After that year’s examination and research, I did not go home, but arrived in the city directly by train in Harbin. I had the first interview in my life, the first rental and the first employment in this city…. .. This old city in south China has given me the overall feeling that it has a few years, but it does not appear heavy and heavy, but the rise of a certain corner of modernization has brought infinite vitality to the city.. The large city of Yangcheng is the west sports road in Tianhe district and the sports center is developing rapidly. it is full of modern high-rise buildings and various advanced facilities and equipment, as well as crowded people. of course, Zhujiang new town in Yuexiu district is also a treasure land many people yearn for. there are many world-famous companies, the rent is extremely expensive and the price is no less expensive than that of the west sports road. those who can buy the next house in it have strong economic strength, and at the same time, those who can’t afford to buy a house are envious.. Tianhe, as a newly developed city center, has much more flavor of a modern city than Yuexiu, an old city center, but Yuexiu also has its heavy weight precipitated from its years.. The city has many famous scenery, such as the night view of the pearl river with magic lights, the Baiyun mountain with green trees, Yuexiu park guarded by five sheep, the exquisite lingnan heaven and earth, the romantic sea sand, the hundred-year-old famous Zhongshan university and so on. I like to watch fountains, listen to music, enjoy all kinds of middle-aged and old-aged dances in the square of the sports center every afternoon when I have nothing to do, and often see all the big performing stars come to the stadium here to shout loudly, as well as all kinds of big football matches also held here.. In the evening, I returned to the’ college student employment apartment’ which has been living for a long time. It is similar to the dormitory of the school. There are many ant families living here, almost all newly graduated college students looking for jobs, and many of them are staying here. When the job is confirmed, they will move out to find more private accommodation and a place close to the company. Of course, the company will not be excluded from lodging or choose to develop in another city.. There are several small rooms in a suite, where men and women live separately. We share a bathroom, a balcony, a living room and so on. We sit together and watch TV every night, chatting all over the world, and often there are so many arguments and laughing voices. This also greatly reduces the pressure of going out to seek jobs during the day.. There are also many boys and girls who don’t like conversations, and they will stay in the dormitory to surf the Internet, chat on the phone, read books and so on, and enjoy their own’ leisure time’. We all come from all over the world and come here with a common goal – job hunting. We often make fun of this place as a’ refugee’ place, but we already have a plot about this place, which records our confusion and impatience in our initial job search and our perseverance in the future.. And here I met Jin Ling, a wise and progressive man. Smart Huang Min; Peace – loving Zhou Rong; Simple and lovely evergreen, Liudi, Sasha; Lovely Jiangyang; Admired Bo Yuan; Beautiful Xinping; Easy – going Cherry, Kristen, Susan, Echo.. There are also countless capable Chen Mo who worked in Guangzhou for so long.