Siege corner

When the autumn wind that stepped on my face, there is a feeling came into my mind, is not painful stimulation.Especially when it leaves with that group, such as resentment like weeping children that stopped to wave ripples in the lake, looked so real, like a late spring Fallen flowers lying in the water as spring fever, people Chang Huai a grateful heart.After all they had gone through all things pet, no matter how deep love sac had bound their souls, or in the future those who love the no looking back, would only be able to see those, too shredded without a trace, it will be considered to be an irresistible track, resentment worth mentioning hate worth mentioning, will remain in the memory of reincarnation.    If that burst of autumn winds, so affectionate way more than a compassion to follow, you can handle stretch into the inboard edges not feel the icy water, is not the Lotus was exposed sharp angle, then crumbled ding Dong, the also feel the same.Then pick the golden leaf willow far donated to the guests, it will be happy to give you a jump Family fun.You will feel looked at the elegant Beau looked Huang suddenly burst child, not at all like a dream of reason, will let you in circumstances sky was clear, enjoying a life of wonderful.Do not forget, when they are good enough for any action of your infection and her heartbeat, she let you use really appreciate the timely and appropriate for the touch, then my heart will be open flowers, such as The Story of Qiu chastity is so charming.    That day morning, for a long time have not had the kind of morning, sky blue so that everyone will feel excited, although not spring water but is also considered to be very clear (the edges of the city drenched, blue waves now say only “show “.), The wind also comfortable, the air is not so a long time.    I thought to myself elementary school situation out there, and today I can finally tell people do not want to say in his heart, a long absence, my beloved.Expert opinion is the expert, the cold air settled in their homes is to allow us to enjoy a rare back treatment.Chinese people have a habit of gifts, that is no way, when the thought of some blood let a little thing run smoothly, whether it is a good habit or bad habit, what I want to go against their own principles in life, who let cool all year round so thirty-two days to once and sustain such weather conditions, I am willing to come up with half of the monthly income to him, the commission if the check down, I can only assure accountability bribery, accepting not to pursue bribery.However, I know that this is a real fear of China Dream.    After all rare, this time to really enjoy the winding streets.There are men and women passing, that a woman reached out toward the lake refers to the man said: This child is man gentile.Sawed child is human gentile?Tree gentile, water gentile, aquatic organisms as children, or give the impression that all components gentile, is man gentile?It is too difficult, too complicated, but how do I does not fit, like a problem bothering me.    To say, this explanation is not unreasonable.We are the “people-oriented” for all the stress, phenomenon on Earth there is no fixed change does not embody the human mind and consciousness of it.How many members of the Earth’s ecology, we can not tell, in our perception, every man as a species and ecological effects of exerting influence.On the current situation, humans can dominate that changes in the ecological cycle of ecological environment.So, seeing all this is not unreasonable people gentile.I looked away figure awe.Accompanied psychology is: this man, ah really afraid of people, though there is such a huge insights.    I think Jiao, strange to say do not blame you, bring him a man gentile.He really really Communists, Jiao Jiao, also became a model and celebrity dead, this is the general practice of the Mao era, it can only be finalized after the death of.However, this approach should be right, because people’s strong plasticity, time can change awareness, environmental awareness can also change who can guarantee eat whole grains goes, it is not corrosive products made of special materials we think it.One So I think this is a great place to Chairman Mao.Now do not do that, there are a lot of celebrities do not hold chastity, the result became the people beneath contempt.This moment, many people are not so superstitious.To superstition, only superstition Buddhist God of the Bible or the main.    Jiao great range of children, the most important bit is to listen to others, which is what I seen from his management of the outcome, he is not environmental experts, but easy as let Lankao County, a changed state, so there is the rain into the river, there is sand sky, there is no income to food, beggar living on Lankao County became home suitable for human habitation.He said planting trees this a thing of it, he will know how paulownia this biome, what kind of state can lock the sand, you can build on brilliant in saline, the students can create suitable conditions for whole grains, allow the soil physical and chemical properties can be changed, allowing arrogant gentle, pleasant weather of it, is not adopted, then what forestry experts.    Jiao practice that was later said to be Paulownia intercropping, in many parts of the Central Plains to promote the kind of business model crop, resulting in a never had economic benefits, can be said is converted into one of the ecological effects, and later heard Paulownia has become a business climate, social and economic development make a positive contribution.How many benefits that fear is a bad calculation, calculation algorithm and then if there are fewer developers the ability to pay tax, must not be thirty-eight thousand million even able to calculate, it is impossible to support a parent Paulownia come, as the father of rice Yuan Longping as shocked the world, because then the revolution is the primary, but now really need to have one or more of what forest or wetland father, beating pressure pressure such as “Swallow”, such as North China “haze”, such as what urban waterlogging, such as the South drought, snowstorm like momentum, so that we do secure some of the Chinese dream.    If we have a few Jiao line, such as when climatic and geographical situation of Lankao County, Anxiang, the great country edition earth, should still there.    He said the media Three-North Shelterbelt appears unsatisfactory situation, and this is normal, from the current gentile people may have expected to know the outcome of this.There are picture stories, with patches of illegal logging and deforestation have to grow grain, there die of old age, die of old age in some forest too dense causes, experts explained that the plant is expected to die when the part, the results did not die, follow-up management I did not keep up, so with that kind of result, there seems to be so lonely, being dead in arid siege.After wooded say, should have self-protection and the ability to update the natural breeding, and why he died because it was too dense, natural forest where the density much, maybe plantations can only infer that we want to go, no expert go deep inside that maybe hard to say, this is the Chinese expert gentile society, the one real, the Fed outright, regardless of the mountain will not rain poured down immediately.    I heard, desert suitable Akiko pine growth, also heard of the assassination of a camel angustifolia and so forth, why not a native tree of it, because it is low economic slow to take effect, and now the economic benefits are high, but was stolen cutting a poor adaptability natural dead.Chinese history, the Great Wall to resist foreign aggression, it is a large national projects, favorable and unfavorable, Meng Jiang crying the Great Wall is a different view of folk sung.Three-North Shelterbelt environmental governance in China is also regarded as a well-known large projects, those trees, those places will not have to cry there laughing.Great Wall can now attract foreigners to come here to watch, it is not a small income, where Sedentary can make money.Three-North Shelterbelt how long, how many benefits it can give people bring.    I do not know who is not an exaggeration, I have to plead corn Swan, I know it definitely eat corn, we might as wine and meat through gut-off all day, until the gout, high blood viscosity, diabetes, and only thinking about the past that the United States What really feel the subtle and underhanded knife.I heard that one of French cuisine is featured foie gras, and only goose fat liver was memorable.Swan is wild, even if some of them had fatty liver, the French people can not see it, only geese in uncomfortable in sorrow, there is no economic value.People comfortable when the sun gentile special, we are now doing that kind of dream.