Eat more tonic can live longer?


There are some misunderstandings in the old people’s suspicion

Eat more tonic can live longer?
There are some misunderstandings in the old people’s suspicion

It must be said that older people pay more attention to health than young people, but because of this, various health information is easy to distinguish, and it is correct. It is a mistake that should not be believed.

Let’s take a look at the health rumors that are most easily credulous for the elderly.
銆€銆€1, drink bone soup can make calcium?

銆€銆€There has always been a saying that drinking bone soup to supplement calcium, many old people believe that some pregnant women also believe.

The reason for this statement is what to eat, and the bone soup can definitely make up the bones.

Some people say that the bone soup is made into milky white, which means that the effect of calcium supplementation is better.

In fact, relying solely on drinking bone soup can not achieve the purpose of calcium supplementation, because calcium supplementation is best involved in magnesium, which can promote absorption, and there is very little magnesium in the bone.

At the same time, there is a lot of phosphorus in the bone, and phosphorus can take away calcium, but it is lost in calcium.

Therefore, it is best to make up for food. If you want to supplement calcium through diet, the effect of drinking milk is better than drinking bone soup.

銆€銆€2, to lose weight can not eat dinner?

銆€銆€Nowadays, a popular way to lose weight is to eat no staple food at night, just to eat low-carbohydrate foods like tomatoes, cucumbers and vegetables.

This single diet leads to inadequate nutrition and long-term adverse effects on the body.

銆€銆€3, eat more tonic can live longer through the improvement of living standards and material rich, old people in order to be healthy and prolonged life, will buy a lot of tonics to eat a lot.

As the age increases, the functions of the body gradually weaken, and appropriate tonic can slow down the decline of physiological functions and gradually aging.

However, tonic depends on the physical condition. It cannot be said that if you find your own deficiency, you will make up for it. If you do not divide your body and symptoms, you may be counterproductive and cause diseases that you should not have.

銆€銆€4, fungus celery can reduce blood pressure Many elderly people have high blood pressure problems, then how to lower blood pressure?

There is a saying that “the fungus celery can reduce blood pressure.”

Fungus, celery are very good vegetables, but it is a bit exaggerated to say that they both depressurize.

Older friends must bear in mind that food does not equal medicine. If you get sick, you must seek treatment from a specialist. Many chronic diseases can be effectively controlled by taking medicine.

If the old man listens to this kind of health rumor is not good to take antihypertensive drugs, only hope that eating fungus celery can reduce blood pressure, it will lead to repeated fluctuations in blood pressure, damage to the brain, heart and kidneys.

銆€銆€5, oil and salt do not enter the blood pressure lowering blood pressure high blood pressure patients do not recommend more salt and more oil.

Excessive consumption of edible oil can easily lead to an increase in blood lipids and accelerate the formation of blood clots.

銆€銆€Out of concerns about these two points, some elderly people simply do not eat oil and salt, and want to completely eliminate the risk.

But things are extremely counter-productive. Salt and oil are not healthy enemies. Not taking them at all may lead to the lack of some nutrients.

Therefore, old friends should learn to properly control oil and reduce salt.

So what is the correct amount of oil and salt intake?

The amount of salt per person per day should be less than 6 grams, and the amount of edible oil should be 25 grams?
Between 30 grams.

銆€銆€6, the morning morning, the sooner the better, many people feel that they go to bed early and get up early and exercise well.

In fact, if the exercise time is too early, the sun has not yet risen, the green plants have not carried out photosynthesis overnight, and the accumulation of potassium carbonate in the air is not conducive to morning exercise.

In addition, the coronary artery tension is high in the morning, and the sympathetic nerves are also more exciting, which is prone to sudden cardiovascular disease.

It is best for the elderly to practice in the morning after 6 o’clock. Drink some water before going out to eat breakfast, so as to avoid hypoglycemia. It is better to have a quiet park or an open view square. Do not exercise on the road above the traffic.

In fact, Chinese medicine is not necessarily hot

In fact, Chinese medicine is not necessarily “hot”

Xu Lingtai, a famous medical scientist in the Qing Dynasty, once said: “The more the disease is not healed, the more serious the disease will be. If the disease is not ruined by the disease, it will be harmless, but it will be harmful.” Three hundred years agoMedical scientists have realized that the correct method of taking decoction can speed up the improvement of the condition, and the wrong way of taking will make the condition worse.
It can be seen that whether the method of taking the decoction is correct directly affects the absorption and treatment effect of the drug in the human body.
銆€銆€The method of taking the decoction must be correct, and the temperature of the medication is also very particular.
The folks have the saying that they are 鈥渉ot鈥? but this is not completely accurate.
銆€銆€For Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine has an old saying, called “yang disease hot clothes, Yin disease cold clothes.”
Specifically, it can be divided into three types: hot clothes, warm clothes and cool clothes.
Hot clothes and cool clothes should be analyzed according to the situation. The medicine for treating fever can be cold clothes, and the cold disease should be hot.
銆€銆€Hot clothes: Take it when the medicine is hot.
Treatment of cold disease should be hot, that is, patients with aversion to cold fever, no sweat, cold abdominal pain, cold limbs, pale tongue, thin white skin and other symptoms should be taken hot, and can eat hot porridge after servingDrink some hot water to help the medicine.
銆€銆€Warm clothes: After the medicine is fried, put it for a while, and wait until it is not cold or hot.
The general Chinese medicine decoction should be “warm”, such as Pinghe tonic.
銆€銆€Cool clothes: After the liquid is cooled, take it.
Treatment of fever should be cold clothes, patients with fever often manifest as symptoms of fever, thirst, dry stool, short yellow urine, red tongue, yellow tongue coating, fast pulse and other symptoms.
Cold medicines include antidote, antiemetic, and heat-clearing drugs.
In the south of China, some “herbal tea” that is often taken in the summer is actually a kind of traditional Chinese medicine.
銆€銆€Under normal circumstances, most of them called “soup” (such as “Guizhi Tang”, etc.) should be heated, and most of them called “drinking” (such as Dayuan) require cold clothes.
However, to be cautious, it is best for the patient to ask the Chinese medicine practitioner how to take the medicine after the medicine is opened to prevent deviation.

Chinese Qigong visceral massage

Chinese Qigong visceral massage

Nowadays, many middle-aged and elderly people will practice qigong in the park or in the square. The Qigong regimen is also the state in which people can best achieve the unity of mind and body.
The core of Qigong is to adjust, adjust, and adjust the heart, and to adjust the heart is also the core of the core.
Tune, that is, through the exercise of body posture and movement, promote the normal function of the human nervous system and cardiovascular system.
Adjusting the temperament, that is, through the deep and gentle breathing movement, enhances the oxygen exchange of the alveoli, thereby stimulating the functions of the heart, lungs and various systems of the body.
銆€銆€To adjust the mind, that is, on the basis of setting a certain posture, adjusting the breathing mode and relaxing the mind, to eliminate the distracting thoughts, and to return to the mind, the brain enters a special state of “into the static”, so that the brain cell activity tends to be ordered, the brainFully rested, thus enhancing the coordination of the cortical and subcortical centers, improving the body’s ability to repair and disease.
Chinese medicine believes that “fine, qi, and god” is the three treasures of life. As long as the qigong is used properly, it can raise the refined gas, train the spirit, and achieve the anti-aging purpose of perfection, qiwang and divine.
銆€銆€The types of Qigong can be divided into two types: static and static.
鈥淢oving鈥?is to adjust and strengthen the physiology of various systems throughout the body through the slow and rhythmic rhythm and the rhythmic gymnastics posture and movements, combined with the 鈥渧isceral massage鈥?(internal motion) produced by self-massage and abdominal breathing.Function, to achieve the role of rickets and years.
銆€銆€”Static” is a self-exercise through mind and breathing, which enables the practitioner to enter a static state, thereby adjusting and enhancing the physiological functions of the various systems of the body.
“Moving” and “quiet” are relative, “moving power” is mainly based on movement, and there is static in movement; “static power” is mainly static, and there is movement in silence.
銆€銆€The genre of qigong can be roughly divided into the venting school, which is mainly composed of breathing, and the meditation school, which is mainly based on body movements and self-massage.
This is a genre of breathing exercises.
銆€銆€The temperament is to use the breath holding screen as a method of adjusting interest rates.
Tao Hongjing of the Southern and Northern Dynasties said in the “National Deferred Life Record”: “The body is lying in the air, and the air is not in the heart, counting to two hundred, but it is exhaled.”
“It is now generally simplified to the “suck-stop-call” method.
銆€銆€The exhalation is based on prolonging the exhalation time.
Tao Hongjing created the “six-character pipa”, that is, when exhaling, he issued different “voices, 鍢? 鍛? (t-words to 灞?plus four), 鍢? in the mouth.
It is now generally simplified to the “call-stop-suck” method.
銆€銆€The meditation school, this is a qigong genre with thoughts and thoughts as the mainstay. It is also called meditation or meditation. It requires introverted thoughts and meditation, that is, the practice of meditation.
銆€銆€The law of interest, including the numeration of the number-based “counting method” and the “hittering method” of listening to the breath with the ear.
銆€銆€Save ideas, use ideas and imagination to achieve the purpose of eliminating distractions and entering silence.
Save my god and think about myself.
The object or object of thought can be its own internal scene, such as the shape, color or a part of the body of the internal organs. This is called “internal vision”.
You can also think about the location, such as blue sky, white clouds, flowers, and beautiful scenery.
If you imagine a group of hot air, from the small abdomen of Dantian to the perineum point, over the tail scorpion, the life gate (the ridge), and then down to the small belly Dantian, so the stream is endless, called Xiao Zhoutian.
If this kind of internal air is induced to the odd eight-vein or twelve-way meridians, it is called the big Sunday.
銆€銆€Guided, this is a genre of qigong and self-massage.
It originated from the dances of ancient times, and was later called the guide press (from the word to the giant plus Joe).
The representative exercises include 鈥淔ive Birds Play鈥?and 鈥淭ai Chi鈥?

Experts found five new methods of longevity


Experts found five new methods of longevity

How to achieve lifelong life is a long-awaited proposition of scientists from all over the world.

On June 1st, the American Journal of Online Medicine pointed out the five magic weapons of longevity.

If you insist on doing this, you can live for at least a few years.


Eat an unprocessed vegetable every day for 2 years.

The findings came from experiments by Italian researchers.

But remember, it must be unprocessed because cooking consumes 30% of the antioxidants in vegetables.

But how do you achieve the required intake?

The researchers suggested stuffing chopped peppers, green peppers, carrots and other vegetables into bread and treating it as breakfast or lunch.


Keep the body mass index (BMI) at 25-35 and extend life for 3 years.

Researchers at the University of Alabama in the United States have found that excess adults increase their chances of diabetes and heart disease.

The BMI (weight (kilograms) / height (m) squared) kept at 25-35 caused these diseases to occur.

But this requires persistence in exercise.

Duke University research shows that if a partner is accompanied by exercise, a sedentary man who is exercising three times a week may increase by 50%.


Eat nuts 5 times a week for 3 years.

A survey conducted by the University of Loma, USA, found that people who insisted on chewing nuts for five days a week lived 2 more than the average person.

9 years.

It is enough to eat 2 ounces (about 57 grams) of nuts a day.


Tell yourself that 鈥渢he life after retirement is still colorful鈥?and can be extended to life.

5 years.

The study was from the University of Yaya.

Experts pointed out that the elderly should give more fun to their later life, cultivate some interest, or do more public welfare.

The “Objective Medicine” magazine research report shows that selfless behavior will have a positive impact on people’s lives and can remove attention from some unhappy things.


Make more friends and extend your life for 7 years.

American researchers have found that people with a wide circle of friends have an average life extension of seven years.

Therefore, try to get to know new faces at work or take the initiative to say hello to neighbors who have never met.