his son and clutch, clutch the 苏州桑拿right of the father, Bo stood behind the four people opt laughing at the camera.

  Every tired, he would look at the photo charge, others to study the rise of China, he was also considered for the laid-back father, grandfather relax and work it?His hand gently brushed photo frame, the same gentle smile.
  Travel time cards very well, four in the afternoon, pre-arranged trip end on time, Pei Shaoyang back to the office, began to send messages at the mobile phone to confirm position after a good time, then proceed directly, as this is the group’s president privilege, not deducting money late and leave early.
  The point of no traffic jams, Pei Shaoyang to a private restaurant located at the south, he entered the room he took off his coat, the house Heating was very full, dignitaries whole body warm, he was a regular customer, the 深圳桑拿网waiter would not have him opening, they lead to the front, he walked straight up with his long predefined box.
  ”I’ve ordered food, etc..Five o’clock when serving.”After Pei Shaoyang glanced at the watch, and the waiter confirmed serving time, then sat back to relax a little, since the microblogging brush.
  After entering the information age, all the news spread are exceptionally fast, wealthy people also come to the stage of non-rare thing, gossip and even a special account used to share their gossip, Kurtis Pei Shaoyang been for protection was very good until his successor, it is considered officially come to the stage, because he was young, handsome looks, just not long after taking office, it triggered a lot of attention to the network, and even got an inexplicable “the most handsome rich three generations” in the title, of co深圳桑拿网urse, for this title Pei Shaoyang Jingxiebumin of.
  He was initially concerned about these messages, or because those amazing rumors of his father, he sometimes bad mood, always take them to smile, feels fun.
  ”Hello, handsome rich three generations of the legendary.”He is looking quit