Bloom again hurt the eyes dust heart pain

Walking through a familiar piece of street, slightly close my eyes quietly those feelings of sadness Falling leaves, a few pieces of paper left in the wind ups and downs, hugged the floor of the leaves away.Look at the decline of the street only people distressed.Thirty-three two children who both go hand in hand through the still earnest whisper, I suddenly felt that I was part of the encounter.    Late autumn is approaching close to the edge of the winter, so this evening was exceptionally cold.    Night gradually opened, I snuggle in front of the window and stared at the upcoming Zhuo other thoughts inadvertently flooded the sunset.Dazed mind, tired heart can not find a resting harbor.For the life of me just rush the passer, Red Dust, numbness, intoxicated with.Placid life in the autumn rolling, wandering and seemed sad season just around the corner, those who joys and sorrows are gradually bubbling to the heart.    When bloom again, the past has become hurt.Those who dream of a beautiful and innocent oath and now have become feeble, that when the good just as short-lived, long river flows into the inside, away from me.Just touch the rest of the ray of Sese feeling, a faint memory.    Late at night, autumn underway, interlocking fingers, knee hit the end, so curled up in one corner, close your eyes, listening to the quiet autumn breeze outside the window feeling comfortable home to bring the share.Bathed in the fragrant basin of Qiu Ju, like a dream-like quiet beauty of the Red.    Just I do not know why my heart is always sad residue dash, dash fans worry, dash of bleak.Perhaps that is watery dreamy beautiful fleeting rush through, and when I look back only to find those trivial memories and scattered petals of youth, such as days of the year, in between the fingers quietly disappeared.    In this season of wandering and sad memories of those trivial pain is more true, more scattered youth injury cut.   Today, only the empty body drifted away from this world, no dreams, no goal, just like a dead leaf carried by the wind, but I do not know where is the end.