Complaining can only add to your troubles

We live in this world. Most people will have such experiences. One thing, one person, can make us worry for a long time and make us feel annoyed and sad.. Especially when the person who troubles us is still a person who does not understand others and does not reflect on himself, the situation will be even worse.     There is such an old fable, which may give us some enlightenment. A young farmer rowed a boat to transport his own agricultural products to the residents of another village.. It was a very hot day, and the farmer was sweating like a pig and suffering terribly.. He rowed the boat anxiously, hoping to finish the transportation task quickly so that he could get home before dark. Suddenly the farmer found a boat coming down the river in front of him and seeing that the two boats were about to hit each other. The boat had no intention of avoiding it and seemed to be interested in hitting it by itself..     Although the farmer shouted angrily at the boat almost to the point of anger, the boat did not mean to avoid it, but when the farmer glared at the boat, he found that there was no one over the boat but an empty boat drifting along the river..     In most cases, when you complain and shout, you may only be facing an empty boat. The person who has repeatedly angered you will never change his direction because of your complaints..     Of course, you don’t have to curry favor with that person at all, nor do you need to reach an agreement with him. But you must know that you can’t let his troubles become your troubles, no matter how angry you are, he won’t suffer from insomnia because of you.. If you fall into a ruthlessness because of his fault, you will become a real victim.     As the saying goes, ” Life is not always as good as it should be.”. ‘ Some people often complain when they are unhappy, complaining about the weather and making themselves unhappy and grouchy all day long.. However, some people do not fret, complain, treat calmly and try to change when they are not satisfied, so his heart is often full of hope..     Written on June 18, 2012