China’s coffin

China, the ceremonies, about the coffin of culture is also a long history.    Since ancient times, Chinese people have a heavy coffin Complex.    People who die abroad, often traveled all the way or the coffin back home, buried in graves in the grave, at the human, material and financial resources.    Chinese people respect for the body, not as the Egyptian mummy of Pharaoh as to permanent preservation, but also want to maintain a full corpse.Now policy requires Hiratsuka push monument, cremation, there are still a lot of people looking for ways to protect the dead body care.This policy is for the living dead indisputable site, but some atheists would rather sacrifice their own interests but also to keep the corpse of the deceased and sites, not to mention the theist.    China since ancient times, pay attention to the coffin.The coffin was used for preparation of the body, but also the superstitious people of the underworld’s house.    ”The Analects of Confucius?Advanced, “says Confucius hole carp son’s death,” there is no coffin coffin.”Coffin, coffin outside is primarily used to protect the coffin.Tomb of ancient aristocratic ruling classes in most of the coffin there, some as much weight as much as thirty-four.The coffin better the more heavy texture.The more powerful the more heavy coffin, like how can the status of the deceased renowned high and more prominent.As early as the Spring and Autumn Period Confucius had talked to different status of the deceased, coffin different standards.Carp hole coffin after death without the coffin, the coffin is not visible to the average person can have.Field archaeological discovery of the Warring States tomb has a coffin coffin of the two structures.However, the prevailing buried a couple of things are after the Western Han Dynasty.”Motherhood,” said: “Both seek buried, buried near Huashan, something planted pine and cypress, sycamore planted about.”This custom spread for a long time.But because Hiratsuka push monument, the cemetery has been rare in the countryside for “grave knowledge” of the pine and cypress Indus.    After the death of “burial” ceremony “Little Undertaker” and “Funeral”.”Small burial” is to give the bodies wrapped in quilt tops, the more the more ancient nobility, clothes quilt.”Funeral” is to put into a coffin corpse.Now is the mortuary for cremation after 1-7 days, some of the ashes directly sown in the coffin, the coffin put together some with casket.    After encoffining, stop mourning until the funeral called “funeral”.”Funeral” is the coffin to the burial place.The heavy coffins if that is designed for four to sixty four or more people bicker and made.In rural areas, one dead people, the village labor force will have to carry the coffin.Usually in the village and his very smelly people, his family dead people, the village no one to carry the coffin to the situation not uncommon.It is dedicated to the rule that family members “to rub the eye”, that is, to let his family disgrace, embarrass him.Usually no grace to others, do not even say hello, people who are willing to help you ah?Now some of his family was not very good people there do not have the coffin, direct burial urn.This is not to find people bicker, directly by the dutiful son hold the graves buried on trouble.Although the little urn exquisite beauty, luxury compared with that heavy coffin, always seemed shabby many feel to the living is miserable death.    Elegy was originally said to pull bier people sing.There are many local customs, the funeral that day to ask, “speaker”, is also called out the team, play music off for the dead; the rich and the powerful will of the people called two team, a rival show, that is the lively battle map.Post elegiac dirge probably also a heritage of.    Dongchangfu Shandong Province Li Tong Village is playing coffin professional village.The village is located on both sides of chat Xin Road, where after, we often see foreign cars to wholesale casket.Simple coffin was gently thin, looked very shabby little box, about half a meter high; the complex is carved flowers heavy pragmatic and large coffin, the coffin is about two meters ahead.Cringe humble small box next to coffins, like high-rise buildings next to the small hut.After death of the gap between rich and poor abode had also so obvious.    The old days, like storage of some of the more affluent life in the time necessities like people alive is ready shroud coffin, covered live on their own after the death of the house, probably based on a rainy day, but also to lift the worries; always say One day will need it.In the past many literary works often read similar content.Martial arts often have to live in the coffin of the living story, suddenly drilled out, scary jump.    I understand prepare for his funeral in human psychology, but Thinking again, they looked at themselves after the death of supplies, would not be happy to have a bleak?If I looked at every day a small room of his death, we will certainly give birth to a heavy feel oppressed, and will be greatly shortened by.To imagine to live as Ba Jin and Bing century old, it should not be as worried about it after death?Say: people without thought, he must worry about.I think, too far into account, must be close at hand.    Now people have money, no worries about the funeral, ready-made coffin and shroud can be bought at any time, at home, for many years in advance ready shroud and coffin is running out.Big living tomb built atmosphere has prevailed in some places up, and more to build more luxury, but repeated.These people alive to have China ranks, have died Hao tomb.So, buy alive and good design his life back garden.    The old man had told me: coffin is good omen dream is to win promotion and get rich.I’d dreamed coffin several times, but did not promotion, nor had made a fortune.Since that is a good sign, there will be no dark coffin dream of a knot.    Today, more and more tense city hall cemetery and ashes, forced many people to abandon the use of coffins.Chinese people used to display status and complex ritual procedures coffin, I do not know how long it will continue?