liu Yang said.

Liu Yang clearly stated that the vitamin C required by the human body should be satisfied by daily intake of vegetables and fruits, followed by juice, vegetable juice, and finally vitamin C beverage.

Eat vegetables, fruits can also add other nutrients, such as other types of vitamins, flavonoids, carotene, anthocyanins, fiber, potassium, magnesium and so on.

These nutrients work synergistically with Vitamin C to make the human body grow healthily.

銆€銆€Experts suggest that in the process of choosing beverages, you can try to choose beverages with less additives, low sugar, natural substances, especially natural mineral water.

Of course, if you have a special need for beauty, add vitamin E-rich natural vegetable protein drinks, such as peanut milk, walnut milk and other nut drinks.

According to the “Science and Technology Daily” among the various beverages, Vitamin C beverages are favored by many fashionable white-collar workers, especially women, because of their unique taste and sweet and delicious, beautiful publicity slogan; and this kind of beverage can really supplementNutrition and beauty?

Most experts do not recognize this.

6 things can’t be taken care of


6 things can’t be taken care of

Lead: When things come, not only do you have time to eat and sleep, but even the “three urgents” in the body often “bear and endure.”

In some special cases, sputum, sputum, etc. also have the hardship of “unspeakable”.

[鎲嬪翱]-Beware of uremia!

When the storage space of the bladder reaches a certain limit, it will be exploding, causing serious consequences; if the urine is too much, it will replace the bladder, it will be replaced by the ureter, which may lead to uremia, bladder sphincterIt will also become slack.

Therefore, once people have a sense of urine, they must be excreted in time.

[鎲嬩究]-Beware of colon cancer!

It is a bad habit, the stool is not discharged in time, and the water will be repeatedly absorbed repeatedly, causing the stool to dry out.

The toxins in the stool accumulate in the body for too long, and the harmful substances are absorbed intrinsically, and there will be symptoms such as a lot of mental committee, dizziness, fatigue, loss of appetite, etc.; in severe cases, it may even cause cancer.

[鎲?fart]- Beware of body inflammation!

If you are awkward, these harmful substances can not be discharged, it will also be called mucous membrane repeated absorption, chest tightness, abdominal distension and other symptoms.

Frequent fart, causing chronic poisoning, resulting in lack of energy, indigestion, dizziness and sallow complexion.

[鎲嬫皵]- It is easy to suffocate in the long run!

If the time of hernia is too long, it will cause dizziness, chest tightness and other symptoms, then it is best for the elderly to exercise less.

As the age of the elderly grows, the body’s quality is getting weaker and weaker, and the body’s ability to withstand all aspects will be weakened. The suffocation will affect the balance of the breath, so that the inhaled oxygen can not enter the blood normally, causing imbalance in the body’s oxygen supply.

[鎲嬩钩]-Beware of breast cancer!

Bao’s nutritional products do not have any toxicity in themselves, but because the female’s nipple is connected to the outside air, if too much milk is not discharged in time, external harmful substances such as harmful gases or bacteria will invade, causing bacterial infection, even serious.Can cause acute mastitis.

[鎲嬬簿]- Beware of loss of sexual function!

If you have sex for a long time because of busy work, etc., it will aggravate the symptoms of endocrine disruption disorder, leading to a decline in sexual function.

If the semen is continuously deposited in the seminal vesicle and does not transfer normally, the insulin pill will overcome the “high pressure”, which may cause loss of spermatogenic ability, and gradually lead to atrophy of the insulin pill, loss of sexual function, backache, leg weakness, fatigue, insomnia, moodA series of physical symptoms such as depression, memory loss, and skin aging are also linked.

Eat more tonic can live longer?


There are some misunderstandings in the old people’s suspicion

Eat more tonic can live longer?
There are some misunderstandings in the old people’s suspicion

It must be said that older people pay more attention to health than young people, but because of this, various health information is easy to distinguish, and it is correct. It is a mistake that should not be believed.

Let’s take a look at the health rumors that are most easily credulous for the elderly.
銆€銆€1, drink bone soup can make calcium?

銆€銆€There has always been a saying that drinking bone soup to supplement calcium, many old people believe that some pregnant women also believe.

The reason for this statement is what to eat, and the bone soup can definitely make up the bones.

Some people say that the bone soup is made into milky white, which means that the effect of calcium supplementation is better.

In fact, relying solely on drinking bone soup can not achieve the purpose of calcium supplementation, because calcium supplementation is best involved in magnesium, which can promote absorption, and there is very little magnesium in the bone.

At the same time, there is a lot of phosphorus in the bone, and phosphorus can take away calcium, but it is lost in calcium.

Therefore, it is best to make up for food. If you want to supplement calcium through diet, the effect of drinking milk is better than drinking bone soup.

銆€銆€2, to lose weight can not eat dinner?

銆€銆€Nowadays, a popular way to lose weight is to eat no staple food at night, just to eat low-carbohydrate foods like tomatoes, cucumbers and vegetables.

This single diet leads to inadequate nutrition and long-term adverse effects on the body.

銆€銆€3, eat more tonic can live longer through the improvement of living standards and material rich, old people in order to be healthy and prolonged life, will buy a lot of tonics to eat a lot.

As the age increases, the functions of the body gradually weaken, and appropriate tonic can slow down the decline of physiological functions and gradually aging.

However, tonic depends on the physical condition. It cannot be said that if you find your own deficiency, you will make up for it. If you do not divide your body and symptoms, you may be counterproductive and cause diseases that you should not have.

銆€銆€4, fungus celery can reduce blood pressure Many elderly people have high blood pressure problems, then how to lower blood pressure?

There is a saying that “the fungus celery can reduce blood pressure.”

Fungus, celery are very good vegetables, but it is a bit exaggerated to say that they both depressurize.

Older friends must bear in mind that food does not equal medicine. If you get sick, you must seek treatment from a specialist. Many chronic diseases can be effectively controlled by taking medicine.

If the old man listens to this kind of health rumor is not good to take antihypertensive drugs, only hope that eating fungus celery can reduce blood pressure, it will lead to repeated fluctuations in blood pressure, damage to the brain, heart and kidneys.

銆€銆€5, oil and salt do not enter the blood pressure lowering blood pressure high blood pressure patients do not recommend more salt and more oil.

Excessive consumption of edible oil can easily lead to an increase in blood lipids and accelerate the formation of blood clots.

銆€銆€Out of concerns about these two points, some elderly people simply do not eat oil and salt, and want to completely eliminate the risk.

But things are extremely counter-productive. Salt and oil are not healthy enemies. Not taking them at all may lead to the lack of some nutrients.

Therefore, old friends should learn to properly control oil and reduce salt.

So what is the correct amount of oil and salt intake?

The amount of salt per person per day should be less than 6 grams, and the amount of edible oil should be 25 grams?
Between 30 grams.

銆€銆€6, the morning morning, the sooner the better, many people feel that they go to bed early and get up early and exercise well.

In fact, if the exercise time is too early, the sun has not yet risen, the green plants have not carried out photosynthesis overnight, and the accumulation of potassium carbonate in the air is not conducive to morning exercise.

In addition, the coronary artery tension is high in the morning, and the sympathetic nerves are also more exciting, which is prone to sudden cardiovascular disease.

It is best for the elderly to practice in the morning after 6 o’clock. Drink some water before going out to eat breakfast, so as to avoid hypoglycemia. It is better to have a quiet park or an open view square. Do not exercise on the road above the traffic.

In fact, Chinese medicine is not necessarily hot

In fact, Chinese medicine is not necessarily “hot”

Xu Lingtai, a famous medical scientist in the Qing Dynasty, once said: “The more the disease is not healed, the more serious the disease will be. If the disease is not ruined by the disease, it will be harmless, but it will be harmful.” Three hundred years agoMedical scientists have realized that the correct method of taking decoction can speed up the improvement of the condition, and the wrong way of taking will make the condition worse.
It can be seen that whether the method of taking the decoction is correct directly affects the absorption and treatment effect of the drug in the human body.
銆€銆€The method of taking the decoction must be correct, and the temperature of the medication is also very particular.
The folks have the saying that they are 鈥渉ot鈥? but this is not completely accurate.
銆€銆€For Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine has an old saying, called “yang disease hot clothes, Yin disease cold clothes.”
Specifically, it can be divided into three types: hot clothes, warm clothes and cool clothes.
Hot clothes and cool clothes should be analyzed according to the situation. The medicine for treating fever can be cold clothes, and the cold disease should be hot.
銆€銆€Hot clothes: Take it when the medicine is hot.
Treatment of cold disease should be hot, that is, patients with aversion to cold fever, no sweat, cold abdominal pain, cold limbs, pale tongue, thin white skin and other symptoms should be taken hot, and can eat hot porridge after servingDrink some hot water to help the medicine.
銆€銆€Warm clothes: After the medicine is fried, put it for a while, and wait until it is not cold or hot.
The general Chinese medicine decoction should be “warm”, such as Pinghe tonic.
銆€銆€Cool clothes: After the liquid is cooled, take it.
Treatment of fever should be cold clothes, patients with fever often manifest as symptoms of fever, thirst, dry stool, short yellow urine, red tongue, yellow tongue coating, fast pulse and other symptoms.
Cold medicines include antidote, antiemetic, and heat-clearing drugs.
In the south of China, some “herbal tea” that is often taken in the summer is actually a kind of traditional Chinese medicine.
銆€銆€Under normal circumstances, most of them called “soup” (such as “Guizhi Tang”, etc.) should be heated, and most of them called “drinking” (such as Dayuan) require cold clothes.
However, to be cautious, it is best for the patient to ask the Chinese medicine practitioner how to take the medicine after the medicine is opened to prevent deviation.

Chinese Qigong visceral massage

Chinese Qigong visceral massage

Nowadays, many middle-aged and elderly people will practice qigong in the park or in the square. The Qigong regimen is also the state in which people can best achieve the unity of mind and body.
The core of Qigong is to adjust, adjust, and adjust the heart, and to adjust the heart is also the core of the core.
Tune, that is, through the exercise of body posture and movement, promote the normal function of the human nervous system and cardiovascular system.
Adjusting the temperament, that is, through the deep and gentle breathing movement, enhances the oxygen exchange of the alveoli, thereby stimulating the functions of the heart, lungs and various systems of the body.
銆€銆€To adjust the mind, that is, on the basis of setting a certain posture, adjusting the breathing mode and relaxing the mind, to eliminate the distracting thoughts, and to return to the mind, the brain enters a special state of “into the static”, so that the brain cell activity tends to be ordered, the brainFully rested, thus enhancing the coordination of the cortical and subcortical centers, improving the body’s ability to repair and disease.
Chinese medicine believes that “fine, qi, and god” is the three treasures of life. As long as the qigong is used properly, it can raise the refined gas, train the spirit, and achieve the anti-aging purpose of perfection, qiwang and divine.
銆€銆€The types of Qigong can be divided into two types: static and static.
鈥淢oving鈥?is to adjust and strengthen the physiology of various systems throughout the body through the slow and rhythmic rhythm and the rhythmic gymnastics posture and movements, combined with the 鈥渧isceral massage鈥?(internal motion) produced by self-massage and abdominal breathing.Function, to achieve the role of rickets and years.
銆€銆€”Static” is a self-exercise through mind and breathing, which enables the practitioner to enter a static state, thereby adjusting and enhancing the physiological functions of the various systems of the body.
“Moving” and “quiet” are relative, “moving power” is mainly based on movement, and there is static in movement; “static power” is mainly static, and there is movement in silence.
銆€銆€The genre of qigong can be roughly divided into the venting school, which is mainly composed of breathing, and the meditation school, which is mainly based on body movements and self-massage.
This is a genre of breathing exercises.
銆€銆€The temperament is to use the breath holding screen as a method of adjusting interest rates.
Tao Hongjing of the Southern and Northern Dynasties said in the “National Deferred Life Record”: “The body is lying in the air, and the air is not in the heart, counting to two hundred, but it is exhaled.”
“It is now generally simplified to the “suck-stop-call” method.
銆€銆€The exhalation is based on prolonging the exhalation time.
Tao Hongjing created the “six-character pipa”, that is, when exhaling, he issued different “voices, 鍢? 鍛? (t-words to 灞?plus four), 鍢? in the mouth.
It is now generally simplified to the “call-stop-suck” method.
銆€銆€The meditation school, this is a qigong genre with thoughts and thoughts as the mainstay. It is also called meditation or meditation. It requires introverted thoughts and meditation, that is, the practice of meditation.
銆€銆€The law of interest, including the numeration of the number-based “counting method” and the “hittering method” of listening to the breath with the ear.
銆€銆€Save ideas, use ideas and imagination to achieve the purpose of eliminating distractions and entering silence.
Save my god and think about myself.
The object or object of thought can be its own internal scene, such as the shape, color or a part of the body of the internal organs. This is called “internal vision”.
You can also think about the location, such as blue sky, white clouds, flowers, and beautiful scenery.
If you imagine a group of hot air, from the small abdomen of Dantian to the perineum point, over the tail scorpion, the life gate (the ridge), and then down to the small belly Dantian, so the stream is endless, called Xiao Zhoutian.
If this kind of internal air is induced to the odd eight-vein or twelve-way meridians, it is called the big Sunday.
銆€銆€Guided, this is a genre of qigong and self-massage.
It originated from the dances of ancient times, and was later called the guide press (from the word to the giant plus Joe).
The representative exercises include 鈥淔ive Birds Play鈥?and 鈥淭ai Chi鈥?